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Variables and Numbers

n 4D seismic data


abnormal pressure acrylate polymer amplitude variation with offset apparent viscosity
abrasive jetting acyclic compound AMPS aquifer
absolute filter adhesion tension anion area open to flow
absolute permeability adjustable choke anionic areal displacement efficiency
absorption advective transport modeling annular blowout preventer areal sweep efficiency
accelerator afterflow annular BOP aromatic hydrocarbon
accumulator agglomeration annular flow artificial intelligence
acid aggregate annular production artificial lift
acid inhibitor aggregation annular velocity asphaltene onset pressure
acid job air cut mud annulus asphaltene precipitation
acid stimulation air drill antifoam ASTM
acid tank air drilling antifoam agent atmospheric corrosion
acid wash air-cut mud API AV
acoustic aliphatic compound API gravity average reservoir pressure
acrylamido methyl propane sulfonate polymer alkaline apparent matrix AVO
acrylamido-methyl-propane sulfonate polymer altered zone


back pressure bead tracer blast sleeve bottoms-up mud sample
back pressure valve beam bleed off bound fluid
back wash beam pump bleedoff line bound-fluid log
backpressure bean choke blockage break circulation
back-pressure bell nipple blow down breakdown pressure
back-pressure valve beneficiate blow out breaker
backward multiple-contact test beneficiation blow out preventer breakthrough
backwash bentonite blowdown bridge
bactericide bentonite equivalent blowout bridge off
balanced plug BHCT blowout preventer bridge-off
ball diverter BHP Bond number bridging agent
ball dropper BHST Boolean simulation bridging material
ball launcher bicarb BOP brine
ball out bicarbonate BOP stack Brookfield viscometer
ball sealers Bingham plastic model borehole gravity Brownian motion
ballout bioaccumulation bottomhole choke bubble count
barefoot completion bioassay bottomhole circulating temperature bubble flow
barite biocide bottomhole gas separator buffalo head
barrel equivalent bioconcentration bottomhole heater buffer
barrel pump biodegradation bottomhole injection pressure (bhip) buildup test
barrels of liquid per day Biot theory bottomhole pressure bulk relaxation
base oil biphasic bottomhole sampler bullhead
basket flowmeter bit nozzle bottomhole static temperature buoyancy
batch mixer bitumen bottoms up bypass velocity
batch treatment black list bottoms up mud sample bypassed mud
battery site bland coring fluid bottoms-up


C pump cement additive cleanout connection gas
cable head cement dispersant cleanup constant composition expansion
cake cement head clear brine contact
cake thickness cementing clear water drilling contact angle
calcium carbonate cementing plug clear-water drilling contact time
calcium carbonate plug centralizer close in contaminant
calcium chloride centrifugal pump closed chamber testing continuous phase
calcium mud centrifuge closed-chamber testing controlled time survey
cap rock cesium acetate close-in conventional mud
capacitance log cesium formate cloud point conventional reservoir
capacitance meter charged zone cloud point glycol core
capillary number check valve CMC core analysis
capillary pressure curve chelating agent CMC-Hi Vis core image
capillary suction time test chemical flooding CMC-HVT core testing
capillary tube viscometer chemical marker injection CMC-Lo Vis coreflooding
capillary-suction-time test chemical wash CMC-LVT coring fluid
caprock chemical-marker injection CMHEC correcting pressure to a datum
capsule gun choke CMS corrosion inhibitor
carbide lag test choke line coiled tubing counterbalance weight
carboxymethyl hydroxyethylcellulose choke manifold coiled tubing string cresting
carboxymethyl starch Christmas tree coiled tubing unit critical flow rate
carboxymethylcellulose chrome tubing colloid critical gas flow rate
carrier fluid circulate colloidal critical matrix
carrier gun circulate out colloidal suspension crosscorrelation flowmeter
carrying capacity circulation device commingled flow crossflow
cased hole circulation loss compaction crosslinker
casing circulation sub compartment crossover service tool
casing collar circulation system compatibility crossplot porosity
casing completion circulation valve completion fluid crosswell electromagnetic tomography
casing point citric acid composite stream crosswell seismic tomography
casing reciprocation clay compositional fluid analysis crushed zone
casing string clay bound water compressibility CT
casing swage clay stabilizer condensate cushion
casing thread clay swelling conductive rock matrix model cut
catagenesis clay-bound water conical projection cuttings lifting
cellulosic polymer clean out coning cylinder


