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Variables and Numbers

3C seismic data 4C seismic data


absolute age acoustic positioning anomaly array propagation resistivity
absolute permeability acoustic velocity aperture attenuation resistivity
absolute pressure acquisition log apparent anisotropy audio measurement
accelerator source aeromagnetic survey apparent matrix AV
accuracy air cut mud apparent viscosity azimuthal
acid effect air-cut mud armor azimuthal density
acid number alpha processing array laterolog azimuthal resolution
acoustic log anomalous


bad hole bead tracer borehole compensation bound water
barite Beaufort scale borehole correction bridle
barrels of oil per day bel borehole gravity broadside array
barrels of water per day BHA borehole gravity meter bubble count
base exchange billion cubic feet bottomhole assembly buildup test
baseline billion cubic feet per day bottomhole pressure bulk relaxation
basket flowmeter Biot theory Bouguer anomaly butterfly chart
Bcf bit resistivity Bouguer correction button resistivity
Bcf/D BOPD bound fluid BWPD


cable cation exchange capacity compaction correction core analysis
cake thickness cation-exchange capacity completion coreflooding
calibration cement bond log computed tomography corkscrew hole
caliper log centipoise conductance correcting pressure to a datum
camera centralizer conductivity CPMG
capacitance log centrifuge contact angle crosswell electromagnetic tomography
cartridge chemical neutron source controlled time survey crosswell tomography
casing inspection log clay bound water convolution curve
casing-inspection log clay-bound water convolve


data rate density profile depth wheel dip correction
datum departure curve depth-derived directional drilling
datum level dephasing derivative logs directional survey
dB depth control deviated drilling distillation extraction
Dean-Stark extraction depth datum deviation survey drag bag
decibel depth derived diameter of invasion drag-bag
deconvolution depth mark diameter of investigation drawdown test
deep induction depth matching dielectric resistivity drift
degree API depth of invasion differential pressure drill collar
delta rho depth of investigation differential spectrum driller's depth
delta t depth reference diffusion relaxation drillpipe conveyed
density measurement depth reference point


eccentralizer electrical anisotropy electromagnetic propagation measurement environmental corrections
echo spacing electrode device electromagnetic thickness epithermal neutron porosity measurement
eddy current measurement electrode resistivity elemental capture spectroscopy error
eddy-current measurement electromagnetic caliper elevation correction excavation effect
effective permeability electromagnetic propagation endfire array expectation


fall off test float joint flux leakage Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
falloff test flow loop formation free air correction
fast diffusion flow meter formation evaluation free fluid
Faye correction flowmeter formation evaluation while drilling free induction decay
FD fluid density log formation water free water
filter cake thickness fluid interface log forward modeling free-air correction
filtercake thickness fluid-density log four component seismic data free-induction decay
filter-cake thickness fluid-interface log four-component seismic data frequency domain


gamma ray densitometer gel strength gradiomanometer gravimetry
gamma ray log geochronology grain density gravity anomaly
gamma-gamma log geometrical factor gravel pack log gravity survey
gas cut mud geosteer gravel-pack log guard log
gas-cut mud geosteering


hertz holdup map horizontal drilling horizontal resistivity
holdup image


ID induced gamma ray spectroscopy in-situ viscosity evaluation invasion
in situ fluid analysis induction electrical survey interval method inverse filter
in situ viscosity evaluation inertial resistance interval transit time inverse problem
inclination in-situ fluid analysis interwell tomography


J factor


KB kh kilogram per cubic meter kilopascal
kelly bushing


lag leak off logging run logging-while-drilling
last reading leakoff logging tool longitudinal relaxation
layered reservoir testing log logging unit LWD
leak detection logarithmic mean logging while drilling


magnetic flux leakage measured depth metal loss mpy
magnetic mud measurement after drilling microcylindrical log MT
magnetic-flux leakage measurement error microlaterolog mud pulse telemetry
magnetotelluric method measurement range microresistivity multicomponent seismic data
Marsh funnel measurements while drilling microspherical log multifinger caliper
MD measurements-while-drilling mils per year penetration multiphase holdup log
measure point membrane potential mineral MWD


neutron capture NMR normal nuclear magnetic resonance
neutron generator non-Newtonian fluid nuclear fluid densimeter nuclear magnetic resonance measurement
neutron porosity


oil formation volume factor open flow potential open-flow potential


packer flowmeter phase shift resistivity porosity exponent propagation time
pascal phase velocity log precision proximity log
pass phase-shift resistivity pressure buildup analysis pseudogeometrical factor
PEF phase-velocity log pressure gauge pulse echo
permeability Pickett plot production log pulsed neutron holdup log
permeability thickness pitch-and-lead profile pulsed neutron spectroscopy measurement
permeable poise profiling pulsed-neutron holdup log
permeameter polarization horn progressive gels pulse-echo
petal basket flowmeter polarization time propagation resistivity pumping well
petrophysical rock type porosimeter propagation resistivity measurement


Rwa real-time data repeat section response matched
radial resolution recorded data repeatability rheological property
radial response recorder reproducibility ring resistivity
radioactive tracer log reference point reservoir characterization model ROS
radioactive-tracer log relative age reservoir height rotary bushing
radius of investigation relative permeability resistivity routine core analysis
random error relaxation time resistivity log rugosity
real time data remaining oil saturation resolution matched run


sample frequency shear strain sonde steady state
sample interval shearometer sonde error stick and slip
sample rate shifted spectrum sonic measurement stochastic modeling
sampling error shoe joint spine and ribs plot strap
sampling interval shoe track spiral borehole strapping tape
secondary porosity index sidewall spreading loss surface pressure
secondary-porosity index slide stacking velocity survey
seismic velocity slowing-down length standoff systematic error
sensitivity slowness statistics


T1 thermal capture timed slug analysis tracer measurement
tadpole thermal diffusion length timed-slug analysis tracer-ejector measurement
tail thermal neutron absorber time-lapse tracer-loss measurement
tank calibration thermal neutron porosity measurement tomography transient-pressure testing
tapered cutoff thickening time tool string transverse relaxation
telemetry three component seismic data tornado chart true dip
telluric current method three-component seismic data total porosity true vertical depth
telluric-current method tick mark trace tubing end locator (TEL)
temperature log time domain tracer ejector measurement TVD
terrain correction time lapse tracer loss measurement


ultrasonic caliper uncertainty unsteady state upward continuation
ultrasonic measurement uncertainty principle


variable rate velocity shot measurement vertical resolution viscosity and gel-strength test
variable-density log velocity-shot measurement vertical response vitrinite
velocity verification vertical seismic profile vitrinite reflectance
velocity image vertical resistivity viscosity VSP
velocity map


wait time water flow log weight indicator wireline
wall loss water-cut meter well log wireline formation test
water cut meter water-flow log window wireline log


X-ray diffraction


Z/A effect