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abrasion test activity of aqueous solutions alkalinity test antifoam
acrylamide acrylate polymer acyclic compound aluminum stearate antifoam agent
acrylamide polymer agglomeration AMPS API fluid loss test
acrylamide-acrylate polymer aggregate anhydrite API fluid-loss test
acrylamido methyl propane sulfonate polymer aggregation aniline point test aromatic content test
acrylamido-methyl-propane sulfonate polymer air cut mud anion aromatic hydrocarbon
acrylate polymer air-cut mud anionic asphaltic mud additive
active sulfide aliphatic compound annulus attapulgite


background gas BHA blowout preventer Bouma sequence
bactericide BHCT BOP bridging agent
balanced activity oil mud BHP bottomhole assembly bridging material
balanced-activity oil mud Bingham plastic model bottomhole circulating temperature brine
barite bioassay bottomhole pressure broadside array
barrel equivalent biocide bottoms up Brookfield viscometer
base exchange bit record bottoms up mud sample buffered mud
bell nipple bit resistivity bottoms-up bypass
bentonite bland coring fluid bottoms-up mud sample bypassed mud
BGG blow out preventer


cable head carrying capacity clathrate colloid
cake casing point clay colloidal
calcium carbonate casing shoe test clay extender colloidal suspension
calcium chloride cation exchange capacity clay water interaction compensated density log
calcium contamination cation-exchange capacity clay-water interaction compensated neutron log
calcium hydroxide caustic potash clear water drilling compensated-density log
calcium mud caustic soda clear-water drilling connection gas
calcium oxide CEC closed mud system contact time
calcium sulfate cellar CMC contamination gas
calcium test cellulosic polymer CMC-Hi Vis conventional mud
caliper log chemical barrel CMC-HVT copper carbonate
capillary tube viscometer chemical wash CMC-Lo Vis coreflooding
carbide lag test Chenevert Method CMC-LVT coring fluid
carbon dioxide chromate salt CMHEC creaming
carbonate ion chrome free CMS cuttings
carbonate test chrome lignite coalesce cuttings lifting
carboxymethyl hydroxyethylcellulose chrome-free coalescence cycle skip
carboxymethyl starch circulation system coiled tubing drilling cycle time
carboxymethylcellulose circulation time


damaged zone desander direct emulsifier drill-in fluid
DD desilter direct indicating viscometer drilling detergent
deflocculated mud deviated drilling direct-indicating viscometer drilling fluid
defoamer dewatering directional drilling drilling mud
degasser diameter of invasion dispersion drilling procedure
demulsifier diesel oil mud displacement fluid drilling program
density diesel-oil mud drag bit drilling rig
density measurement differential pressure drift drilling riser
departure curve differential pressure sticking drill in fluid drilling-fluid engineer
depositional energy differential sticking drill solids dynamic-aging test
depth of invasion dilution drilled solids dynamometer card
derrickman dilution water


ECD electrokinetic potential emulsion mud equivalent weight
effective laminar flow electromagnetic propagation measurement endfire array erode
electrical stability test emulsifier equivalent circulating density erosion
electrode resistivity emulsion equivalent water resistivity ES test


Fann viscometer filter-cake quality flash point fluid-loss additive
fatty acid soap filtrate slump flat gels fluid-loss control
fatty-acid soap filtrate tracer float collar fluid-loss-control material
fiber LCM filtrate volume float joint fluoboric acid
fiber lost circulation material fines flow line flushed zone
fiber lost-circulation material fish flowline foam breaker
filter cake fixed-cutter bit flowline mud sample formaldehyde
filter cake quality flake LCM flowline sample formation damage
filter loss flake lost circulation material fluid invasion formation water
filtercake flake lost-circulation material fluid loss control fresh core
filtercake quality flapper valve fluid loss control material funnel viscosity


galena gauge hole gels granular lost-circulation material
Garrett Gas Train gel strength GGT greasing out
gas buster gelation gilsonite gumbo
gas cut mud gelled mud glass jar test gun the pits
gas hydrate gelled up mud granular LCM gunning the pits
gas show gelled-up mud granular lost circulation material gyp mud
gas-cut mud


H2S high-pressure, high-temperature filtration test HP starch hydrofluoric hydrochloric acid
haematite high-specific-gravity solids HPHT filtration test hydrofluoric-hydrochloric acid
heading hole cleaning humic acid hydrogen sulfide
hectorite hopper hydraulic horsepower hydrostatic pressure
hematite horizontal drilling hydrocyclone hydroxypropyl starch
HF hostile environment hydrocycloning hygrometer
HGS hot lime hydrofluoric acid hygroscopic
high-gravity solids


IEOM interstitial water invert-emulsion oil mud iron sulfide
ilmenite invaded zone IO isomerized olefin
inhibit invasion ion exchange isopropanol
inhibition invert emulsion IPA isopropyl alcohol
inhibitive mud invert emulsion oil mud iron carbonate


jar test jet hopper jet mixer


K coefficient kick kill weight fluid kill-weight mud
kaolinite kill kill-weight fluid


lag gas lignosulfonate LOT low-gravity solids
lbm/bbl lime mud low colloid oil mud low-pressure, low-temperature filtration test
LC50 lipophilic low gravity solids low-solids mud
LCM liquid-junction potential low solids mud low-solids, nondispersed mud
leakoff test log low solids nondispersed mud low-specific-gravity solids
leonardite lost circulation low specific gravity solids low-yield clay
LGS lost circulation material low yield clay LS
lignite lost returns low-colloid oil mud lubricant


