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Variables and Numbers

a n 3C seismic data 4C seismic data


a aggradation anomaly asphaltenes
absolute age aggradational apparent velocity asphaltic crude
absolute permeability air shooting apparent wavelength asphaltic mud additive
absolute pressure alidade appraisal asthenosphere
accommodation aliphatic compound Archie equation atmospheric corrosion
accumulation alkalinity test Archie rock attapulgite
acoustic alpha processing areal displacement efficiency attenuation
acoustic coupler amplitude distortion areal sweep efficiency attribute
acoustic positioning amplitude variation with offset aromatic content test audio measurement
acoustic velocity anaerobic array aulacogen
acquisition aniline point test array propagation resistivity autotrack
active margin anisotropic asphalt autotracking
activity of aqueous solutions anisotropy asphaltene onset concentration average velocity
acyclic compound annular flow asphaltene onset pressure AVO
adjustable choke anomalous asphaltene precipitation azimuth


backscatter bead tracer bit resistivity bottomhole gas separator
backward multiple-contact test bed bitumen bottomhole static temperature
balanced activity oil mud Benioff zone bland coring fluid Boyle's Law
balanced-activity oil mud bentonite blanket gas break
ball diverter BHST bleed off bright spot
ball sealers bias blended crude brine
ball valve bin blockage bring in the well
barite biodegradation block-and-bleed bubble count
base map biostratigraphic blow out bubble flow
base of weathering biostratigraphy blow-by bubble-tight shutoff
base oil Biot theory Bond number buffer
basement birefringence borehole gravity butt weld


cable chemical marker injection cold heavy oil production with sand convection
calcium chloride chemical neutron source collapse pressure convolution
calcium naphthenate chemical-marker injection collision convolve
caliche Chenevert Method colloid core image
camera chlorite colloidal correlate
capacitance log choke line colloidal solids correlation
capillary pressure curve chronostratigraphic chart colloidal suspension correlogram
carry over churn flow commingled flow cosurfactant
carryover circulation loss compaction coupling
casing pressure classical reservoir modeling compensated neutron log CPMG
cataclasite clastic intrusion completion creaming
cataclastic clay complex trace analysis critical damping
catagenesis clear brine complex-trace analysis crosscorrelation flowmeter
cathodic protection cloud point glycol compositional fluid analysis crossplot
cementation coal conceptual model crosswell electromagnetic tomography
cementation exponent coalesce concession crosswell reflection tomography
cementing coalescence condensate crust
cementing plug coating condensate liquids crustal magnetic field
chalk coherence condensed section cubic packing
channel coherence filtering condensing drive cultural anomaly
character coherent contact angle curve matching
check shot survey coherent detection continuous phase Cutt point
check-shot survey coherent noise contour map cyclic steam injection


damage depth of investigation diluent Dix formula
damping derrickman dilution double refraction
darcy detector dim spot down lap
datum detergency direct emulsifier downhole safety valve (DSV)
datum correction development directional survey downlap
deconvolution deviation survey directivity drainage
deflector flowmeter diagenesis discontinuity driller's depth
deflocculant diagenetic dispersant drilling fluid
delta dielectric resistivity dispersed bubble flow drilling mud
demulsifier diesel oil mud dispersion dropout
density measurement diesel-oil mud displacement dual water
density profile differential compaction distortion due diligence
departure curve differential weathering correction divergence dynamic miscibility
dephasing diffusion equation diverter dynamometer card
depositional environment diffusion relaxation diverter flowmeter


eel embrittlement Eötvös number Euclidian distance
effective permeability emulsion Epanechnikov kernel eustasy
electric probe emulsion flow epsilon (ε) eustatic
electrical impedance probe emulsion mud erode evaporation pit
electrohygrometer end point erosion exploration
electromagnetic caliper endpoint error exploratory
electromagnetic propagation measurement enhanced oil recovery eta (η) external disturbance field
electromagnetic thickness EOR Euclidian dimension external phase
elevation correction


