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Variables and Numbers

4D seismic data


abnormal pressure acidize annubar as-delivered BTU
abrasive jetting acidizing annular gas flow asphaltene onset concentration
absolute open flow potential activity of aqueous solutions annular pressure asphaltene onset pressure
absolute pressure adjustable choke API fluid loss test asphaltene precipitation
accumulator afterflow API fluid-loss test asphaltenes
acid job air drill area open to flow asthenosphere
acid stimulation air drilling as delivered BTU average reservoir pressure


back flow ball sealers block-and-bleed bounded reservoir
back pressure ball-operated blow out preventer Boyle's Law
back pressure valve ballout blowout Boyle's Law Double Cell
back up ring barite plug blowout preventer Boyle's Law Single Cell
backflow BHP body relief valve (BRV) braided line
back-pressure bilinear flow bomb breakdown pressure
back-pressure valve Bingham plastic model BOP breakthrough
back-up ring bit nozzle BOP stack bubble point
balance point bland coring fluid borehole gravity bubblepoint
balanced activity oil mud bleed off bottomhole injection pressure (bhip) bubble-tight shutoff
balanced plug bleedoff line bottomhole pressure buildup test
balanced-activity oil mud blind shear ram bottoms up mud sample bulk modulus
ball diverter blind-shear ram bottoms-up mud sample bump the plug
ball operated blockage boundary conditions bypass
ball out


C pump CBM coal seam gas contact angle
cake cement extender coalbed methane control line
capacity factor (of a valve), Cv, Kv cement squeeze coal-bed methane control valve
capillary pressure curve cementing plug coal-seam gas convolution
capillary tube viscometer centrifugal pump cogeneration convolve
capsule gun centrifuge coiled tubing completion coreflooding
carbon dioxide charged zone coiled tubing unit correcting pressure to a datum
carbonate scale check valve collapse pressure corrosion
cased hole chemical cutter command trailer corrosion control
casing chemical potential compaction corrosion inhibitor
casing burst pressure choke compensated neutron log cracking
casing collar choke line completion quality (CQ) cresting
casing grade choke manifold completion skin critical matrix
casing point Christmas tree compressibility crossflow
casing pressure circulation loss compressor CSG
casing shoe test city gate compressor plant curing
casing spool clathrate condensate cushion
casing string closed chamber testing coning cycle gas
casing thread closed-chamber testing consistometer cycling plant
catagenesis closure pressure constant composition expansion cylinder operator
cavitation coal bed methane


darcy dewpoint diverter flowmeter drill noise vertical seismic profile
datum level diagenesis downhole gauge drilling break
dead oil diagenetic downhole safety valve (DSV) drilling procedure
deconvolution diesel oil mud downhole sensors drilling program
deflector flowmeter diesel-oil mud drain hole drill-noise vertical seismic profile
deliverability test diesel-oil plug drained test drillstem test
depleted zone differential pressure drainhole droop
depletion differential pressure sticking draw down drop ball
deployment system differential sticking drawdown DST
dew point dilatation drawdown test DST pressure chart


ECD environmental corrections equalizing valve equivalent circulating density
electrokinetic potential EOR equation of state expendable plug
enhanced oil recovery equalizing loop


fall off test flange up fluid compressibility frac stack
falloff test flocculate fluid density log frac tree
fault flocculation fluid pound frac valve
filter cake flow after flow fluid tester fracture
filter cell flow after flow tests fluid-density log fracture acidizing
filter press flow assurance foam generator fracture gradient
filtercake flow coefficient, Cv formation pressure fractured well analysis
filtrate flow meter four dimensional seismic data fractured-well analysis
filtration test cell flow model four-dimensional seismic data fracturing fluid
final flowing pressure flow period frac balls fracturing mandrel
finite conductivity fracture flow regime frac fluid fracturing manifold
finite-conductivity fracture flow-after-flow tests frac gradient fracturing sleeve
first-contact miscibility flowing pressure frac job free gas
fixed choke flowing well frac manifold free water
flange flowmeter frac pump friction effect


Galling gas lift valve geomechanics goose neck
gas cap gas lock geophone gooseneck
gas condensate gas well deliverability geopressure gradiomanometer
gas coning gas-lift valve geopressure gradient grease injection system
gas deviation factor gas-well deliverability geopressured grease-injection system
gas hydrate gauge pressure geostatic pressure gun clearance
gas injection gelled mud glass jar test gunk plug
gas interference gelled up mud globe valve gunk squeeze
gas lift gelled-up mud


head wave high-pressure, high-temperature filtration test HPU hydraulic set
heavy pipe history matching hydrate hydraulic-set
hesitation squeeze homogeneous formation hydraulic disconnect hydrocarbon indicator
HHP hook load hydraulic fracturing hydrocarbon kitchen
high explosive hostile environment hydraulic head hydrogen blistering
high pressure squeeze hot tapping hydraulic horsepower hydrophone
high-pressure air injection housing hydraulic packer hydrostatic bailer
high-pressure manifold HPHT hydraulic power unit hydrostatic head
high-pressure squeeze HPHT filtration test hydraulic release tool hydrostatic pressure
high-pressure, high-temperature


ideal gas inflow performance relationship injection well interference testing
image well initial flow period injection well testing intermediate casing
imbibition initial reservoir pressure injection-well testing intermediate casing string
improved oil recovery initial shut in period injectivity test invasion
in situ initial shut-in period injector head IPR
in situ fluid analysis injection gas inside-out air seat test irreducible water
inertial resistance injection pressure in-situ isochronal test
infinite conductivity fracture injection pump in-situ fluid analysis isostasy
infinite-conductivity fracture injection test interfacial tension isostatic
inflatable packer


jacking frame jet nozzle jet pump Joule-Thomson
jar test jet perforating Joule Thomson


