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abnormal pressure acid effect aluminum activation log antifoam agent
accelerator source activation log anhydrite attapulgite
accumulator activity of aqueous solutions antifoam


ball out bed wrap block-and-bleed bound water
ballout biodegradation blow down breakout tongs
base exchange blasting cap blowdown buildup test
Beaufort scale blender borehole gravity meter


caliche caprock chemical-marker injection coiled tubing unit
cap caprock effect Christmas tree completion skin
cap rock capsule gun circulation valve conductometric titration
cap the well carboxymethylcellulose clay bound water contact angle
capacitance log carrying capacity clay-bound water conventional reservoir
capacitance meter cation exchange capacity CMC cosurfactant
capacity factor (of a valve), Cv, Kv cation-exchange capacity CMC-Hi Vis crosscorrelation flowmeter
capillary number CEC CMC-HVT CT
capillary pressure curve cellulosic polymer CMC-Lo Vis cuttings
capillary suction time test centrifuge CMC-LVT cuttings lifting
capillary tube viscometer chemical marker injection coiled tubing cyclothem
capillary-suction-time test chemical neutron source coiled tubing connector


day rate depositional energy diapir drill ship
deflocculated mud derrickman dielectric drillship
defoamer detonator diffusion drillstem test
degasser deviation survey directional survey drop bar
deliverability test


effective porosity encapsulation eustasy evaporitic
elastic neutron scattering endless tubing eustatic extended reach drilling
electric submersible pump ERD evaporite extended-reach drilling
elemental capture spectroscopy escape line


far water fluid level formation evaluation while drilling fracturing fluid
fast diffusion foam breaker formation pressure free gas
filtrate tracer formation damage frac fluid free water


gas cap gas-cap drive geologic time scale geopressured
gas cap drive geochemical log geopressure Geronimo line


hardness ion holdup meter HPU hydrostatic bailer
harmonic hole cleaning hydraulic cement hydrostatic head
holdup log hook hydraulic power unit hydrostatic pressure


immiscible inflatable packer injection pump ion exchange
impermeable injection pulsed neutron log injection/pulsed neutron log




limited entry littoral logging while drilling LWD
liner live cement logging-while-drilling


makeup tongs methylene blue dye mill out multi-capacitance flowmeter
matrix stimulation micellar polymer flooding milling multiphase holdup log
maturation micellar-polymer flooding montmorillonite multiple salinity
membrane potential microporosity mudrock


natural completion neutron capture neutron porosity nitrogen lift
neritic neutron generator neutron-activation log nitrogen unit
neutron activation log neutron interactions nitrogen kickoff


oil and gas separator oil-mud emulsifier open-flow potential oxygen scavenger
oil mining open flow potential overpressure


pay plastic viscosity premium thread productivity test
PDM pore pressure pressure capability pseudostatic spontaneous potential
permanent well monitoring pore throat pressure depletion pulsed neutron holdup log
permeability porous plate technique pressure transient test pulsed neutron spectroscopy log
petrophysical rock type positive displacement motor pressurized mud balance pulsed neutron spectroscopy measurement
phase velocity log potassium mud producing formation pulsed-neutron holdup log
phase-velocity log pozzolanic production log PV
pipeline capacity


reeled tubing reservoir drive mechanisms reservoir-drive mechanisms rock types
relative permeability reservoir pressure retort solids


salt dome shale slip lock strap
sand bailer shaly sour crude oil strapping tape
sand line sigma sour gas stratigraphic trap
saver sub skid spinner flowmeter strip gun
seal slant hole rig stable arch structural steering
secondary recovery slant rig stand structural trap
seep slant-hole rig steady state behavior surge
separator slide steady-state behavior survey


tank calibration thermal neutron absorber tie-back string tongs
tank table thermal neutron porosity measurement time lapse total solids
tankage thickening time time-lapse tracer measurement
tanker thread protector titrate trapped oil
thermal capture tie back liner titration triplex pump
thermal diffusion length tie-back liner


ultralarge crude carrier ultralow interfacial tension unloading valve


vapor pressure very large crude carrier


water control water-cut meter well potential wellbore damage
water cut meter


Young-Laplace equation