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Variables and Numbers

1D seismic data 2D survey 3D survey 6FF40
1-D seismic data


abnormal pressure activation log amines apparent viscosity
absolute age additivity amplitude anomaly armor
absolute volume adjacent bed amplitude variation with offset array induction
accelerator source advective transport modeling analog array propagation resistivity
accuracy AFE angular unconformity array sonic
acoustic basement air cut mud annulus arrival
acoustic coupler air-cut mud anomalous attenuation
acoustic impedance section Alford rotation anomaly audio measurement
acoustic log alias filter antialias filter authority for expenditure
acoustic transducer alidade antisqueeze AVO
acoustic velocity allogenic API azimuthal
acoustic velocity log alpha processing API unit azimuthal density
acquisition altered zone apparent dip azimuthal laterolog
acquisition log aluminum activation log apparent matrix azimuthal resolution


back stripping bel birefringence bottomhole shut-in
background gas Benioff zone bond log bottomhole temperature
back-stripping BGG Boolean simulation bottoms up
backup curve BHA borehole compensation bottoms-up
bad hole BHCT borehole correction bound-fluid log
balanced activity oil mud BHT borehole gravity box plots
balanced-activity oil mud bilinear flow borehole gravity meter bridle
barite bimetallism borehole seismic data Briggs color cube
base log Bingham plastic model borehole televiewer bright spot
base map bioaccumulation Born method brownfield
base of weathering bioconcentration bottom log interval bucking coil
baseline biostratigraphic bottomhole assembly bucking current
Bayesian inference biostratigraphy bottomhole circulating temperature bulk relaxation
Bayesian method Biot theory bottomhole shut in button resistivity
bead tracer


cable cellulosic polymer CMC-Lo Vis connection gas
cable head cement bond log CMC-LVT consistency
calibration cement evaluation log coding contact
caliper log cementing coherence map contract depth
camera centralizer coherence vector map controlled time survey
cap rock centrifuge coiled tubing core
capacitance log channel cold production core analysis
capacitance meter channeling collar locator core gamma log
caprock check shot survey collar log core image
carbide lag test check-shot survey collector corkscrew hole
carbon density chemical marker injection compaction correction corrected gamma ray
carbonate gamma ray chemical-marker injection compartmentalization correlate
carbonate test chronostratigraphic chart compatible scales correlation log
carboxymethylcellulose circle shooting compensated density log correlogram
cartridge circulate out compensated neutron log crest
cased hole classical reservoir modeling compensated-density log cross dipole
casing collar locator (CCL) clastic intrusion completion quality (CQ) crosscorrelation flowmeter
casing collar log clay bound water composite log crossplot
casing inspection log clay extender Compton scattering crossplot porosity
casing point clay-bound water conceptual model crosswell electromagnetic tomography
casing potential profile clean conductive invasion CT
casing-inspection log CMC conductive rock matrix model curve
casing-potential profile CMC-Hi Vis conformable cuttings
caustic extraction test CMC-HVT conical projection cycle skip
cave effect


data rate depth conversion diagenetic directional variograms
day rate depth correlation diameter of invasion disconformity
dB depth datum diameter of investigation dispersion
decibel depth derived dielectric propagation log distributed temperature log
deconvolution depth mark differential spectrum distributed-temperature log
deep induction depth matched differential temperature log doodlebugger
deepwater play depth matching differential-temperature log double refraction
deep-water play depth of invasion diffusion drag bag
delta rho depth of investigation diffusion equation drag-bag
delta t depth reference dip correction drawdown test
delta t stretch depth wheel dipole drillpipe conveyed
delta-t stretch depth-derived direct hydrocarbon typing dual induction
density measurement derivative logs direct indicating viscometer dual water
departure curve detail log direct-indicating viscometer due diligence
depth control diagenesis


