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Variables and Numbers

a m n


a adsorbed gas anhydrite Archie rock
abnormal pressure aeolotropy anisotropic arenaceous
absolute age aeromagnetic survey anisotropy argillaceous
absolute permeability allochthon anticlinal authigenic
absorption allochthonous anticline autochthon
acoustic basement allogenic apparent matrix autochthonous
acoustic impedance altered zone aquifer AVO
acoustic velocity amplitude variation with offset Archie equation axial surface


back stripping bed thickness bland coring fluid bound water
back-stripping bedrock blind zone bound-fluid log
barite bentonite blow out Boyle's Law Double Cell
base exchange BHA blowout Boyle's Law Single Cell
base of weathering biostratigraphic borehole breakdown pressure
basement biostratigraphy bottomhole assembly bridge
basin Biot theory Bouguer correction bridging agent
bead tracer bit Bouma sequence bridging material
bed bitumen bound fluid bulk relaxation


cable-tool drilling cementation exponent coal convolution
calcite channel collision convolve
cap rock chemical diverter compaction core
capillary pressure curve chert compatibility core analysis
caprock cherty completion quality (CQ) coreflooding
caprock effect chlorite compressibility coring fluid
carbonate chronostratigraphic chart concentric fold corrected gamma ray
carbonate gamma ray clastic sediment condensed section correlate
carrying capacity clay conductive rock matrix model craton
cataclasite clay bound water conductometric titration critical moment
cataclastic clay swelling connate water crop out
cation exchange capacity clay-bound water consolidated crushed zone
cation-exchange capacity clean consolidation crust
cavings clear water drilling contact cubic packing
cement clear-water drilling contour cuttings
cementation closed mud system conventional reservoir cuttings lifting


darcy diagenetic dipping bed drainage
decollement diamond bit directional drilling drape
delta t diapir dirty drift
density diatom disharmonic drill bit
density contrast diatomaceous dispersion drill collar
density measurement diatomite displacement drilling rate
detectable limit diffraction distillation extraction dry rock
detrital dike diverting agent dual water
detritus dilatancy dolomitization dual-porosity reservoir
deviated drilling dilatancy theory dolostone dyke
diagenesis dim spot drag bit dynamic filter press


earthquake elastic elasticity eta (η)
eccentric elastic anisotropy en echelon evaporite
eccentricity elastic constants erode evaporitic
effective permeability elastic moduli erosion exit velocity
effective porosity


fabric filtration tester fold Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
facies fishing tool formation fracture
fairway fixed-cutter bit formation damage fracture gradient
fault float shoe formation factor fracture networks
feldspar flow unit formation fluid fracture porosity
felsic flower structure formation fracture pressure fracturing pressure
field fluid flow formation pressure free water
filter medium foamed cement formation water FTIR


gamma ray log geochemical log geomagnetic polarity reversal GPTS
gas chimney geochemistry geomagnetic polarity time scale grain density
gas prone geochronology geomechanics granite
gas-prone geologic map geostatic pressure groundwater
gauge hole geologic time scale glauconite guide shoe


halite heterogeneous homogeneous formation Humble formula
hard rock heterogeneous formation horizon hydrocarbon indicator
hardbanding hiatal horizontal drilling hydrocarbon kitchen
harmonic hiatus horizontal transverse isotropy hydrothermal
heterogeneity hole cleaning HTI hydrothermal alteration


igneous induced polarization interval velocity isolated porosity
imbibition injection pressure invasion isopach
immature interstitial gas IP isotropic
impedance interstitial water iron carbonate isotropic formation
impermeable interval transit time isochore isotropy
improved oil recovery


jet joint


karst kerogen


lacustrine leakoff lithologic contact lithostratigraphy
lag leakoff test lithology long spacing sonic log
lamination limestone lithostatic pressure longitudinal relaxation
layer lithification lithostratigraphic long-spacing sonic log
layer stripping lithologic lithostratigraphic inversion LOT
leak off


m matrix midoceanic ridge MRS
mafic matrix stimulation migrate MT
magma maturation migration mud density
magnetic reversal sequence maturity mineral mud program
magnetics mechanical specific energy model mud weight
magnetotelluric method metamorphic modulus of elasticity mudding off
mantle metamorphism moldic porosity mudrock
marker bed mica montmorillonite multiple reflection
marl micrite moveable hydrocarbons multiple regression
massif microbial enhanced oil recovery moved hydrocarbons


n native-solids mud natural remanent magnetism normal pressure
native solids mud natural fracture nonconformity NRM
native state core natural gas normal mode


oil field oil water contact oil-wet overburden
oil kitchen oil wet open hole overmature
oil pool oilfield openhole OWC
oil prone oil-prone outcrop oxide closure model
oil sand oil-water contact overbalance oxide-closure model


parallel fold petroleum system polycrystalline diamond compact bit PPA
particle plugging apparatus petroleum systems modeling pore preserved core
particle-plugging apparatus petrologic pore gas pressure integrity test
PDC bit petrology pore pressure primary migration
PEF petrophysical rock type pore throat producing formation
penetration rate pinch-out porosity prospect
perforating charge PIT porosity exponent pull up
permeability plankton porosity unit pull-up
permeable plastic deformation porous push down
petrographic plate tectonics porous medium push-down
petrography platform post mature pyrolysis
petroleum Poisson's ratio post-mature




rate of penetration relative permeability residual oil saturation rock mechanics
reef relaxation time resistivity index rock properties
reefal remaining oil saturation resistivity log rock types
reflection coefficient reservoir restored state core roller cone bit
reflectivity reservoir characterization model rheologic roller-cone bit
refraction reservoir heterogeneities rheological ROP
refractor reservoir pressure rheology ROS
relative age reservoir quality (RQ) rhombohedral packing rotary drilling
relative dielectric constant residual oil rock round trip
relative dielectric permittivity


S wave seismic slim hole well strain
salt seismic impedance slimhole well strata
salt dome seismic refraction method sloughing shale stratigraphic trap
sandstone seismic stratigraphy slowness stratum
sandstone petrography seismic trace soft rock structural
saturation seismic wave SOR structural analysis
saturation equation sensitivity sorting structural shale
saturation exponent sequence stratigraphy source rock structural trap
scale shale SP structure
seal shaly spontaneous potential structure map
secondary migration shaped charge spud stylolite
secondary porosity shear steam subsalt
secondary recovery shear wave steam chamber surfactant flooding
secondary reflection shoe steam flood S-wave
sediment siderite steamflood sweet spot
sedimentary silicate mineral Stoneley permeability syncline
sedimentary basin siliciclastic sediment


T1 thermal simulation tomography transverse relaxation
T2 tight tortuosity trap
tangential wave tight gas total organic carbon true amplitude recovery
tapered cutoff tight oil total porosity true stratigraphic thickness
TAR TIH transient-pressure testing true vertical thickness
tectonics TIV transpression true-amplitude recovery
thermal maturity TOC transtension


uncertainty unconformity


varve vertical transverse isotropy vitrinite vuggy
velocity vesicle vitrinite reflectance vugular
velocity correction vesicular VTI vugular porosity
velocity layering vesicular porosity vug


wash out water wet weight wet-clay porosity
washout water-wet wellbore wettability change
water block weathering wet clay porosity wrench fault


X-ray diffraction


Z/A effect Zoeppritz equations zonal zone