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Variables and Numbers

a 2D survey 3D survey 4C seismic data
n 3D seismic data


a aeolian annular blowout preventer array laterolog
abandonment costs aerated layer annular BOP array propagation resistivity
abnormal pressure AFE annular flow array sonic
abrasion test air cut mud annulus artificial intelligence
absolute age air drill anode artificial lift
absolute volume air drilling anomalous asphaltene onset concentration
accelerator source air gun anomaly asphaltene onset pressure
accumulator air-cut mud antifoam asphaltene precipitation
acid alidade antifoam agent asphaltenes
acidizing alkaline flooding antithetic fault attapulgite
acoustic coupler allochthonous API attenuation resistivity
acoustic positioning alluvium API 6D: Specification for Pipeline Valves aulacogen
acoustic transducer alpha processing API unit authority for expenditure
acoustic traveltime anchor pin apparent velocity autotrack
acoustic velocity angle of approach Archie rock autotracking
acrylate polymer angle of incidence armor axial loading
activity of aqueous solutions angular unconformity array azimuth
adapter spool anhydrite array induction azimuthal
adjustable choke annubar


back in batch treatment blended crude bound water
back off beam blind ram boundary conditions
back pressure beam pump blind shear ram bound-fluid log
back pressure valve bel blind zone box
back wash bell nipple blind-shear ram Boyle's Law Double Cell
background gas bevel gear operated (BGO) valve blockage Boyle's Law Single Cell
back-in BGG blow out preventer breakout tongs
backoff BHA blowdown valve (BDV) bridle
back-pressure valve big hole charge blowing the drip brine
backward multiple-contact test big-hole charge blowout preventer brute stack
backwash bimetallic corrosion BOP bubble count
balanced activity oil mud bioassay BOP stack bubble flow
balanced-activity oil mud biodegradation borehole correction bulk relaxation
ball out birefringence borehole seismic data bull plug
ballout bit bottom sample bump the plug
barrel equivalent bit breaker bottomhole assembly bundle
base exchange bitumen bottomhole injection pressure (bhip) button resistivity
base map bland coring fluid bottomhole temperature bypass
baseline blank pipe Bouguer correction bypass velocity
basement blasting cap Bouma sequence bypassed mud
basket flowmeter bleedoff line bound fluid


cable CDP closed mud system conductance
cake CEC closure conductor pipe
cake thickness cellar cloud point connection
calcium carbonate cellulosic polymer CMC connection gas
calcium contamination cement CMC-Hi Vis consolidated
calcium naphthenate cement bond log CMC-HVT consolidation
calibration cement evaluation log CMC-Lo Vis contact angle
caliche cement extender CMC-LVT contact time
capillary number cement retainer coal bed methane conventional reservoir
capillary pressure curve cementation coal seam gas conveyance
capillary tube viscometer cementing plug coalbed methane copper carbonate
carbide lag test centralizer coal-bed methane core plug
carbonate centrifuge coal-seam gas coreflooding
carboxymethylcellulose chain tongs coating corrosion coupon
carried working interest chelating agent coating flaw corrosion inhibitor
carrier fluid chemical barrel COD corrosion rate
carrier gun chemical oxygen demand COFCAW counterbalance weight
carrying capacity chemical potential coherence map counterbalance winch
casing chert coherence vector map coupon
casing coupling cherty coiled tubing CPMG
casing grade choke line coiled tubing drilling critical damping
casing gun choke manifold collar critical gas flow rate
casing inspection log chrome tubing collar locator critical reflection
casing joint churn flow collision cross section
casing pressure circle shooting combi BOP crosslinker
casing scraper circulation sub combination string crust
casing shoe circulation system common depth point CSG
casing string circulation time common reflection point CT
casing-inspection log circulation valve compatibility cultural noise
cataclasite city gate compensated density log cut and thread fishing technique
cataclastic classical reservoir modeling compensated neutron log cut-and-thread fishing technique
cathodic protection clathrate compensated-density log cuttings
cation exchange capacity clay completion cuttings lifting
cation-exchange capacity clay extender completion fluid cycle skip
catwalk clean compressor cycle time
cave effect clear brine compressor plant cyclothem
cavings clear water drilling concession cylinder
cavitation clear-water drilling condensate cylinder operator
CBM clevis condensed section