damage diluent down stroke drilling break
darcy dilution downhole safety valve (DSV) drilling fluid
Dean-Stark extraction directional variograms downhole sensors drilling mud
deflector flowmeter dispersant downstroke drillpipe
defoamer dispersed bubble flow drain hole drillstem test
dehydration dispersion drained test dry forward combustion
densitometer displacement drainhole DST
depletion displacement fluid draw down DST pressure chart
depth of investigation displacement front drawdown dual completion
diesel oil mud disposal well drawdown test dual porosity reservoir
diesel-oil mud distillation extraction drift dual-porosity reservoir
differential pressure diversion drill collar duplex pump
differential pressure sticking diverter drill in fluid dynamic filtration
differential spectrum diverter flowmeter drill pipe dynamic fluid level
differential sticking dosing pump drill-in fluid dynamic miscibility
diffusion relaxation


eccentric electrical impedance probe entrained gas erosion
eccentricity elemental capture spectroscopy EOR evaporite
ECD emulsion Eötvös number evaporitic
effective permeability emulsion mud equalizing valve exit velocity
effective porosity encapsulation equation of state expert system
effective velocity endless tubing equivalent circulating density external phase
electric probe enhanced oil recovery erode external upset


facies flake lost circulation material fluid contact formation fluid
fall off test flake lost-circulation material fluid density log formation fracture pressure
falloff test flapper valve fluid flow formation pressure
fast diffusion flash point fluid interface log formation water
fast formation flexural mode fluid invasion forward multiple-contact test
fatty acid float joint fluid level four dimensional seismic data
fiber LCM float shoe fluid loss four-dimensional seismic data
fiber lost circulation material flocculate fluid loss control FPSO
fiber lost-circulation material flocculation fluid loss control material frac balls
filter cake flood front fluid pound frac crew
filter cake thickness flow assurance fluid tester frac fluid
filter cell flow back fluid-density log frac gel
filter press flow check fluid-friction reducer frac gradient
filtercake flow concentrating fluid-interface log frac head
filtercake thickness flow cross fluid-loss additive frac iron
filter-cake thickness flow loop fluid-loss control frac job
filtered brine flow meter fluid-loss-control material fracture
filtrate slump flow profile fluoboric acid fracture acidizing
filtrate tracer flow regime flush joint fracture networks
filtration test cell flow simulation flushed zone fracture permeability
fines migration flow structure foam breaker fracturing fluid
fingering flow unit foam flooding fracturing manifold
first-contact miscibility flowback foaming agent fracturing pressure
fitting flow-concentrating formaldehyde free fluid
five spot flowmeter formate free gas
five-spot flowstream sample formation damage free water
fixed choke fluid compatibility test formation evaluation fresh core
flake LCM fluid compressibility formation evaluation while drilling friction effect


gamma ray densitometer gas lock geopressured gravel pack screen
Garrett Gas Train gas volume fraction (GVF) geothermal gradient gravel-pack log
gas anchor gas-bearing GGT gravel-pack screen
gas bearing gas-cap drive gilsonite gravity override
gas buster gas-cut mud glycol gravity segregation
gas cap gas-holdup log glyph gray list
gas cap drive gate valve goat head grease injection system
gas coning gathering system goose neck grease-injection system
gas cut mud gauge tank gooseneck green list
gas holdup log geochemistry gradiomanometer grey list
gas interference geomagnetic polarity reversal grain density guar gum
gas lift geopressure gravel pack log gyp mud


haematite HHP hot oiler hydrofluoric acid
HE starch high pressure squeeze hot oiling hydrofluoric hydrochloric acid
head wave high-pressure manifold hot tapping hydrofluoric-hydrochloric acid
header high-pressure squeeze HP starch hydrometer
header box high-pressure, high-temperature viscometer HPHT viscometer hydrophilic
heater holdup HPU hydrostatic bailer
heavy metal holdup log HSE hydrostatic head
HEC holdup meter huff and puff hydrostatic pressure
hematite hole cleaning hydraulic bypass hydrothermal
Herschel Bulkley fluid hollow carrier gun hydraulic fracturing hydrothermal alteration
Herschel-Bulkley fluid hook load hydraulic horsepower hydroxyethyl starch
hesitation squeeze hopper hydraulic power unit hydroxyethylcellulose
HF horizon hydrocarbon indicator hydroxypropyl starch


