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abandonment costs acidize adjusted flow time aquifer
acid job acidizing alkaline flooding artificial lift
acid stimulation adjustable choke annulus


back pressure valve beam BLPD bridging agent
back-pressure valve billion cubic feet per day bound fluid bridging material
backside bioassay bound water bring in the well
barrels of liquid per day blast joint breakthrough broach
basin blow down bridge off brownfield
basket flowmeter blow out bridge plug BS&W
Bcf/D blowdown bridge-off bundle


cake CHOPS coating coning
calcium carbonate Christmas tree coiled tubing completion continuous gas lift
calcium carbonate plug clathrate cold heavy oil production with sand core analysis
capillary number clean out cold production corrosion
carbonate scale cleanout collar corrosion control
casing cleanup commercial rate cost oil
casing completion closed chamber testing commingled flow cresting
casing gun closed in well compartmentalization critical flow rate
casing patch closed-chamber testing complete a well critical gas flow rate
CBM closed-in well completion critical matrix
chemical diverter CO2 injection completion fluid crosscorrelation flowmeter
chemical flooding coal bed methane completion quality (CQ) crossflow
chemical injection coal seam gas completion skin crushed zone
chemical marker injection coalbed methane composite stream CSG
chemical wash coal-bed methane concession cumulative production
chemical-marker injection coal-seam gas condensate cyclic steam injection


damage diagenesis drainage volume drop-off gun
deflector flowmeter difference map drawdown test dry forward combustion
delay rental differential pressure drill in fluid dry gas
density measurement diverter flowmeter drill-in fluid DST
depletion diverting agent drillstem test dual completion
detonate down stream dropoff gun due diligence
development downstream


electric probe electrical impedance probe exploration exploratory
electric submersible pump ESP


farmout five spot flow profile fluid-interface log
filter cake five-spot flowback fluoboric acid
filtercake FLNG flowline foamy oil
final flow rate flooding pattern flowmeter formation damage
fines migration flow assurance flowstream sample formation evaluation
fingering flow back flue gas FPSO
finite conductivity fracture flow line fluid density log frac stack
finite-conductivity fracture flow loop fluid interface log frac tree
fire flooding flow meter fluid pound fracture
fireflooding flow model fluid-density log free fluid


gamma ray interactions gas separator geosteer gravel pack
gas cap drive gas-cap drive geosteering gravel pack screen
gas coning gas-lift mandrel GIIP gravel-pack screen
gas lift gas-lift valve GOC grind
gas lift mandrel gas-oil contact government take gross production
gas lift valve geomechanics gradiomanometer gun
gas oil contact


H2S heterogeneity horizontal drilling hydrate
HBP heterogeneous hot oiling hydraulic packer
header high temperature completions hot waterflooding hydraulic pumping
heater history matching huff and puff hydrogen sulfide


ICD inflow performance relationship injection pump intermediate casing
improved oil recovery inhibitor injection well intermediate casing string
in situ combustion injection line injection/pulsed neutron log inverted five spot
infinite conductivity fracture injection mandrel in-situ combustion inverted five-spot
infinite-conductivity fracture injection pattern intelligent well IPR
inflow control device injection pulsed neutron log interference testing




laminar flow life of the well liner local holdup
lease limited entry liner patch local probe
lessor royalty line drive liquid blocking log
licensing round


magnetics memory gauge mobility buffer multi-capacitance flowmeter
marginal well methane hydrate moveable hydrocarbons multiphase fluid flow
marketing agreement micellar polymer flooding moved hydrocarbons multiphase pump
matrix acidizing micellar-polymer flooding mudcake multiple completion
matrix stimulation microporosity


natural fracture neutron activation log nitrogen lifting nonhydrocarbon contaminants
naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) neutron-activation log NODAL* analysis nonparticipating royalty
net profits interest nitrogen kickoff noise log nonparticipating royalty interest
net revenue interest nitrogen lift


OBC off-pattern well open-flow potential optical probe
ocean-bottom cable oil formation volume factor operating gas-lift valve (OGLV) overriding royalty
off pattern well open flow potential operator overriding royalty interest


P&A petroleum systems modeling primary completion components production service contract
packer petrophysical model primary production production sharing contract
packer flowmeter plug and abandon primary recovery production string
pair production plunger lift primary recovery method production tree
paraffin pooling primary term production tubing
paraffin scraper post production production wing
paraffin scratcher pressure buildup production bonus profile modification
participating interest pressure depletion production casing profit oil
payout pressure drawdown production log proppant
perforated interval pressure falloff production packer prorated well
perforating gun pressure gradient production payment pseudosteady state
permanent well monitoring pressure transient well tests production penalty pumping well
petal basket flowmeter pressure-transient well tests production period


radioactive tracer refracturing reservoir simulation reverse combustion
radioactive tracer log reservoir characterization retrievable packer royalty
radioactive-tracer log reservoir characterization model retrograde condensation royalty interest
recovery forecast reservoir description


SAGD sealbore packer slugging pill steam-assisted gravity drainage
saltwater mud secondary production soak phase steamflood
sand secondary recovery solution gas drive steam-oil ratio
sand bailer semisubmersible solution gasdrive stochastic modeling
sand cleanout shifting tool sour gas stock tank
sand consolidation shoot a well space out stock-tank oil initially in place
sand control shrimp test spacing unit stock-tank original oil in place
sand lifting shut in royalty spin flowmeter STOIIP
sand line shut-in royalty spinner flowmeter STOOIP
sand production side pocket mandrel spot subsalt
sandface side-pocket mandrel spotting subsea well
scale sieve analysis stabilized subsurface safety valve (SSSV)
scale inhibitor skin stable arch superposition in space
scintillation detector sliding sleeve staged fracturing surface controlled subsurface safety valve (SCSSV)
scout slim-tube test static pressure surface interest
scout ticket slip joint steam flood surface pressure
screen slow release inhibitor steam oil ratio surface-controlled subsurface safety valve (SCSSV)
seal assembly slow-release inhibitor steam soak swab
seal receptacle slug steam trap sweet spot


tail pipe through tubing gun tracer measurement tubing performance curve (TPC)
tank through-flowline (TFL) tracer-ejector measurement tubing seal assembly
tank battery through-tubing transient-pressure response tubing testing tool
tapered string through-tubing gun travel joint tubing thread
tar sand tight tree saver tubing-conveyed perforating
TCP tight gas tubing conveyed perforating tubing-end locator
temperature log toe to heel air injection tubing displacement tubing-retrievable safety valve (TRSV)
tertiary recovery torque flowmeter tubing end locator (TEL) tubulars
test separator tracer tubing job turbulent flow
through flowline (TFL) tracer ejector measurement


unconventional resource underpressured unitized production upstream
underpressure undershooting


VAPEX velocity shot measurement velocity-shot measurement virgin pressure
vapor extraction velocity string vertical separator viscous fingering


wall cake water-cut meter well plan wire wrapped screen
water block waterflood well potential wireline formation tester
water coning waterflood kick well servicing wireline log
water control waterflooding wellhead wire-wrapped screen
water cut meter well flow rate well-interference testing working interest
water flood well interference wettability change workover
water production well interference testing wing valve wormhole