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drilling  Drilling terminology deals with major rig components, processes and equipment required to drill and case a well. Definitions in this module range from abnormal pressure to penetration rate and zip collars, and many are augmented by color photographs or high-quality illustrations. All definitions have been reviewed by technical experts in the field of drilling.


abnormal pressure air drilling annular gas flow antiwhirl bit
adjustable choke air-cut mud annular velocity aquifer
air cut mud annular blowout preventer annuli azimuth
air drill annular BOP annulus


back off BHST blow out preventer bottoms-up
back wash bicenter bit blowout bow-spring centralizer
background gas bit blowout preventer box
backoff bit box BOP brake
backwash bit breaker BOP stack break circulation
barefoot bit nozzle borehole break out
basket sub bit record borehole orientation breakout
bell nipple bit trip bottomhole assembly breakout cathead
BGG blind ram bottomhole circulating temperature breakout tongs
BHA blind shear ram bottomhole pressure bridge
BHCT block bottomhole static temperature brine
BHP blow out bottoms up bullhead


cable head cat line choke manifold concentric
cable-tool drilling cathead Christmas tree conductor pipe
caliper log catline circulate connection
carbide lag test catwalk circulate out connection gas
cased hole cellar circulation contamination gas
casing cement circulation loss contract depth
casing centralizer cement bond log circulation system core
casing collar cement evaluation log clear brine crooked hole
casing coupling cement head coiled tubing crossflow
casing grade cementer coiled tubing drilling crown block
casing head cementing combination string crushed zone
casing point cementing engineer come out of the hole CT
casing shoe cementing plug company man cut and thread fishing technique
casing string chain tongs company representative cut-and-thread fishing technique
casinghead choke line completion cuttings


day rate differential pressure sticking drag bit drilling procedure
daylight tour differential sticking drawworks drilling program
DD directional driller drift drilling rate
degasser directional drilling drill bit drilling rig
derrick directional survey drill collar drilling riser
derrick floor directional well drill pipe drillpipe
derrickman displacement drill ship drillship
desander displacement fluid drill string drillstem
desilter dog house driller drillstem test
deviated drilling dog leg drilling break drillstring
deviated hole doghouse drilling contractor dry hole
deviation survey dogleg drilling crew duster
diamond bit dope drilling foreman dynamic positioning
differential pressure


eccentric embrittlement erosion exit velocity
eccentricity endless tubing escape line extended reach drilling
electrodynamic brake ERD evening tour extended-reach drilling
elevator erode


fingerboard fixed-cutter bit flow line formation evaluation while drilling
fish flapper valve flowline formation pressure
fishing tool float joint formation damage free water


gamma ray log gauge hole goose neck gravity toolface
gas cut mud geosteer gooseneck guide shoe
gas show geosteering graveyard tour gumbo
gas-cut mud Geronimo line


H2S high side toolface hook load HWDP
hammer union high-pressure, high-temperature hopper hydraulic horsepower
hardbanding highside toolface horizontal drilling hydrogen sulfide
heavyweight drillpipe high-side toolface hostile environment hydrostatic head
HHP hook HPHT hydrostatic pressure


ID inside blowout preventer inside diameter intermediate casing string


jackup jet jet velocity junk
jackup rig jet mixer joint junk basket
jar jet nozzle


KB kelly down keyseat kickoff
kelly kelly hose kick kill
kelly bushing kelly spinner kick off kill line


lag gas leakoff test logging-while-drilling LOT
LCM liner lost circulation lubricator
leak off log lost circulation material LWD
leakoff logging while drilling lost returns


magnetic toolface MD mist drilling MPD
make a connection measured depth mobile offshore drilling unit MSE
make hole measurements while drilling MODU mud motor
make up measurements-while-drilling monkey board mud pulse telemetry
makeup cathead mechanical specific energy monkeyboard mud return line
makeup tongs mechanical sticking moon pool multilateral
managed pressure drilling mill morning tour multiwell pad
marine drilling riser mill out motorman MWD
mast milling mousehole


neat cement nipple nipple down nipple up


OD open hole operator overbalance
offset well openhole outside diameter


p rate penetration rate PIT positive-displacement pump
P&A pill plug and abandon p-rate
pack off pin polycrystalline diamond compact bit pressure hunt
packer pipe dope POOH pressure integrity test
packoff pipe rack pore pressure prime mover
pad pipe ram positive displacement motor pull out of the hole
PDC bit pipe trip positive displacement pump pusher


racking back pipe reeled tubing rig up rotary steerable system
ram blowout preventer reserve pit RIH rotary table
rate of penetration reservoir pressure roller cone bit rotating control device
rathole reverse circulation roller-cone bit roughneck
RCD reversing out ROP round trip
ream rig rotary bushing roustabout
reciprocate rig down rotary drilling run in hole
recycled gas rig floor rotary hose


safety joint shut in bottomhole pressure slip joint stripping
saver sub shut-in bottomhole pressure slip-and-cut structural steering
scratcher shut-in pressure slips stuck
semisubmersible SIBHP snub stuck pipe
settling pit SIBP snubbing sub
settling tank sidetrack soft line submersible drilling rig
shaker SIP softline suction pit
shale shaker skid spacer fluid supply vessel
shear ram slant hole rig spinning chain surface casing
sheave slant rig spud surface pipe
shoe slant-hole rig stab survey
shoe joint slide stand swab
shoe track slim hole well stand pipe swellable packer
short trip slimhole well standpipe swivel
show slip and cut steerable motor swivel flange


tapered string tight hole total depth tripping pipe
TD tongs tour true vertical depth
Texas deck tool joint travel joint tubulars
TFNB toolface traveling block turnkey
TG toolpusher trip TVD
thief zone top drive trip gas twist off
thread protector topdrive trip out twist-off
threadform tortuosity


underbalance underground blowout underream upset


vee door vee-door volumetric efficiency


wait on cement weevil wellhead wireline log
wall sticking weight indicator wildcat WOC
wash out well control wiper plug workover
washout wellbore wiper trip worm
washover pipe wellbore orientation




zip collars zip groove