ICV infinite acting radial flow injection pulsed neutron log intermediate casing
immiscible infinite acting reservoir injection pump internal phase
impeller infinite-acting reservoir injection test interstitial water
impermeable inflow control valve injection well invaded zone
impermeable barrier inflow performance relationship injection well testing invasion
improved oil recovery inhibit injection/pulsed neutron log IO
in situ inhibited acid injection-well testing IP
in situ fluid analysis inhibition injectivity test IPR
in situ viscosity evaluation inhibitive mud in-situ iron oxide
induced particle plugging inhibitor in-situ fluid analysis iron stabilizer
inertial resistance injection mandrel in-situ viscosity evaluation isomerized olefin
infill drilling injection pressure interfacial tension isotropic formation


jet jet pump jet velocity junk sub
jet nozzle


kelly kh kill kill pump
kelly hose kick kill line kinetic effect


laminar flow leonardite load oil LOT
LAO LGS local holdup low colloid oil mud
laser diffraction life of the well local probe low gravity solids
late time transient data lignin log low solids mud
late-time transient data lignite logging while drilling low specific gravity solids
latex lime mud logging-while-drilling low-colloid oil mud
LCM limited entry long spacing sonic log low-gravity solids
lead acetate test line drive long-spacing sonic log low-solids mud
leak off linear alphaolefin lost circulation low-specific-gravity solids
leakoff liner lost circulation material lubricant
leakoff test liquid blocking lost returns LWD
leaky mode lithostratigraphic inversion lost-circulation material


magnesium test methylglucoside drilling fluid MMH mud weight
magnetic reversal sequence micellar polymer flooding mobility buffer mudcake
main magnetic field micellar-polymer flooding mobility ratio mudding off
managed pressure drilling mill out montmorillonite mudding up
manifold milling mosquito bill mud-in sample
mass balance minifrac MRS multi-capacitance flowmeter
material balance equation minimum miscibility concentration mud multipass method
material-balance equation minimum miscibility enrichment mud acid multiphase
matrix acidizing minimum miscibility pressure mud additive multiphase flow
matrix stimulation miscible mud cleaner multiphase fluid
MBT test miscible displacement mud density multiphase fluid flow
mechanical diversion missile mud in multiphase holdup log
metamorphic mist flow mud in sample multiphase meter
metamorphism mixed metal hydroxide mud motor multiple completion
meter mixed-metal hydroxide mud pit multiple-contact miscibility
meter factor MMC mud up mutual solvent
methylene blue test MME


n nitrified fluid noise log normal mode
naphthenic hydrocarbon nitrogen cushion nominal filter NPDES
native clay nitrogen kickoff nonconductive drilling fluid nuclear fluid densimeter
neutralizing solution nitrogen lift non-Newtonian fluid nuclear magnetic resonance
neutron porosity nitrogen lifting nonrising stem numerical reservoir simulation
Newtonian fluid NMR


oil and gas separator oil-emulsion mud operating gas-lift valve (OGLV) orifice valve
oil content oil-in-water emulsion optical index OSPAR
oil emulsion mud oil-mud emulsifier optical probe overbalance
oil formation volume factor open hole organic acid overflush
oil in water emulsion openhole organic deposit overpressure
oil mud openhole completion organophilic oxygen scavenger
oil swelling openhole test orifice meter


PAC phase velocity log pore-pressure transmission pressure transient test
pack off phase-velocity log porosimeter pressure transient well test
packer photon log porosity pressure-squared plot
packer flowmeter pickle porous pressure-transient analysis
packer fluid pickling fluid porous medium primary cementing
packoff pigging positive displacement motor produced fluid
pad pill positive displacement pump produced water
paddle blender pipeline capacity positive-displacement pump producing formation
paddle mixer PIT potassium ion producing well
PAO plastic fluid potassium mud production log
paraffin control plastic viscosity pour point production packer
PARCOM plate out power fluid injection rate production string
particle plugging apparatus plugging material power law fluid production tubing
particle size distribution plunger lift power-fluid injection rate production wing
particle-plugging apparatus PNP power-law fluid productivity index (PI)
particle-plugging test Poisson's ratio PPA progressive cavity pumping system
particle-size distribution polyacrylate PPT proppant
PDM polyalphaolefin precipitate propylene glycol normal propyl ether
PEF polyanionic cellulose precipitation pseudoplastic
perforate overbalanced polyanionic lignin preflush pump cavitation
perforate underbalanced polyglycerol preservative pump manifold
perforating fluid polymer preserved core pump off
perforation polymer plug pressure depletion pump submergence
permanent well monitoring polyol pressure drawdown pumper
permeability polyolefin pressure falloff pumping schedule
permeability thickness pore pressure gradient pumping well
permeable pore pressure pressure hunt pumping well tests
petal basket flowmeter pore pressure gradient pressure integrity test pump-off
petrophysical rock type pore pressure transmission pressure squared plot PV
pH test pore-pressure gradient pressure transient analysis PVT