earthquake elastic neutron scattering electromagnetic propagation measurement epm
eccentralizer electric probe electromagnetic thickness equivalent water resistivity
eddy current measurement electrical impedance probe elemental capture spectroscopy ERD
eddy-current measurement electrical log elevation correction erode
effective medium theory electrical survey endless tubing erosion
effective porosity electrode device enhanced diffusion event
eigenvector electrokinetic potential environmental corrections extended reach drilling
elastic constants electromagnetic method Epanechnikov kernel extended-reach drilling
elastic moduli electromagnetic propagation


fabric fishing bell flowstream sample forward modeling
facies flag joint fluid density log Fourier analysis
fairway flattened section fluid interface log Fourier transform
Fann viscometer flooding surface fluid-density log Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
fast formation arrival flow assurance fluid-friction reducer fractal
fast-formation arrival flow loop fluid-interface log fractal analysis
fault flow meter fold fresh water
fence diagram flow profile formation FT
filters flow regime formation evaluation while drilling FTIR
first reading flowing neutron log formation exposure time full waveform
fish flowmeter formation water


gamma ray interactions Gaussian collocated cosimulation geophysicist GPS
gamma ray log geochemical log geostatistical methods GR
gamma-gamma log geologic geostatistical modeling gradiomanometer
Garrett Gas Train geologic map geostatistics grain density
gas cut mud geologic time scale geosteer gravel pack log
gas holdup log geological geosteering gravel-pack log
gas show geologist GGT guard electrode
gas-cut mud geomechanics Global Positioning System guard log
gas-holdup log geometrical factor glyph gun zero


HE starch Herschel Bulkley fluid holdup meter hydrocarbon indicator
head Herschel-Bulkley fluid horizontal resistivity hydrogen index
head wave heterogeneity horizontal severance hydrothermal
header heterogeneous housing hydroxyethyl starch
heading history matching hybrid scale hydroxyethylcellulose
HEC hodogram


ID induction electrical survey insert inverse
IM inelastic neutron scattering in-situ viscosity evaluation inversion
impulse activation information theory interpolation iron carbonate
in situ viscosity evaluation injection pulsed neutron log interval transit time iron sulfide
induced gamma ray spectroscopy injection/pulsed neutron log interval velocity iterative forward modeling
induction injectite invasion


J factor


K coefficient kh kinetic effect


lag limestone compatible scale lithostratigraphic logging tool
lag gas limestone porosity unit lithostratigraphic inversion logging unit
laminated sand limestone-compatible scale lithostratigraphy logging while drilling
last reading lineament littoral logging-while-drilling
lateral linear flow local probe longitudinal plot
layer cake geometry liquid-junction potential log low solids mud
layer-cake geometry lithofacies logarithmic mean low-solids mud
lbm/bbl lithologic logging LWD
lime mud lithologic contact logging run


Ma maximum recorded temperature microresistivity monopole
magnetic mud measure point microspherical log mud program
managed pressure drilling measurement after drilling migrate multipass method
mandrel measurements while drilling migration multiphase holdup log
marine flooding surface measurements-while-drilling mineralogy multiple isotope log
marker bed medium induction minute mark multiple isotope spectroscopy
marker joint membrane potential modulus of elasticity multiple-isotope log
Marsh funnel microcylindrical log Moho multiple-isotope spectroscopy
matrix stimulation microlaterolog Mohorovicic discontinuity MWD
maximum flooding surface microlog


natural gamma ray spectroscopy neutron generator NMR non-Newtonian fluid
neat cement neutron log noise log normal
neural networks neutron porosity nonconductive drilling fluid nuclear magnetic resonance
neutron activation log neutron-activation log nonconformity nuclear magnetic resonance measurement
neutron capture Newtonian fluid


offset well one-dimensional seismic data operator orogeny
oil mud OOC optical probe oxide closure model
oil on cuttings open flow potential organophilic clay oxide-closure model
one dimensional seismic data open-flow potential orogenic


