deflector flowmeter

1. n. [Production Logging]
 A device for measuring in-situ the velocity of fluid flow in a production or injection well in which the total fluid flow is diverted to pass over an impeller, or spinner. Various techniques have been used to achieve this, one of the earliest being the packer flowmeter. In a typical modern device, the diverter consists of a fabric in a metal cage that is collapsed to pass through the tubing and other restrictions. Below the tubing, the cage is opened until an inflatable ring seals against the casing wall. At this point, the up-going production fluids are forced through the diverter and over an impeller. This ensures that the total casing flow is measured, but may also create an extra pressure drop and hence a change in multiphase flow structure. The diverter flowmeter is particularly suitable for low flow rates in vertical or moderately deviated wells. Readings are made with the tool stationary.
Synonyms: diverter flowmeter