Q QA quality assurance


radial differential temperature log recirculating mixer reservoir communication rheological
radial differential-temperature log recovery reservoir description rheological property
radioactive tracer recycled gas reservoir modeling rheology
radioactive tracer log red mud reservoir pressure rich gas
radioactive-tracer log reel reservoir quality (RQ) rock
radius of investigation reeled tubing reservoir simulation rock properties
random walk method relative permeability residual oil rock types
random-walk method relaxed filtrate oil mud residual oil saturation rod pump
rate dependent skin effect relaxed-filtrate oil mud restored state core roller cone bit
rate of shear reproducibility retarder roller-cone bit
rate-dependent skin effect reserve pit retort method rotary drilling
RCD reservoir retrievable bridge plug rotary hose
receiver reservoir characterization reverse circulation rotating control device
reciprocating pump reservoir characterization model reversing out routine core analysis


S wave shale shaker snubbing static fluid level
sag shaly snubbing force steam
salt plug shear soap stearate
saltwater mud shear rate sodium polyacrylate step rate test
sand shear strength sodium silicate stimulation byproduct
sand bailer shear stress solubility stimulation fluid
sand cleanout shear wave solution gas Stoneley permeability
sand lifting sheen test solution gas drive Stoneley wave
sand out shifted spectrum solution gasdrive storm choke
sand production shoe joint sonic stratified flow
sandout shoe track sonic measurement strip gun
sandstone petrography shoot a level sonolog stripping
saturation exponent shrimp test SOR subsidence
saturation unit shut-in pressure SP subsurface surface controlled safety valve (SSCSV)
SBR silicate mud SPA subsurface surface-controlled safety valve (SSCSV)
scale single pass method spacer sucker rod pump
scale inhibitor single phase flow spacer fluid sulfide test
scale inhibitor squeeze single-pass method specific permeability summation of fluids method
scale removal single-phase flow spherical separator superficial velocity
scale-inhibitor squeeze SIP spin flowmeter surface tension
scavenger sized calcium carbonate spinner flowmeter surfactant
screen out sized salt spinner reversal surfactant flooding
screenout slim-tube test spontaneous potential swab
seal slip velocity spot S-wave
seals sloughing shale spot sample sweep efficiency
secondary recovery slow formation spotting sweep pill
seep slow release inhibitor spotting fluid swellable packer
seismic slow-release inhibitor squeeze SWR
seismic wave sludge squeeze cementing syncline
sensitivity slug squeeze job synthetic base fluid
separator slug flow squeeze manifold synthetic base mud
separator backpressure slugging stabilized synthetic/brine ratio
sepiolite slugging pill stable arch synthetic/water ratio
sequestering agent slurry stability standing valve synthetic-base fluid
shaker smectite clay starch synthetic-base mud
shale snub static filter press


T2 thickening time time-lapse triplex pump
Taitel Dukler thief time-lapse seismic data true resistivity
Taitel-Dukler thief zone torque flowmeter true vertical depth
tall oil thixotropic tortuosity tube wave
tangential wave thixotropy tracer tubing joint
Taylor bubbles three phase separator tracer loss measurement tubing performance curve (TPC)
temperature gradient three-phase separator tracer measurement tubing puncher
temperature log threshold velocity tracer-loss measurement tubingless completion
temperature stability through flowline (TFL) transient-pressure response tubular jar
temperature survey through-flowline (TFL) transition zone turbulent flow
TEOR tie line trapped oil TVD
ternary diagram time lapse traveling valve two phase flow
TG time lapse seismic data treating iron two phase separator
thermal gradient timed slug analysis treatment fluid two-phase flow
thermal recovery timed-slug analysis trip gas two-phase separator
thermal simulation


ultra heavy oil underbalanced undrained test unsteady state
ultrasonic caliper underground blowout unload upstroke
unconventional resource undersaturated fluid unloading valve U-tube effect


vertical displacement efficiency viscosity viscous force volumetric efficiency
vertical sweep efficiency viscosity and gel-strength test volumetric displacement efficiency volumetric sweep efficiency
virgin pressure viscous fingering


wait on cement water in oil emulsion water-in-oil emulsion wellbore fill up
wall cake water influx weight wellbore fill-up
wall sticking water loss weight indicator wettability change
wastewater cleanup water mud weight material wiper plug
water base drilling fluid water-base drilling fluid weighting agent wireline formation test
water base mud water-base mud weighting material wireline formation tester
water block water-cut meter well cleanup wireline log
water coning waterflood well control WOC
water cut meter waterflooding well production rate workover fluid
water flood


yield point Young-Laplace equation YP


zinc basic carbonate zipper manifold Zoeppritz equations