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Variables and Numbers

3D seismic data


acrylamide acrylate polymer acrylate polymer alkaline flooding assignment
acrylamide-acrylate polymer active sulfide AMPS authority for expenditure
acrylamido methyl propane sulfonate polymer AFE angle valve automatic gain control
acrylamido-methyl-propane sulfonate polymer AGC Archie equation


back in bit block BOP
back-in bit breaker blow out preventer bridge
baseline black list blowout preventer bright spot
bentonite blasting cap Boltzmann probability distribution bulk modulus
bevel gear operated (BGO) valve blended crude


caliper log chain tongs coiled tubing drilling conditional simulation
carbonate chemical barrel cokriging conductive rock matrix model
casing centralizer chert combi BOP contract depth
casing roller cherty company man controller
casing swage circulation loss company representative conveyance
cat line circulation system competent convolution
catline closing unit compression-set packer convolve
catwalk coal concession critical matrix


damage derrick downhole safety valve (DSV) drilling rig
Darcy units derrick floor drawworks drilling riser
day rate derrickman drill bit drilling-fluid engineer
daylight tour detonator drill pipe drillpipe
deconvolution dextral drill ship drillship
degasser diagenesis drill solids drillstem test
delta diagenetic drilled solids dry forward combustion
delta t stretch diffusion equation driller DST
deltaic dim spot driller's depth dual-porosity reservoir
delta-t stretch dog house drilling contractor duplex pump
depth datum doghouse drilling crew dynamic positioning
depth matching dolostone drilling foreman dynamite
depth reference dope


effective medium theory elasticity erode Euclidian distance
effective porosity elevation correction erosion evening tour
elastic enhanced oil recovery escape line extended reach drilling
elastic constants EOR Euclidian dimension extended-reach drilling
elastic moduli ERD


facies fee simple interest flow assurance formation damage
farmee fee-simple interest flow line formation water
farmor fish flowline Fourier transform
fatty acid flattened section fold FT
fault float shoe


gain geostatistical methods goose neck gravity toolface
gas cut mud geostatistical modeling gooseneck gridding
gel Geronimo line graveyard tour gridding algorithm


held by production high-side toolface Humble formula hydrofluoric hydrochloric acid
high side toolface hook hybrid scale hydrofluoric-hydrochloric acid
highside toolface horizontal severance hydrocarbon indicator


in situ in-situ interstitial water


jackup jackup rig junk basket


kelly spinner kill line kriging weights


Lamé constant lifting frame liquid blocking low solids mud
leak detection lifting sub local magnetic interference low-solids mud
lease limestone


make a connection measurements-while-drilling modulus of compression mud cup
makeup cathead micellar polymer flooding modulus of elasticity mud engineer
marine drilling riser micellar-polymer flooding modulus of rigidity mud house
massif mill morning tour mud pit
mast mill out motorman mud return line
matrix stimulation mineral mousehole MWD
measurements while drilling mineral interest mud acid


NACE natural gas liquids nipple down nonparticipating royalty interest
native solids mud neural networks nonparticipating royalty NPDES
native-solids mud


OBC offset VSP open-flow potential OSHA
ocean-bottom cable oil and gas lease operator OSPAR
offset vertical seismic profile open flow potential


pad pill pour point prime mover
PARCOM pipe dope preferential right to operate principal component analysis
perpendicular offset pipe rack preferential right to purchase profile modification
petrologic polarity standard prehydrated bentonite pseudopressure plot
petrology polyacrylate preserved core pusher
photon log porous plate technique pressure hunt


quick look quicklook


racking back pipe recovery forecast right angle set rotary table
radio safe detonator refracturing right of first refusal roughneck
radio silence rig right-angle set round trip
radio-safe detonator rig down rigless operation roustabout
rathole rig floor rock running tool
ream rig up rod elevators


safety spacer sheave slowness time coherence stabilization
sand line sheen slowness-time coherence stabilized gas well
sandstone petrography sidetrack soda ash stand
secondary recovery simultaneous operation (SIMOP) sodium bicarbonate stand pipe
seismic stratigraphy single tank composite sample sodium carbonate standpipe
seismology single-tank composite sample sodium polyacrylate STOOIP
semisubmersible sinistral sonde error strike-slip fault
sequence stratigraphy skid source rock stripping
sequential Gaussian simulation slant hole rig SPA sub
setting tool slant rig spinning chain suction pit
settling pit slant-hole rig spot sulfide
settling tank slide spotting supply vessel
shaker slim hole well spotting fluid surface interest
shale shaker slimhole well stabbing valve swivel
shear modulus slips


tadpole tie back packer top drive track
tail buoy tie-back packer topdrive type curve analysis
Texas deck tool joint tour type curves
three dimensional seismic data toolpusher trace type-curve analysis
three-dimensional seismic data


unconfined compressive strength underream undershooting uniaxial compressive strength


varve vee-door virgin pressure volumetric efficiency
vee door vertical severance vitrinite


wait on cement wavelet WOC workover
wash out weight indicator working interest wrench fault
washout well servicing


Young's modulus