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Variables and Numbers

n 4D seismic data


absolute filter adjacent bed anticline asphaltene onset pressure
accumulation adsorbed gas aquifer asphaltene precipitation
acid frac alkaline flooding areal displacement efficiency attribute
acid job amplitude variation with offset areal sweep efficiency average reservoir pressure
acid stimulation analog artificial intelligence AVO
acid wash annular gas flow asphaltene onset concentration azimuth
adhesion tension anticlinal


back wash biostratigraphic Boolean simulation breakdown pressure
backwash biostratigraphy BOP breakthrough
ball diverter bitumen borehole gravity bridging agent
ball sealers bland coring fluid bottomhole heater bridging material
barefoot completion blow out bound fluid bring in the well
basement blow out preventer bound water bubble point
beam blowout preventer bounded reservoir bubblepoint


cake clay swelling compatibility correcting pressure to a datum
cap rock clean completion critical matrix
capillary number clean out completion fluid critical moment
capillary pressure curve cleanout completion quality (CQ) crossflow
caprock cleanup conceptual model crosswell electromagnetic tomography
carbonate closed chamber testing condensate crosswell seismic tomography
cased hole closed-chamber testing condensate liquids crosswell tomography
casing collar log CO2 injection condensing drive crushed zone
casing completion coal bed methane constant composition expansion CSG
CBM coal seam gas contact cumulative production
chalk coalbed methane contact angle cushion
chelating agent coal-bed methane continuous reservoir cycle gas
chemical flooding coal-seam gas conventional reservoir cyclic steam injection
chrome tubing cold heavy oil production with sand core cycling plant
classical reservoir modeling commingled completion core analysis cylinder
clay compartmentalization coreflooding


damage deviated drilling dolomitization drill in fluid
damaged zone dew point domainal fabric drill-in fluid
darcy dewpoint domainal structure drillstem test
deepwater play diatomite down dip drop sub
deep-water play difference map downdip dry forward combustion
deliverability test differential pressure drainage dry gas
depleted zone differential pressure sticking drainage area DST
depletion differential sticking drainage volume dual completion
depth matching dim spot draw down dual-permeability reservoir
deterministic methods directional drilling drawdown dual-porosity reservoir


early time transient data electrokinetic potential emulsion EOR
early-time transient data electromagnetic heating enhanced oil recovery equation of state
effective medium theory electromagnetic method entrained gas estimated ultimate recovery
effective permeability empirical entrance hole expert system
effective porosity


facies flooding pattern fluoboric acid frac fluid
facies modeling flow assurance foam diversion frac gel
fairway flow model foam flooding frac job
field flow profile foamy oil fracture
filter cake flow simulation formation damage fracture permeability
filtercake flowing well formation evaluation fracture porosity
filtered brine fluid compatibility test formation evaluation while drilling fractured well analysis
filtrate tracer fluid contact formation fluid fractured-well analysis
fines migration fluid flow formation pressure fracturing fluid
fingering fluid invasion four dimensional seismic data free fluid
fire flooding fluid loss four-dimensional seismic data free gas
fireflooding fluid-loss additive frac balls free water
first-contact miscibility


gas cap gas water contact geomechanics geosteering
gas cap drive gas-cap drive geopressure GIIP
gas deviation factor gasdrive geopressured GOC
gas drive gas-oil contact geostatistical methods gravity drainage
gas formation volume factor gas-water contact geostatistical modeling gravity override
gas injection gaswell gas geostatistics gravity segregation
gas lift gaswell liquids geosteer GWC
gas oil contact Gaussian techniques


heterogeneity history matching humping hydraulic fracturing
heterogeneous homogeneous formation hydraulic bypass hydrocarbon indicator
heterogeneous formation horizontal drilling hydraulic fracture monitoring hydrostatic pressure
high-pressure air injection hot waterflooding