facies flake lost circulation material fluid loss frac gun
facies modeling flake lost-circulation material fluid pound fractal
fan shooting FLNG fluid-density log fractal analysis
fast neutron reaction flocculate fluid-loss additive fracture
fast-neutron reaction flocculation foam generator free gas
fence diagram flooding surface foamy oil free induction decay
field weld flow assurance footprint free water
filters flow back formation free water knockout
filtrate tracer flow loop formation damage free-induction decay
fines migration flow meter formation factor free-water knockout
first arrival flow model forward multiple-contact test Fresnel zone
first break flow profile four component seismic data froth flow
first-contact miscibility flow regime four-component seismic data FT
f-k plot flowback Fourier analysis fullbore spinner
flag flowmeter Fourier transform FWKO
flake LCM fluid density log frac balls


gamma (γ) gas-oil contact geophone offset GPS
gamma ray interactions gauge pressure geophone pattern gradiomanometer
gas anchor generation geophysicist gravity override
gas cap drive geologic map geophysics ground roll
gas holdup log geomechanics gilsonite group interval
gas interference geophone Global Positioning System group velocity
gas oil contact geophone array glyph guar gum
gas-cap drive geophone cable GOC gun clearance
gas-holdup log geophone interval


hade high shot density gun HPHT hydrophile-lipophile balance number
hard rock high-pressure, high-temperature Humble formula hydrophilic
head wave high-shot density gun humic acid hydrophone
heavy oil HLB number humidity hydrostatic bailer
hectorite hodogram humping hydrothermal alteration
Herschel Bulkley fluid holdup hydrocarbon indicator hygrometer
Herschel-Bulkley fluid holdup log hydrogen embrittlement hygroscopic
hertz horizontal separator hydrogen induced failures


igneous inflow performance relationship invasion isomerized olefin
image injectite inverse problem isopach
imbibition in-situ fluid analysis inversion isostasy
immiscible interfacial tension invert emulsion isostatic
impedance internal phase IO isotropic
in situ fluid analysis international nautical mile IP isotropy
indicator interpretation IPR iterative forward modeling
induced polarization


J factor Joule-Thomson jug jug hustler
Joule Thomson


karst kick kill line Koch curve


lag lignin lithosphere low colloid oil mud
lag gas lignite lithostratigraphic low-colloid oil mud
laminar flow lineament log lubricant
layer cake geometry lipophilic lost circulation lyophilic
layer-cake geometry liquefied natural gas lost circulation material lyophilic colloid
LCM liquefied petroleum gas lost returns lyophobic
leak detection liquid blocking lost-circulation material lyophobic colloid
leonardite lithofacies


m matrix stimulation microlog model
Mf maturation micropaleontology moment
magnetic field maturity microresistivity MSDS
magnetic resonance Maxwell's equations microspherical log MT
magnetics MD Milankovitch cycles mud cleaner
magnetotelluric method measured depth milk emulsion mud multicomponent seismic data
main magnetic field measurements while drilling mineral multipass method
make a connection measurements-while-drilling mis tie multiphase flow
mantle meniscus miscible multiphase fluid
map metamorphic mist flow multiphase fluid flow
marine flooding surface metamorphism mis-tie multiphase holdup log
marker bed methyl orange alkalinity mixed metal hydroxide multiphase meter
Marsh funnel mica mixed-metal hydroxide multiphase pump
massif micelle MMH multiple-contact miscibility
Material Safety Data Sheet microemulsion mobility MWD


n nautical mile nitrified fluid normal-moveout correction
naphthene base crude oil near surface correction nonconformity nuclear magnetic resonance
naphthene-base crude oil near-surface correction normal fault nuclear magnetic resonance measurement
naphthenic hydrocarbon nest normal moveout correction numerical reservoir simulation
natural fracture neural networks


OBC oil swelling open flow potential orogeny
ocean-bottom cable oil wet open-flow potential osmosis
Ohm's law oil-base mud organic deposit over travel
oil and gas separator oil-emulsion mud organophilic overflush
oil base mud oil-mud emulsifier organophilic clay overtravel
oil emulsion mud oil-wet orogenic oxygen activation
oil mud onlap


