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Variables and Numbers



abnormal pressure all-welded construction annular gas flow annulus
abrasion test angle valve annular pressure array
acoustic basement annular blowout preventer annular production atmospheric corrosion
advective transport modeling annular BOP annular velocity attapulgite
Alford rotation annular flow annuli azimuth


back off BGG blind zone break out
back up BHP blowout breakout
back wash big hole charge Boltzmann probability distribution breakout cathead
background gas big-hole charge Boolean simulation breakout tongs
backoff bin BOP stack bridge
backside biostratigraphic bottomhole pressure bridle
backwash biostratigraphy bound fluid buffalo head
balanced plug Biot theory bound water bullet perforating
basket flowmeter birefringence Boyle's Law Double Cell bullhead
bead tracer bland coring fluid Boyle's Law Single Cell bypass velocity
beam pump blended crude break circulation bypassed mud
bell nipple


C pump cathead clevis connate water
cable catline closed in well connection
cable head CDP closed-in well connection gas
caliper log cement CMP contact time
cap rock cement bond log coal contingency plan
caprock cement head COFCAW contract depth
carbide lag test cement retainer coherence filtering core
carrying capacity cementing coherent detection corkscrew hole
casing centralizer coiled tubing completion correlation
casing bowl centrifugal pump coiled tubing connector cost oil
casing centralizer chain tongs coiled tubing drilling counterbalance winch
casing collar channel collar lock CPMG
casing coupling channeling collar log critical moment
casing hanger Christmas tree collector cross over
casing head chrome tubing common depth point crossflow
casing joint churn flow common midpoint crossover
casing potential profile circulation device common reflection point crossover service tool
casing pressure circulation loss completion quality (CQ) crosswell electromagnetic tomography
casing string circulation sub compression ratio crushed zone
casing valve circulation system compression-set packer Cutt point
casinghead circulation valve computed tomography cuttings
casing-potential profile clathrate concentric cuttings lifting
cat line clay conductive rock matrix model cyclic steam injection


damaged zone derrickman dog collar drillpipe conveyed
day rate desiccant dog leg drillstem test
DD detectable limit dogleg drop bar
deep penetrating charge detonating cord dope drop sub
deep-penetrating charge diameter of invasion double refraction dropoff gun
deflector flowmeter differential pressure sticking downstream pipeline drop-off gun
deflocculant differential sticking drift dropout
deflocculate dip tube drill collar dry bed dehydrator
deflocculation dipole drill pipe dry-bed dehydrator
dehydrator directional variograms drilling crew DST
delay rental displacement drilling detergent dual completion
deployment system displacement fluid drilling foreman dummy valve
depth of invasion distribution drilling riser dynamic positioning
derrick floor diverter flowmeter drillpipe


eccentric effective laminar flow equivalent circulating density exploration play
eccentricity effective porosity ERD extended reach drilling
ECD effective velocity escape line extended-reach drilling
eddy current measurement electrical log expanding cement external upset
eddy-current measurement


fill sub float collar flowline mud sample frac crew
finite wellbore solution float joint flowline sample frac head
finite-wellbore solution float shoe flowmeter fracture
firing head flow assurance flush joint fracture acidizing
fish flow concentrating fluvial fracturing mandrel
fishing bell flow cross flux leakage fracturing sleeve
fishing neck flow line fold free fluid
fitting flow meter foreign content free water
flange flow regime formation evaluation Fresnel zone
flapper valve flow-concentrating formation pressure froth flow
flare flowline formation water fullbore spinner
flexural mode flowline manifold formic acid funnel viscosity


Garrett Gas Train gas-lift valve goat head group
gas hydrate gel goose neck guar gum
gas injection geologic map gooseneck guard electrode
gas lift geophone array gravel pack gumbo
gas lift mandrel geophone cable grease injection system gun the pits
gas lift valve geophone pattern grease-injection system gun zero
gas lock geophysics greedy algorithm gunk squeeze
gas migration Geronimo line groundwater gunning the pits
gas-lift mandrel GGT


hammer union high pressure squeeze hydraulic bypass hydraulic set
hangoff high-pressure squeeze hydraulic disconnect hydraulic-set
head hole cleaning hydraulic pumping hydrocyclone
header hopper hydraulic release tool hydrocycloning


ICD initial flow period insert irreducible water
ID injection mandrel inside diameter isochore
IM injection pulsed neutron log inside-out air seat test isolated porosity
impeller injection/pulsed neutron log interstitial water isopach
impermeable injector head invaded zone iterative forward modeling
inflow control device inner seat ring invasion


jackup jet mixer jet perforating junk sub
jackup rig


KB kelly hose keyseat kill line
kelly bushing kelly spinner kick kill pump
kelly down


leak off linear flow liquid saturation method longitudinal relaxation
leakoff liner lithosphere lost circulation
lifting frame lip seal load cell lost returns
lifting sub liquid blocking local content lubricator
lime mud liquid desiccant lock-up