damage derrick dispersion drill string
damaged zone derrick floor displacement drillable packer
damping derrickman disposal well driller
data rate desander diverter flowmeter driller's depth
datum detergency dog collar drilling crew
day rate detonating cord dog leg drilling riser
dB detonator dogleg drill-noise vertical seismic profile
decibel deviated drilling dolostone drillpipe
decollement deviation survey dome drillpipe conveyed
deep seismic sounding dextral dope drillship
deflector flowmeter diagenesis dosing pump drillstem
defoamer diagenetic double refraction drillstem test
dehydrate diamond bit down dip drillstring
delay rental diapir down lap drip
delta diatom downdip drip accumulator
delta rho diatomaceous downhole gauge drop sub
delta t dielectric resistivity downhole safety valve (DSV) dry bed
delta t stretch differential pressure downlap dry gas
deltaic differential pressure sticking downstream pipeline DSS
delta-t stretch differential sticking drag bit DST
densitometer diffusion equation draw down dual induction
density dilution water drawdown dump bailer
density current dip moveout drift duplex pump
depositional energy directional drilling drill bit dynamic fluid level
depth conversion directional survey drill collar dynamic positioning
depth datum directional well drill noise vertical seismic profile dynamic-aging test
depth migration disbonding drill pipe dynamometer
depth of investigation dispersed bubble flow drill ship dynamometer card
depth reference


eccentralizer electromagnetic method endpoint escape line
eccentric electromagnetic propagation measurement entrained gas eta (η)
eccentricity elevator entrance hole evaporation pit
eddy current measurement empirical eolian evaporite
eddy-current measurement emulsion epithermal neutron porosity measurement evaporitic
effective porosity emulsion flow equalizing loop exit velocity
effective velocity en echelon equivalent water resistivity expendable gun
electric submersible pump end point erosion corrosion expert system
electrical conductivity endless tubing erosion-corrosion external disturbance field
electrical log


far water fish eye flow line fold
farmout fishing tool flow loop formation damage
fast diffusion fixed source method flow meter formation evaluation
fast Fourier transform fixed-cutter bit flow regime formic acid
fault fixed-source method flow stream forward multiple-contact test
FFT flake LCM flow structure four component seismic data
fiber LCM flake lost circulation material flow-concentrating four-component seismic data
fiber lost circulation material flake lost-circulation material flowline Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
fiber lost-circulation material flange flowline manifold FPSO
field flapper valve flowmeter frac fluid
fill sub flare flowstream frac iron
filter cake flare gas fluid interface log frac stack
filter cake thickness FLNG fluid loss control frac tree
filtercake float collar fluid pound fracture acidizing
filtercake thickness flocculate fluid-interface log fracture porosity
filter-cake thickness flocculation fluid-loss control fracturing fluid
filtrate tracer flooding pattern fluoboric acid free fluid
fingerboard flooding surface flush joint free water
fingering flow assurance flux leakage frequency
firing head flow concentrating foam breaker froth flow
first reading flow coupling foamy oil fullbore spinner
fish flow cross


galvanic anodes gathering system geopressure gradient greedy algorithm
gamma ray log gauge ring geopressured ground roll
gas buster gelation geostatistics growth fault
gas hydrate geochronology Geronimo line guide shoe
gas lift geologic time scale glass jar test gumbo
gas lock geologist goose neck gun
gas separator geomagnetic polarity reversal gooseneck gun the pits
gas water contact geomagnetic polarity time scale GPTS gunk
gas-cut mud geomechanics granular LCM gunk squeeze
gas-water contact geometric granular lost circulation material gunning the pits
gate valve geophone granular lost-circulation material GWC
gathering lines geopressure gravity drainage gypsum


H2S hematite hot oiler hydrocycloning
haematite hesitation squeeze hot oiling hydrofluoric acid
halite HF hot tapping hydrofluoric hydrochloric acid
hard rock high-pressure air injection hot waterflooding hydrofluoric-hydrochloric acid
hardbanding HLB number HPU hydrogen blistering
hardground holdup HWDP hydrogen sulfide
hardness ion hole cleaning hydrate hydrophile-lipophile balance number
header hollow carrier gun hydration hydrostatic bailer
heater treater hook hydraulic fracture monitoring hydrostatic head
heavy oil hookwall packer hydraulic packer hydrostatic pressure
heavy pipe horizontal drilling hydraulic power unit hydrothermal
heavyweight drillpipe horizontal resistivity hydraulic pumping hydroxyethylcellulose
HEC hostile environment hydrocyclone hygroscopic


ICV incident angle inside diameter interval velocity
ID inflow control valve inside-out air seat test inverse problem
igneous inhibit in-situ fluid analysis inversion
image inhibited acid in-situ viscosity evaluation iron stabilizer
impeller inhibition instrumented pig iron sulfide
impermeable barrier injection pattern intensifier irreducible water
impulse activation injection well intermediate casing string ISO
in situ fluid analysis injectivity test interval method isochronal test
in situ viscosity evaluation inner seat ring interval transit time isotropic formation