kelly hose kill pump kill-weight fluid kilopascal
kick kill weight fluid kill-weight mud kinetic effect
kill line


late time transient data leakoff test liquefied petroleum gas LOT
late-time transient data lean gas condensate liquid saturation method low colloid oil mud
layered reservoir testing lifting frame lithostatic pressure low-colloid oil mud
leak detection light pipe log low-pressure, low-temperature filtration test
leak off linear flow lost circulation lubricator
leakoff liquefied natural gas lost returns


makeup gas memory gauge minimum miscibility pressure mud in sample
managed pressure drilling metamorphic miscible displacement mud out
mast unit metamorphism missile mud out sample
material balance methane MMC mud program
matrix acidizing methane hydrate MME mud pulse telemetry
matrix stimulation microannulus modified isochronal test mud weight
maturation microbial enhanced oil recovery MPD mud-aging cell
maturity middle time transient data mud aging cell mudcake
maximum treating pressure middle-time transient data mud cell mud-in sample
maximum working pressure (MWP) minifrac mud density mud-out sample
measurements while drilling minimum miscibility concentration mud filtrate multiphase flow
measurements-while-drilling minimum miscibility enrichment mud in MWD
mechanical sticking


natural gas liquids nipple down nitrogen cushion nitrogen unit
natural gasoline nipple up nitrogen injection nonideal gas
naturally flowing well nipple-down nitrogen kickoff normal pressure
Newtonian fluid nipple-up nitrogen lift


offset well open flow potential opening bomb osmotic pressure
oil and gas separator open hole operating gas-lift valve (OGLV) ovality limit
oil formation volume factor open-flow potential organic deposit overbalance
oil kitchen openhole orifice meter overpressure
oil swelling openhole packer O-ring


pack off pipe ram PPT pressure-drawdown analysis
packer fluid pipeline capacity pressure pressure-squared plot
packoff pipeline gas pressure buildup pressure-transient analysis
paraffin piston effect pressure buildup analysis pressure-transient well tests
particle plugging apparatus PIT pressure capability pressurized mud balance
particle-plugging apparatus Pitot tube pressure depletion primary production
pascal plastic deformation pressure drawdown primary recovery
perforate overbalanced poppet valve pressure falloff producing formation
perforate underbalanced pore pressure pressure gauge production period
perforating charge pore pressure gradient pressure gradient production tree
perforation pore pressure transmission pressure hunt productivity test
permanent well monitoring pore throat pressure integrity test progressive gels
permeameter pore-pressure gradient pressure sender pseudopressure plot
petroleum systems modeling pore-pressure transmission pressure squared plot pseudosteady state
petrophysical rock type porous plate technique pressure storage tank pump manifold
phase redistribution positive displacement pump pressure transient analysis pumper
pig positive-displacement pump pressure transient test pumping well
pilot-operated regulator post pressure transient well test pumping well tests
pipe heavy pour point pressure transient well tests PVT
pipe light PPA pressure-composition diagram


radius of investigation relative filtrate volume residence time rising-bubble apparatus
ram blowout preventer relaxed filtrate oil mud retarder rock
ram preventer relaxed-filtrate oil mud retention time rotary hose
rarefaction relief valve retort method rotating control device
RCD reservoir characterization model retrograde condensation routine core analysis
receiver reservoir heterogeneities rheological running squeeze
recirculating mixer reservoir pressure rheology rupture disk
refracturing reservoir simulation


safety head shut-in bottomhole pressure squeeze job step rate test
safety valve shut-in pressure squeeze manifold stick and slip
sag SIBHP squeeze packer stimulation
saltwater flow SIBP squeeze pressure stopple
sand bailer sinker bar squeeze tool STP
sand out sintered stabbing valve strip gun
sandout SIP stabilization stripping
scale skin effect stabilized gas well stripping ram
scraper skin factor stable arch stylolite
screen out slickline stage separation subsurface pressure
screenout slim-tube test stand pipe subsurface surface controlled safety valve (SSCSV)
secondary production slip lock standard temperature and pressure subsurface surface-controlled safety valve (SSCSV)
secondary recovery snub standing valve superposition in time
sediment snubbing standpipe surface casing
sedimentary snubbing force starch surface controlled subsurface safety valve (SCSSV)
seep solubility static filter press surface pipe
separator solution gas static fluid level surface pressure
separator backpressure solution gas drive static pressure surface-controlled subsurface safety valve (SCSSV)
shale solution gasdrive stationary snubbers surge
shaly sonde error steady state surge reliever
shaped charge sonolog steady state behavior surge tank
shear ram space out steady-state behavior swab
shear seal BOP spherical flow steam chamber swellable packer
shear-seal BOP squeeze steam trap swivel
shut in bottomhole pressure squeeze cementing stem


tertiary recovery tool joint transient-rate and pressure-test analysis tubing testing tool
thickening time transient drainage radius travelling snubbers TVD
through-conduit transient pressure tree saver type curve analysis
tie back liner transient rate and pressure test analysis true vertical depth type curves
tie-back liner transient-pressure response tube wave type-curve analysis
tie-back string transient-pressure testing tubing performance curve (TPC)


underbalance underground blowout underpressured undrained test
underbalanced underpressure underream unsteady state


vapor pressure velocity string vertical lift virgin pressure
vapor recovery unit vent plug


wait on cement water hammer well interference testing well-interference testing
wall cake waterdrive well potential wildcat
wall sticking weathering well stimulation wiper plug
washout weight wellbore storage effects wireline formation test
water block weight indicator wellbore-storage effects wireline formation tester
water coning well control wellhead wireline log
water cushion well interference wellhead backpressure wormhole
water drive


Young-Laplace equation


Z/A effect zipper manifold