Ma Marsh funnel viscosity microporosity mousehole
magnetic flux leakage mast unit minimum restriction MT
magnetic-flux leakage matrix stimulation minute mark mud balance
magnetotelluric method MD mist flow mud cleaner
make a connection measured depth mixed metal hydroxide mud cup
make up mechanical jar mixed-metal hydroxide mud return line
makeup cathead mechanical sticking MMH mud scale
managed pressure drilling medium induction mobility buffer multipass method
marine drilling riser methane hydrate modified isochronal test multiple completion
Marsh funnel microannulus


natural fracture nipple up NMR NPDES
nest nitrogen kickoff noise log nuclear magnetic resonance
neural networks nitrogen lift non-Newtonian fluid nuclear magnetic resonance measurement
neutralizing solution


OBC oil water contact open hole overshot
ocean-bottom cable oil-mud emulsifier openhole OWC
offset well oil-water contact overpressure


pack off permeability polyphosphates pressure sender
packer permeable pore pressure pressurized mud balance
packer flowmeter petal basket flowmeter pore throat primary cementing
packer fluid phosphate salt porosity prime mover
packoff pill porosity exponent primer cord
pair production pinch-out porous production log
paraffin control pipe dope porous medium production packer
patch plane table post pseudoplastic
perforated interval plate out potassium mud pulling tool
perforating acid play precipitate pumping well tests
perforating charge POD premium thread pusher
perforation point bar pressure hunt pyrophosphate
perforation penetration point of departure


QA quality assurance quebracho


radial differential temperature log real-time data reverse circulation roller cone bit
radial differential-temperature log recorded data reverse-circulating valve roller-cone bit
radio safe detonator red mud reversing out rotary bushing
radioactive tracer log refracturing rig down rotary hose
radioactive-tracer log release joint rig floor rotary table
radio-safe detonator remotely operated vehicle rig up roughneck
radius of curvature reservoir characterization model RIH round trip
random noise reservoir pressure rod elevators roustabout
rate of shear retrievable packer rod pump run in hole
rathole retrogradation rod string running tool
real time data reverse circulating valve rod unit


S wave sheave sonolog steam
safety joint sheen test spinner flowmeter step profile
sag shoe joint spinner reversal stopple
sand out shoe track spinning chain storm choke
sandout shoot a level spiral borehole storm packer
satellite platform side pocket mandrel spline strap
saver sub side-pocket mandrel spontaneous potential streamer
scattergram similar fold spot stripper rubber
Scotch yoke simultaneous operation (SIMOP) spotting stripping
screen out single pass method spotting fluid stuck
screenout single-pass method squeeze stuck pipe
seal skid squeeze cementing stuffing box
seal assembly slide squeeze job styrene
seismic trace sliding sleeve squeeze manifold subsidence
seismic while drilling vertical seismic profile slim-tube test squeeze packer sucker rod pump
seismic-while-drilling vertical seismic profile slip joint squeeze tool suction pit
selective nipple slips SRB sulfate reducing bacteria
selective running tool slow formation stabbing valve sulfate-reducing bacteria
semblance slug stable arch sulfide test
setting tool slugging pill stand supply vessel
shadow zone snub stand pipe surface shut-in
shaped charge snubbing standard batch swage
shear rate sodium phosphate standpipe S-wave
shear wave solid desiccant static seal swellable packer


tail cement TEOR topdrive tubing hanger
tally thermal recovery torpedo tubing joint
tangential wave thinner torque flowmeter tubing puncher
tank battery threadform trace tubing seal assembly
tannic acid threshold velocity transient electromagnetic method tubing thread
tannin time domain electromagnetic method transition flow tubing-retrievable safety valve (TRSV)
tapered cutoff timed slug analysis transition zone tuning effect
TDEM time-domain electromagnetic method trapped oil turnkey
tell tale timed-slug analysis travel joint two pass method
tell-tale tool joint trip pill two phase flow
TEM toolpusher trunk line two-pass method
temperature log top drive trunnion two-phase flow
tension-set packer


ultrasonic caliper underream unsteady state U-tube effect
underground blowout unloading valve


variable rate varve venturi valve viscosity and gel-strength test
variable-density log vent plug vibratory seismic data volumetric efficiency


WAG water-alternating gas well placement wireline retrievable safety valve (WRSV)
wall sticking water-flow log well plan wireline-retrievable safety valve (WRSV)
water alternating gas wavelet wet combustion wormhole
water flow log well control wildcat


xanthan gum XC polymer


yield point yoke YP