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Variables and Numbers

a n 3D seismic data 6FF40


a acidizing Alford rotation antisqueeze
abnormal pressure acoustic emission alkaline flooding API unit
absolute age acoustic log altered zone apparent matrix
absolute filter acoustic mode aluminum activation log aquifer
acid effect adjacent bed anisotropic formation Archie equation
acid frac afterflow annular gas flow areal displacement efficiency
acid job agglomeration annular production areal sweep efficiency
acid stimulation aggregation annulus attenuation
acid wash air drill antifoam attenuation resistivity
acidize air drilling antifoam agent azimuthal density


back flow big hole charge blowout bottoms up mud sample
backflow big-hole charge blowout preventer bottoms-up mud sample
bactericide bimetallism BOP breakdown pressure
balanced activity oil mud biocide borehole correction bridge
balanced-activity oil mud biostratigraphic borehole gravity bridging agent
barefoot completion biostratigraphy borehole seismic data bridging material
base exchange Biot theory Born method Briggs color cube
base log bird bottomhole gas separator brine
base map bit record bottomhole pressure bucking coil
bead tracer bit resistivity bottomhole shut in bucking current
bentonite blockage bottomhole shut-in buildup test
BHP blow out bottomhole static temperature bullhead
BHST blow out preventer


cake charged zone coal-bed methane contour
calcium contamination check shot survey coal-seam gas contour map
calcium hydroxide check-shot survey COFCAW controlled time survey
calibration chelating agent coherence map core
carbonate ion chelation coherence vector map core analysis
carbonate scale chemical injection collision core image
carrier fluid chert command trailer core testing
casing cherty compaction coreflooding
casing collar log Christmas tree compatibility correlate
casing completion chronostratigraphic chart compensated density log cosurfactant
casing point circle shooting compensated neutron log critical flow rate
casing shoe test circulate out compensated-density log cross section
casing string circulation loss competent crossflow
cation exchange capacity clay completion fluid cross-sectional
cation-exchange capacity clay stabilizer completion quality (CQ) crosswell electromagnetic tomography
cave effect clay swelling Compton scattering crosswell seismic tomography
cavitation cleanup concentric fold crosswell tomography
CBM clear brine conductive rock matrix model crushed zone
cement coal conductor pipe CSG
cementation exponent coal bed methane connate water cycle skip
centralizer coal seam gas contact angle cycling plant
channel coalbed methane contamination gas


damage depth of invasion diffusion equation drilling procedure
damaged zone depth of investigation dilatancy drilling program
data rate detail log dip correction drilling-fluid engineer
DD deviated drilling directional drilling drill-noise vertical seismic profile
deconvolution diagenesis directional permeability drillstem test
deep induction diameter of invasion directional variograms dropout
defoamer diameter of investigation dispersant dry combustion
dehydrate diatomite drag bit dry forward combustion
density measurement dielectric propagation log drill noise vertical seismic profile DST
depleted zone dielectric resistivity drilling break dual water
depth correlation differential compaction drilling detergent


ECD electrical anisotropy electromagnetic propagation measurement environmental corrections
effective porosity electrical double layer elemental capture spectroscopy EOR
effective water saturation electrical log embrittlement epithermal neutron porosity measurement
elastic electrode device emulsion equivalent circulating density
elastic deformation electrode resistivity enhanced diffusion equivalent water resistivity
elastic limit electromagnetic heating enhanced oil recovery exit velocity
elasticity electromagnetic propagation


fast formation fixed-cutter bit foam diversion frac gradient
fast formation arrival flexural mode foam flooding frac job
fast-formation arrival flow after flow foamed cement fracture
fault flow assurance formation fracture acidizing
fiber LCM flow period formation damage fracture gradient
fiber lost circulation material flowing pressure formation evaluation fracture networks
fiber lost-circulation material flowing well formation evaluation while drilling fracturing pressure
filter fluid compatibility test formation exposure time free gas
filter cake fluid invasion formation factor free induction decay
filtercake fluid loss formation fluid free water
filtered brine fluid pound formation fracture pressure free water knockout
filtrate slump fluid tester formation pressure free-induction decay
final flowing pressure fluid-loss additive formation water free-water knockout
fines migration fluoboric acid forward modeling FWKO
first reading foam breaker


gamma ray densitometer gasdrive geopressured granular lost-circulation material
gamma ray interactions gas-oil contact geostatic pressure gravel pack
gamma ray log Gaussian collocated cosimulation geostatistical methods gravel pack log
gas anchor generation GOC gravel pack screen
gas bearing geochemical log goose neck gravel-pack log
gas drive geologic map gooseneck gravel-pack screen
gas formation volume factor geologic time scale grain density gravity
gas oil contact geometrical factor granular LCM guard electrode
gas show geopressure granular lost circulation material gumbo


H2S heterogeneous formation homogeneous formation hydraulic fracturing
halite HF horizontal drilling hydraulic pumping
head wave HGS horizontal resistivity hydrochloric acid
header high pressure squeeze hot waterflooding hydrofluoric acid
heading high-gravity solids HUD hydrogen embrittlement
heater high-pressure squeeze Humble formula hydrogen induced failures
heterogeneity high-specific-gravity solids hydraulic bypass hydrogen sulfide
heterogeneous holdup depth hydraulic fracture monitoring hydrostatic pressure