P&A pH plug and abandon pressure transient well tests
pad phase shift polarization horn pressure-transient well tests
palynology phase velocity log polarization time production log
parameter phase-velocity log porosity exponent propagation resistivity
pass photoelectric effect post propagation time
PEF photon log potassium prospect
perforating depth control log PHPA potassium ion proximity log
perforating depth-control log PHPA mud potassium mud pseudogeometrical factor
periodogram pick pounds per barrel pseudoplastic
permeability thickness Pickett plot power law fluid pseudosteady state
petrographic pickup power-law fluid pulsed neutron holdup log
petrography pick-up ppb pulsed neutron spectroscopy log
petroleum system plane table precision pulsed neutron spectroscopy measurement
petroleum systems modeling plate tectonics pressure falloff pulsed-neutron holdup log
petrophysical model play back pressure gradient pyrrhotite
petrophysical rock type playback pressure hunt


Q quadrant density quick look quicklook
QA quality assurance


R signal rathole repeatability rheological
Rwa real time data reproducibility rheological property
radial differential temperature log recorded data reservoir characterization model rheology
radial differential-temperature log recorder reservoir heterogeneities ring resistivity
radial processing redox reservoir modeling rock mechanics
radial resolution reeled tubing reservoir quality (RQ) rotary table
radial response reference point resistive invasion routine core analysis
radioactive tracer reflection resistivity log R-signal
radioactive tracer log reflector resolution matched rugosity
radioactive-tracer log relative age response matched run
radius of investigation repeat section rheologic


sampling interval shale baseline sonde stratigraphic analysis
sandstone compatible scale shear sonic log stratigraphic trap
sandstone porosity unit sheave sonic measurement stratigraphy
sandstone-compatible scale shifted spectrum spacing structural analysis
saturation equation shoot a well spherical flow structural steering
SBR shoulder bed spherical focusing structural trap
scintillation detector show spin flowmeter structure
scout siderite spinner flowmeter structure map
scout ticket sideswipe spiral borehole styrene
screening sidetrack spontaneous potential sulfide test
seal sidewall square log sulfonated polystyrene-maleic anhydride copolymer
seals sigma SSMA surrounding bed
seismic acquisition single pass method SSMA copolymer survey
seismic modeling single-pass method standoff sweet spot
seismic stratigraphy skin effect static aging test SWR
seismology slim hole well static-aging test synthetic seismogram
sensitivity slimhole well step profile synthetic seismograms
sequence stratigraphy slowing-down time stick and slip synthetic/brine ratio
shadow zone slowness Stoneley permeability synthetic/water ratio


T1 three dimensional survey top drive tracer-loss measurement
T2 three-dimensional survey top log interval track
tadpole tick mark topdrive transit time
tail tie topographic map transition zone
TE tight hole torpedo transverse electric mode
technical evaluation agreement time after bit tortuosity true dip
tectonics time lapse total porosity true resistivity
telemetry time migration trace turnkey
temperature log timed slug analysis tracer two dimensional survey
TFNB timed-slug analysis tracer ejector measurement two pass method
thermal capture time-lapse tracer loss measurement two-dimensional survey
thermal neutron absorber tomography tracer measurement two-pass method
thorium tool string tracer-ejector measurement type curves


Udden-Wentworth scale ultrasonic measurement unconventional resource Universal Transverse Mercator grid (UTM)
ultra-long spaced electrical log unconformity uniformitarianism uranium


variable-density log velocity shot measurement verification vertical response
varve velocity survey vertical resistivity viscosity and gel-strength test
velocity velocity-shot measurement vertical resolution volumetric cross section


Wadati-Benioff zone water-flow log well control Wentworth scale
wait time water-wet well log wildcat
Walsh-Hadamard transform wavelength well placement wireline
Walther's law wavelet extraction well shoot wireline formation tester
water flow log weak point wellbore storage effects wireline log
water wet weathering wellbore-storage effects wrench fault


X signal XC polymer X-ray diffraction X-signal
xanthan gum


yield stress


Z/A effect