J factor jar test joint junk
J slot jet hopper J-slot junk basket
jar jet mixer


karst kelly hose kill kill-weight fluid
KB kelly spinner kill line kill-weight mud
kelly bushing kerogen kill weight fluid kilogram per cubic meter
kelly down keyseat


laminar flow liner load oil lost-circulation material
leak detection line-source solution local probe low colloid oil mud
leonardite liquefied natural gas log low velocity layer
licensing round liquid desiccant logging tool low-colloid oil mud
light pipe listric fault long path multiple low-salinity waterflooding
lignite lithification longitudinal relaxation low-velocity layer
lime mud lithologic long-path multiple lubricator
line source solution lithology


mafic matrix stimulation microseismic monitoring mud cup
magnetic constant maturation microspherical log mud hopper
magnetic flux leakage maturity migrate mud in
magnetic permeability MD migration mud in sample
magnetic reversal sequence measured depth mill mud oven
magnetic-flux leakage measurement after drilling minute mark mud pit
magnetics meniscus mist flow mud return line
magnetotelluric method metal loss modified isochronal test mudcake
make a connection methane hydrate monkey board mud-in sample
make up water micellar polymer flooding monkeyboard mudrock
makeup tongs micellar-polymer flooding montmorillonite Multiazimuth towed-streamer acquisition
make-up water micrite mousehole multifinger caliper
managed pressure drilling microannulus moveable hydrocarbons multipass method
mandrel microemulsion moving-source method multiphase meter
manifold microgel MRS multiphase pump
marine drilling riser microlaterolog MT multiple rate tests
marine flooding surface microlog mud acid multiple-rate tests
marker bed microporosity mud anchor mute


n neutron generator nitrogen lift normal fault
natural gas neutron porosity NMO normal incidence
naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) Newtonian fluid NMR normal moveout
net oil production nipple non-Darcy flow normal pressure
neural networks nitrogen cushion non-Newtonian fluid nuclear magnetic resonance
neutron capture nitrogen kickoff


OBC onlap organic deposit orogeny
ocean-bottom cable open flow potential organophilic clay over travel
oil field open-flow potential orifice meter overflush
oil formation volume factor openhole packer orifice valve overpressure
oilfield operator orogenic overtravel
oligomer organic acid


P&A phase-velocity log pitch-and-lead premium thread
PAC phosphate salt Pitot tube preserved core
pack off PI pitting pressure drawdown
packer pick plastic deformation pressure gradient
packer flowmeter Pickett plot plastic viscosity pressure transient test
packing gland pickle plate tectonics pressure-drawdown analysis
packoff pickling fluid plug and abandon pressurized mud balance
palynology pickup plug flow primary production
paraffin pick-up plunger lift primary recovery
paraffin control pig plunger overtravel prime mover
parallel resistivity pig run polarization horn primer cord
parametric pigging polarization time processing
parasequence set pill polished joint production log
particle size distribution pilot mill polyacrylate production string
particle-size distribution pilot test polyanionic cellulose production wing
PDC bit pilot-operated regulator polycrystalline diamond compact bit profile testing
peak pin polymer plug progradation
peptizing agent pinch out pore pressure gradient progressive cavity pumping system
perforated liner pinch-out pore throat progressive gels
perforating gun pinion shaft pore-pressure gradient propagation constant
permeability pipe dope porosity propagation resistivity measurement
permeable pipe heavy porosity exponent propagation time
perpendicular resistivity pipe light porous proximity log
petal basket flowmeter pipe rack porous plate technique pseudogeometrical factor
petroleum system pipe ram potassium ion pump manifold
petroleum systems modeling pipe stretch potassium mud pumper
petrologic pipe trip pour point pumping time
petrology pipeline power fluid injection rate pumping well
petrophysical rock type pipeline capacity power oil pumping well tests
phase pipeline gas power-fluid injection rate push down
phase shift pipeline oil precipitate push-down
phase shift resistivity pipeline patrol precipitation PV
phase velocity log piston effect preflush pyrrhotite
phase-shift resistivity PIT


QA quality assurance


Rwa reducing agent retrogradation roll line
rabbit reef returns roller cone bit
racking back pipe reefal reverse circulating valve roller-cone bit
radial differential temperature log reeled tubing reverse circulation rolling aging test
radial differential-temperature log reflection reverse combustion rolling-aging test
radial faulting reflection coefficient reverse fault root mean square velocity
radio silence reflectivity reverse-circulating valve root-mean-square velocity
radioactive tracer relative age reversing out ROS
radius of investigation relaxed filtrate oil mud rheological rotary bushing
ram blowout preventer relaxed-filtrate oil mud rheology rotary hose
rate dependent skin effect remaining oil saturation rig down rotary steerable system
rate of shear repeat section rig floor rotary table
rate-dependent skin effect reserve mud pit rig up roughneck
rathole reserve pit RIH round trip
ray path reserve-mud pit ringworm corrosion roustabout
raypath residual oil saturation road box rugosity
reciprocating pump resin rock run in hole
recoverable gas lift gas retarder rod pump running squeeze
recycled gas