Mf methyl orange alkalinity mud aging cell mud program
magnetic mud methylene blue dye mud anchor mud pulse telemetry
make up water methylglucoside drilling fluid mud balance mud report
make-up water micrite mud cell mud retort
managed pressure drilling microcylindrical log mud cleaner mud return line
marine drilling riser microlaterolog mud cup mud scale
marl microlog mud density mud still
Marsh funnel microresistivity mud engineer mud tracer
Marsh funnel viscosity microspherical log mud filtrate mud up
mass balance milk emulsion mud mud hopper mud weight
material balance equation milligrams per liter mud house mud-aging cell
material-balance equation mixed metal hydroxide mud in mudcake
maximum recorded temperature mixed-metal hydroxide mud in sample mudding off
measurements while drilling MMH mud motor mudding up
measurements-while-drilling montmorillonite mud out mud-in sample
membrane potential mud mud out sample mud-out sample
methane hydrate mud acid mud oven mudrock
methyl orange mud additive mud pit MWD


naphthenic hydrocarbon native state core neutralize normality
native clay native-solids mud nonconductive drilling fluid NPDES
native solids mud neutralization


OBR oil mud oil-mud emulsifier organophilic clay
OCMA oil on cuttings oil-wet OSHA
octanol oil wet olefinic hydrocarbon osmosis
octyl alcohol oil/brine ratio OOC overbalance
oil base mud oil/water ratio open hole overflush
oil content oil-base mud openhole OWR
oil emulsion mud oil-emulsion mud organophilic oxygen scavenger
oil in water emulsion oil-in-water emulsion


PAO pill potassium prehydrated bentonite
paraffinic hydrocarbon pilot test potassium ion prehydration
paraformaldehyde PIT potassium mud preservative
particle plugging apparatus plastic fluid pounds per barrel pressure integrity test
particle-plugging apparatus plastic viscosity pour point pressurized mud balance
PDC bit polyacrylate power law fluid progressive gels
PEF polyalphaolefin power-law fluid propagation time
peptizing agent polyanionic lignin PPA proximity log
pH test polycrystalline diamond compact bit ppb PV
PHPA polymer prehydrate pyrrhotite
PHPA mud polyolefin


QA quality assurance quebracho quick lime


radio silence relaxed-filtrate oil mud returns rheology modifier
recycled gas reserve mud pit RH rig
red mud reserve pit RH ring resistivity
redox reserve-mud pit rheological RM
relative filtrate volume retort rheological property rolling aging test
relative humidity retort solids rheology rolling-aging test
relaxed filtrate oil mud retort test


sag shear-strength measurement test sodium hydroxide steerable motor
salt sheen test sodium polyacrylate Stoneley permeability
saltwater flow shoe joint sodium silicate stress corrosion cracking
saltwater mud shoe track sonic measurement stress-corrosion cracking
sand short trip SPA suction pit
sand test show spacer fluid sulfate reducing bacteria
SAPP shrimp test spine and ribs plot sulfate-reducing bacteria
SBR siderite spontaneous potential sulfide
scavenger silicate mud spot sulfide scavenger
SCC skin spotting sulfide stress cracking
scratcher slaked lime spotting fluid sulfide test
seawater mud slide spud mud sulfonated asphalt
sequestering agent sloughing shale spurt loss sulfonated polystyrene-maleic anhydride copolymer
settling pit slug SRB suspended solids
settling tank slugging pill SSMA swivel
shaker smectite clay SSMA copolymer SWR
shale soap stability meter synthetic base fluid
shale shaker soda ash stand pipe synthetic base mud
shaly sodium acid pyrophosphate standpipe synthetic/brine ratio
shear strength sodium bicarbonate starch synthetic/water ratio
shear strength measurement test sodium carbonate static aging test synthetic-base fluid
shearometer sodium chromate static-aging test synthetic-base mud


tannin ten-minute gel strength thixotropy tracer
telemetry ten-second gel strength titrate transition zone
temperature stability TFNB titration trip gas
ten minute gel strength TG total hardness test trip pill
ten second gel strength thixotropic total solids turbulent flow


undersaturated fluid unweighted mud U-tube effect


VG meter viscosity viscosity and gel-strength test volumetric efficiency
V-G meter


wall cake water block water-base mud well control
wall sticking water clarification water-mud emulsifier well log
wash out water loss weight wellbore damage
washout water mud weight material wettability change
wastewater cleanup water mud emulsifier weighted mud whole mud dilution
water base drilling fluid water, oil and solids test weighting agent whole-mud dilution
water base mud water-base drilling fluid weighting material wireline


xanthan gum XC polymer xylene


yield yield point YP


zero zero gels zinc bromide zinc chloride zinc oxide
zero-zero gels zinc carbonate