pad petroleum systems modeling plankton pressure storage tank
pair production petrophysical model plastic deformation pressure-composition diagram
paleontology petrophysical rock type plate tectonics produced fluid
PAO pH plateau production
paraffin base crude oil pH test plug flow production log
paraffin inhibitor phantom plunger lift production tree
paraffin-base crude oil phase plunger overtravel profile
parameter phase redistribution Poisson distribution profiling
partitioning phase shift polarity standard propagation resistivity
party phase shift resistivity polyalphaolefin propagation resistivity measurement
passive margin phase velocity polymer propagation time
peak shaving phase velocity log polymer flooding proppant
PEF phase-shift resistivity polyolefin pseudogeometrical factor
peg leg multiple phase-velocity log polyphosphates pseudostatic spontaneous potential
peg-leg multiple phenolphthalein porosimeter pull up
peptizing agent phosphate salt porosity exponent pull-up
perforation phasing photoelectric effect post pulsed neutron spectroscopy measurement
periodogram photon log potassium ion pump off
permeability PHPA potassium mud pump volumetric efficiency
permeable PHPA mud pour point pump-off
perpendicular offset pig precipitate push down
petrographic pinch-out precipitation push-down
petrography plane table preservation pyrophosphate




R signal reflection remote sensing rock
Rwa reflection tomography reservoir rock mechanics
radial processing relative age reservoir simulation rock properties
random error relative humidity resin ROS
random noise relative permeability RH rotating control device
RCD relaxed filtrate oil mud RH roustabout
recorder relaxed-filtrate oil mud rhombohedral packing routine core analysis
reef remaining oil saturation Ricker wavelet R-signal


salt plug sequence Snell's law steady state
sand bailer sequence stratigraphy soak phase steam
sandface sequestering agent soap steam flood
sandstone petrography shaker sodium phosphate steam soak
SAPP shale sodium silicate steamflood
SARA analysis shale shaker Soxhlet extractor storm choke
satellite platform shaly spacer fluid stratified flow
saturation exponent sheen test spectral stratigraphic analysis
scale shoot a well spectrum stratigraphy
scale inhibitor squeeze short-path multiple spherical divergence streamer
scale removal shut-in pressure spherical flow structural trap
scale-inhibitor squeeze signature spherical focusing structure map
scattergram silica spherical harmonic styrene
scintillation detector silicate mineral spherical separator subduction
secondary porosity index silicate mud spherical wave sulfonated asphalt
secondary-porosity index single phase spine and ribs plot sulfonated polystyrene-maleic anhydride copolymer
sedimentary single phase flow spinner flowmeter superficial velocity
seismic acquisition single-phase spinning-drop tensiometer superposition
seismic interpretation single-phase flow spread surfactant
seismic modeling SIP squeeze cementing surfactant flooding
seismic reflection tomography skid SSMA surfactant-alternating gas
seismic stratigraphy skin effect SSMA copolymer survey
seismograph slip stage separation synthetic base mud
seismology slowing-down length static correction synthetic-base mud
separator sludge statics systems tract
sepiolite slug flow


TAR thermal recovery tracer measurement tubing performance curve (TPC)
tar sand thinner tracer-ejector measurement tuning effect
Taylor bubbles three component seismic data transition flow turbulent flow
technical evaluation agreement three phase separator transition zone two pass method
tectonics three-component seismic data transmission tomography two phase flow
telluric current three-phase separator trap two phase separator
TEOR tie line true amplitude recovery two-pass method
ternary diagram tomography true stratigraphic thickness two-phase flow
terrain correction topographic map true-amplitude recovery two-phase separator
test separator tracer ejector measurement


uncertainty principle unconformity trap Universal Transverse Mercator grid (UTM) unsteady state


vapor pressure velocity shot measurement vertical separator volumetric cross section
vaporizing drive velocity-correction factor vinyl polymer volumetric efficiency
velocity velocity-shot measurement viscous oil VSP
velocity correction factor vertical seismic profile


Wadati-Benioff zone water mud water-in-oil emulsion well shoot
water base drilling fluid water mud emulsifier water-mud emulsifier wellbore storage effects
water base mud water wet water-wet wellbore-storage effects
water block water-base drilling fluid waveform wellhead
water cut meter water-base mud wavefront wettability
water flood water-cut meter wavelet wettability change
water flow log waterflood wavelet extraction Winsor phase behavior
water hammer waterflooding weathering wiper plug
water in oil emulsion water-flow log well log


X signal XC polymer X-ray diffraction xylene
xanthan gum X-radiography X-signal


Young's modulus


zero crossing zero-phase zonal zone
zero phase