ICD indicator models initial shut in period in-situ
ICV infill drilling initial shut-in period in-situ combustion
image well infinite acting radial flow injection gas interference testing
imbibition infinite acting reservoir injection pattern interstitial gas
impermeable infinite-acting reservoir injection pump interwell tomography
impermeable barrier inflow control device injection water IPR
improved oil recovery inflow control valve injection well iron stabilizer
in situ inflow performance relationship injection well testing isochore
in situ combustion initial flow period injection-well testing isochronal test
indicator methods initial reservoir pressure


jet perforating Joule Thomson Joule-Thomson


kh kill


layer lean gas condensate liner logging-while-drilling
layer cake geometry life of the well liquid blocking LWD
layer-cake geometry linear flow logging while drilling


makeup gas mechanical diversion migration model
map memory gauge minimum miscibility concentration modified isochronal test
material balance micellar polymer flooding minimum miscibility enrichment Monte Carlo risk analysis
matrix acidizing micellar-polymer flooding miscible displacement mudcake
matrix stimulation microbial enhanced oil recovery MMC mudding off
maturation microseismic monitoring MME mudrock
maximum treating pressure migrate mobility buffer multiple completion


n natural fracture nitrogen cushion NODAL* analysis
native state core natural gas nitrogen injection numerical model
natural completion naturally flowing well nitrogen lifting numerical reservoir simulation


oil bank oil swelling open flow potential openhole test
oil field oil water contact open-flow potential operating gas-lift valve (OGLV)
oil formation volume factor oilfield openhole completion overbalance
oil mining oil-water contact openhole gravel pack OWC
oil pool


P&A permeability porosity primary recovery method
paraffin permeability thickness porosity exponent produced water
parameter permeable porous producing formation
particle plugging apparatus petroleum system PPA production casing
particle-plugging apparatus petroleum systems modeling PPT production packer
pay petrophysical model preflush production period
perforate pickle pressure buildup analysis production string
perforate overbalanced pickling fluid pressure depletion production tubing
perforate underbalanced pinch-out pressure drawdown productivity index (PI)
perforated interval plug and abandon pressure transient test productivity test
perforated liner polymer flooding pressure transient well test proppant
perforating fluid pore gas primary migration prospect
perforation pore pressure primary production pseudosteady state
perforation penetration pore pressure transmission primary recovery pumping well
permanent well monitoring pore-pressure transmission


radius of investigation reservoir reservoir heterogeneities restored state core
random walk method reservoir characterization reservoir modeling retrograde condensation
random-walk method reservoir characterization model reservoir pressure reverse circulation
recovery reservoir communication reservoir quality (RQ) reversing out
recovery forecast reservoir description reservoir simulation rising-bubble apparatus
refracturing reservoir drive mechanisms reservoir-drive mechanisms rock properties
remaining oil saturation reservoir height residual oil saturation ROS
reserve pit


SAGD seismic stratigraphy source rock stochastic modeling
sand sequence stratigraphy spectral density analysis stock-tank oil initially in place
sand control sequential Gaussian simulation spherical flow stock-tank original oil in place
sand production sequestering agent spill point STOIIP
sandstone shale spinner flowmeter STOOIP
sandstone petrography shaly staged fracturing structure map
saturation exponent shear static pressure subsalt
scale inhibitor shoulder bed steam subsidence
screening simulated annealing steam chamber superposition in time
seal slim-tube test steam flood surfactant flooding
seals sludge steam management surfactant-alternating gas
secondary migration solution gas steam-assisted gravity drainage swab
secondary production solution gas drive steamflood sweep efficiency
secondary recovery solution gasdrive stimulation sweet spot
seep SOR stimulation byproduct


tensor methods through-tubing TOC tubingless completion
TEOR tight total organic carbon tuning effect
tertiary recovery tight gas transient drainage radius type curve analysis
theoretical tight oil transient-pressure testing type curves
thermal recovery time lapse treatment fluid type-curve analysis
thermal simulation time-lapse tubing joint


unconventional resource unitization unload updip
underground blowout unitized production unsteady state


vaporizing drive virgin pressure volumetric displacement efficiency volumetric sweep efficiency
velocity string viscous fingering


walkaway vertical seismic profile water drive waterflooding wellbore-storage effects
walkaway VSP water flood well interference testing well-interference testing
wall cake water formation volume factor well placement wettability
wall sticking water influx well plan whole core
water control water production well servicing wireline formation test
water cushion waterdrive well stimulation workover fluid
water cut waterflood wellbore storage effects wormhole