S wave settling pit slowness static aging test
sack settling tank slug static-aging test
sacrificial anode shadow zone slug flow stationary slips
safety spacer shaker slugging stationary snubbers
salt shale slugging pill steam oil ratio
salt dome shale shaker slurry density steam trap
salt plug shaly slurry service steam-oil ratio
salt proximity survey shear pin snub stimulation
saltwater mud shear ram snubbers stimulation byproduct
sand bailer shear rate snubbing stopple
sand line shear stock soda ash strainer
sand out shear strength sodium bicarbonate stratigraphic trap
sand test shear strength measurement test sodium carbonate strike
sand trap shear wave sodium phosphate strike-slip fault
sandout shearometer sodium polyacrylate stripper rubber
saturated solution shear-strength measurement test Solar terrestrial rhythms stripping
saturation equation sheen sonic log stripping ram
saturation exponent shifting tool SOR stuck
saver sub shoe sour subduction
scale short trip source rock subsea isolation valve
scale inhibitor shot detection SPA sucker rod
scale inhibitor squeeze shoulder bed spacer fluid sucker rod pump
scale removal shrimp test spherical wave suction pit
scale-inhibitor squeeze sidewall spill point sulfate reducing bacteria
schedule sidewall core spine and ribs plot sulfate-reducing bacteria
scout ticket Sierpinski gasket spinner flowmeter sulfide scavenger
scraper sigma spinner reversal superficial velocity
scraper trap signal spinning chain surface casing
screen out single pass method spot surface pipe
screenout single-pass method spotting surge
seal assembly sinistral spotting fluid surge reliever
seawater mud skin squeeze manifold survey
secondary term skin depth SRB swab
sedimentary skin factor stab S-wave
seep slam retarder stability meter sweep pill
seismic processing slant stack stabilized sweet corrosion
seismic velocity slide stage separation sweetening
seismic while drilling vertical seismic profile slim hole well stand swellable packer
seismic-while-drilling vertical seismic profile slimhole well stand pipe syncline
seismology slip joint standard batch synthetic base mud
semisubmersible slip velocity standoff synthetic fault
sensitivity slips standpipe synthetic seismogram
sepiolite slowing-down length starch synthetic-base mud
sequestering agent slowing-down time


T1 thread protector top lease treatment fluid
tail cement threadform topdrive trip
tail pipe three dimensional seismic data topographic map trip gas
Taitel Dukler three dimensional survey torque flowmeter trip pill
Taitel-Dukler three-dimensional seismic data total hardness test tripping pipe
tangential wave three-dimensional survey total porosity trough
tank battery threshold velocity tracer measurement true vertical depth
taper tap through-conduit track trunk line
tapered cutoff thrust fault Trans-Alaska Pipeline System tube wave
tapered string tie back liner transgressive surface tubing conveyed perforating
TCP tie-back liner transient electromagnetic method tubing hanger
TDEM tie-back string transit time tubing joint
tectonics tight transition flow tubing seal assembly
telemetry tight hole transmission tomography tubing-conveyed perforating
TEM time domain electromagnetic method trap tubulars
term lease time migration trapped oil turbidity current
TG time-domain electromagnetic method travel joint turbulent flow
theoretical tomography travelling slips TVD
thermal capture tongs travelling snubbers two dimensional survey
thermal diffusion length tool joint traveltime two pass method
thermal neutron absorber tool string treater two-dimensional survey
thermal neutron porosity measurement top drive treating iron two-pass method


ultralow interfacial tension under travel undersaturated fluid upset
ultrasonic caliper underbalance undertravel upstroke
unconformity underbalanced unloading valve uranium
unconventional resource underream updip U-tube effect


vapor pressure velocity vent plug viscous oil
vapor recovery unit velocity analysis vertical resistivity vitrinite reflectance
variable orifice velocity correction vertical resolution VSP
varve velocity correction factor vertical seismic profile vug
vee door velocity string vibratory seismic data vuggy
vee-door velocity-correction factor viscous fingering vugular


wall cake water hammer well log wing valve
wall loss waveform well stimulation wiper plug
wall sticking wavelet extraction wet combustion wire clamp
wash over weak point wet gas wireline log
wash pipe weathered layer wettability change workover fluid
washover weevil whole core worm
washover pipe weight indicator whole mud dilution wrench fault
water block weighted mud whole-mud dilution


yield Young-Laplace equation


zero crossing zero offset vertical seismic profile zero-offset vertical seismic profile