1. n. [Geophysics]
Generally, a geometrical configuration of transducers (sources or receivers) used to generate or record a physical field, such as an acoustic or electromagnetic wavefield or the Earth's gravity field.
Synonyms: nest
Alternate Form: geophone array, geophone pattern, source pattern

Schematic diagram of air gun geometry
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2. n. [Geophysics]
A geometrical arrangement of seismic sources (a source array, with each individual source being activated in some fixed sequence in time) or receivers (a hydrophone or geophone array) that is recorded by one channel.
3. n. [Geophysics]
An arrangement or configuration of electrodes or antennas used for resistivity, induced polarization (IP), or other types of electromagnetic surveying. Resistivity arrays typically consist of two current electrodes and two potential electrodes and are distinguished by the relative separations between the electrodes. Examples are the dipole-dipole, Schlumberger and Wenner arrays.
4. n. [Geophysics]
In computing, code written to access data in more than one dimension according to a name and subscripts that correspond to each dimension.