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Variables and Numbers

m 3D seismic data 3D survey 6FF40
2D seismic data


abnormal pressure acid job aeolotropy annular velocity
accelerator acid stimulation altered zone annulus
accommodation acoustic velocity anisotropic antiwhirl bit
accretion acrylate polymer anisotropy attenuation resistivity
accumulator adsorbed gas annular space attitude


back stripping bed wrap blind ram bridge
backside big hole charge bound fluid broadside array
back-stripping big-hole charge bound water buildup test
balanced array blank pipe Boyle's Law Single Cell buoyancy method
base exchange blasting cap breakout tongs


cable cement head closing unit connate water
cable-tool drilling centrifuge coating consolidated
capacitance log Charpy test coiled tubing unit consolidation
capacitance meter check shot survey collar lock contour interval
carbide lag test check-shot survey communitization contour map
carrier fluid chlorite compaction convolution
carrying capacity Christmas tree compaction correction convolve
cartridge CI compensated density log cosurfactant
casing circulation device compensated neutron log CPMG
casing centralizer clay compensated-density log crosscorrelation flowmeter
casing completion clay bound water completion crossover service tool
cation exchange capacity clay water interaction completion fluid cubic packing
cation-exchange capacity clay-bound water compression-set packer cushion
CEC clay-water interaction conductometric titration cuttings lifting
cement cleanup


damage depth-derived directional driller drag-bag
DD detonator directional drilling drape
deflector flowmeter deviated drilling dispersed clay drill solids
deflocculated mud diagenesis displacement drillable packer
degasser diagenetic diverter flowmeter drilled solids
deliverability test dielectric dog leg drilling rig
delta rho differential compaction dogleg drillstem test
densitometer differential pressure dolomitization DST
density measurement diffusion dope DST pressure chart
depth derived diffusion equation drag bag dual water
depth migration diffusion relaxation drag bit


echo spacing eigenvector emulsion epithermal neutron porosity measurement
eddy current measurement electric submersible pump en echelon Euclidian dimension
eddy-current measurement electrical conductivity endfire array Euclidian distance
effective porosity electromagnetic propagation measurement enhanced diffusion expansion joint
effective water saturation embrittlement


fabric f-k domain flushed-zone water saturation Fourier analysis
fines migration flange foam flooding Fourier synthesis
fish flow concentrating formation damage free fluid
fishing tool flow-concentrating formation pressure free water
fixed-cutter bit flushed zone water saturation


gamma ray densitometer geosteering gravel pack log gravel-pack screen
geophone array gland bushing gravel pack screen grid
geophone pattern gravel pack gravel-pack gun group velocity
geosteer gravel pack gun gravel-pack log


holdup log hookwall packer hydraulic bypass hydrogen blistering
holdup meter horizontal drilling hydraulic fracture monitoring hydrogen embrittlement
hole cleaning Hough transform hydraulic packer hygroscopic
hook HPU hydraulic power unit


ICV inflatable packer intensifier ion exchange
image well inflow control valve interstitial gas isochore
impulse activation injection pump inverse isopach
infill drilling


J slot jackup rig jet junk pusher
jackup jar J-slot


Kirchhoff equation


lateral limited entry lock mandrel lost circulation
leak off lithification long spacing sonic log lost returns
leakoff lock long-spacing sonic log LOT
leakoff test


m mercury displacement method migrate mud-aging cell
makeup tongs methylene blue dye migration multi-capacitance flowmeter
mandrel microcylindrical log minimum restriction multiphase meter
matrix acidizing microlaterolog model multiphase pump
matrix stimulation microlog moldic porosity multiple isotope log
measurements while drilling microporosity montmorillonite multiple salinity
measurements-while-drilling microseismic monitoring mud aging cell multiple-isotope log
mechanical diversion microspherical log mud cell MWD
membrane potential


nest neutron activation log neutron-activation log nuclear fluid densimeter


oil swelling open flow potential openhole gravel pack organic deposit
oilfield battery open-flow potential openhole packer oxygen activation


PAC phase-shift resistivity pore throat principal axis
pack off photon log pore-pressure transmission principal component analysis
packer pilot mill porosity processing
packer flowmeter pipe rack porosity exponent producing formation
packer fluid pipeline capacity porosity unit production log
packing PIT porous production packer
packing gland polarization horn post productivity test
packoff polyacrylate PPT propagation time
PDC bit polycrystalline diamond compact bit premium thread proximity log
perforated interval pore pressure capability pseudostatic spontaneous potential
permeability pore gas pressure integrity test pump cavitation
petrophysical model pore pressure pressure transient test pumping well tests
phase shift resistivity pore pressure transmission pressure transient well test


radial faulting relative dielectric permittivity retrievable bridge plug rock types
radioactive tracer repeatability retrievable packer running tool
reflection tomography reservoir characterization model rhombohedral packing rupture disk
relative dielectric constant reservoir pressure rig


safety spacer semisubmersible sodium silicate squeeze packer
sand setting tool sonic measurement squeeze tool
sand control shear stress SP stab in
sandstone petrography shifted spectrum space frequency domain stab-in
saturation unit shifting tool space out stand
scale shoot a level space-frequency domain standing valve
screen shoot a well spacer standoff
screen out silicate mud spacer fluid storm packer
screenout simultaneous operation (SIMOP) spherical separator strap
seal receptacle skid spill point strapping tape
sealbore skin depth spine and ribs plot structure map
sealbore packer skin factor spinner flowmeter stuffing box
sedimentary slip lock spontaneous potential stylolite
seep slowness time coherence spot surge
seismic processing slowness-time coherence spotting swaging tool
seismic reflection tomography slug flow spotting fluid swellable packer
seismic velocity


tail pipe three dimensional survey time lapse true stratigraphic thickness
tank calibration three-dimensional seismic data time-lapse tube wave
tank dike three-dimensional survey titrate tubing displacement
tank table tick mark titration tubular jar
tankage tie back liner TOC tuning effect
tanker tie back packer tongs two dimensional seismic data
tension-set packer tie-back liner total organic carbon two phase flow
ternary diagram tie-back packer total porosity two-dimensional seismic data
thread protector tie-back string trapped oil two-phase flow
three dimensional seismic data


ultralarge crude carrier ultra-long spaced electrical log underream


velocity very large crude carrier VSP vugular porosity
vertical seismic profile viscous force


water cut meter wave equation well shoot wire wrapped screen
water production wavelet wellbore damage wireline cutter
water saturation weight indicator wettability wire-wrapped screen
water-cut meter