ID information theory injection-well testing invasion
IM initial flow period injectivity test iron stabilizer
in situ viscosity evaluation initial shut in period in-situ viscosity evaluation iron-oxidizing bacteria
inclination initial shut-in period intermediate casing isochore
incompetent injection gas intermediate casing string isotropic formation
induced particle plugging injection pressure interstitial water isotropic permeability
induction injection test interwell tomography iterative forward modeling
infill drilling injection well testing


jet jet perforating


K coefficient kh kick kill


LCM limestone porosity unit logging-while-drilling LOT
leak off limited entry long spacing sonic log low gravity solids
leakoff linear flow long-spacing sonic log low specific gravity solids
leakoff test liquid-junction potential lost circulation low-gravity solids
leaky mode lithostatic pressure lost circulation material low-specific-gravity solids
lean gas condensate log lost returns LWD
LGS logging while drilling lost-circulation material


m medium induction migrate mud report
managed pressure drilling membrane potential migration mudcake
matrix acidizing microcylindrical log mineralogy mudding off
matrix stimulation microgel mist drilling multifinger caliper
maximum treating pressure microlaterolog model multiphase flow
measurements while drilling microresistivity mosquito bill multiphase holdup log
measurements-while-drilling microseismic monitoring mud anchor multiple salinity
mechanical skin microspherical log mud engineer MWD


n naturally flowing well neutron porosity normal mode
native clay neutralization nitrogen cushion nuclear fluid densimeter
native solids mud neutralize NMR nuclear magnetic resonance
native-solids mud neutron interactions non-Darcy flow nuclear magnetic resonance measurement
natural gamma ray spectroscopy


offset well openhole completion organic deposit osmosis
oil formation volume factor openhole gravel pack orogenic overbalance
open hole openhole packer orogeny overflush
openhole openhole test


p rate permanent well monitoring plug and abandon pressure hunt
P&A permeability plunger lift pressure integrity test
packer fluid permeability thickness polarization horn pressure transient analysis
paraffin permeable polycrystalline diamond compact bit pressure transient well test
parallel fold perpendicular resistivity pore pressure pressure-transient analysis
parallel resistivity petroleum system pore pressure gradient primary cementing
particle plugging apparatus petroleum systems modeling pore-pressure gradient producing formation
particle-plugging apparatus phase shift porosity exponent production period
PDC bit phase shift resistivity post profile modification
PEF phase-shift resistivity potassium propagation resistivity
perforate pick PPA propagation resistivity measurement
perforate overbalanced pickle p-rate propagation time
perforated interval pickling fluid precipitate proximity log
perforating acid pill precipitation pulsed neutron holdup log
perforating charge PIT precision pulsed neutron spectroscopy log
perforating fluid plastic deformation preflush pulsed neutron spectroscopy measurement
perforation plate out preservative pulsed-neutron holdup log
perforation penetration plate tectonics pressure gradient pumping well


quadrant density


R signal ream reservoir height rheological
Rwa reducing agent reservoir heterogeneities rheology
radial processing relative age reservoir pressure ring resistivity
radial resolution relative permeability residual bend rock
radial response repeat section resistivity log Rockwell hardness testing
radius of investigation repeatability retrograde condensation routine core analysis
rate dependent skin effect reproducibility returns R-signal
rate-dependent skin effect reservoir characterization model


sag shale baseline slaked lime steam trap
salt shale gas slow formation stimulation
saltwater flow shaped charge slowing-down time stimulation byproduct
sampling error shear slowness time coherence Stoneley permeability
sand shear strain slowness-time coherence Stoneley wave
sand consolidation shoot a well sludge strain
sand control short trip sonic log stress
sand out shoulder bed sonic measurement stress induced anisotropy
sand production shut in bottomhole pressure sonolog stress-induced anisotropy
sandface shut-in bottomhole pressure spherical focusing strike-slip fault
sandout shut-in pressure spine and ribs plot structural
sandstone porosity unit SIBHP spinning-drop tensiometer structural analysis
saturation exponent SIBP spontaneous potential structural shale
scale sidewall core spreading loss structural steering
scale inhibitor squeeze sieve analysis squeeze structure
scale-inhibitor squeeze signal squeeze cementing structure map
scout ticket silicic acid squeeze job surface casing
seep single shot survey stabilization surface pipe
seismic while drilling vertical seismic profile single-shot survey stabilized gas well surrounding bed
seismic-while-drilling vertical seismic profile sintered stable arch synthetic seismogram
sensitivity SIP static spontaneous potential synthetic seismograms
sequestering agent skin steam


tectonics threadform time after bit transverse relaxation
telluric current method three dimensional seismic data tortuosity trap
telluric-current method three phase separator tracer trapped oil
temperature log three-dimensional seismic data tracer loss measurement true dip
tensor methods three-phase separator tracer-loss measurement true resistivity
thermal diffusion length tight transient drainage radius tube wave
thief zone tight gas transient-pressure testing tubing-end locator
thixotropy tight hole transition zone turbulent flow


ultrasonic caliper underbalanced underpressured Universal Transverse Mercator grid (UTM)
unconformity underground blowout underream uranium
underbalance underpressure undisturbed zone


variable rate vertical resistivity vertical response volumetric cross section
variable-density log vertical resolution virgin zone


wall cake water wet well shoot whole core
Walther's law waterflood well stimulation wildcat
wash out waterflooding wellbore diagram wireline formation test
washout water-wet wet clay porosity wireline formation tester
water block wavelet extraction wet combustion wireline log
water control well cleanup wet-clay porosity workover fluid
water flood well control wettability wormhole
water influx well log wettability change wrench fault
water saturation well placement


X signal X-signal


yield point


Z/A effect