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Variables and Numbers

4C seismic data


accumulation adapter spool amplitude distortion API 6D: Specification for Pipeline Valves
accumulator adhesion tension anaerobic artificial intelligence
acidity adjustable choke annulus artificial lift
acrylamide acrylate polymer AGC anode asphaltenes
acrylamide-acrylate polymer alkalinity aperture automatic gain control


back pressure batch mixer bleedoff line Briggs color cube
background gas beam pump blow down brine
back-pressure BGG blowdown buffer
ball operated bias blowdown valve (BDV) buffer solution
ball-operated bitumen bonnet bull plug
barefoot blasting cap bottomhole shut in bypass
barite bleed off bottomhole shut-in bypassed mud


cable chemical potential coal seam gas convolve
calcium contamination choke coalbed methane corrosion
caliper log circulate coal-bed methane corrosion control
capsule gun circulation time coal-seam gas cosurfactant
carbonate ion city gate COD coupling
casing grade clay extender coiled tubing string critical damping
casing hanger clay water interaction cold heavy oil production with sand critical moment
casing patch clay-water interaction completion crosslinker
casing test clear brine completion quality (CQ) CSG
cathead closed chamber testing conductivity cushion
CBM closed mud system contamination gas cut point
cement closed-chamber testing continuous gas lift cuttings
chemical barrel cluster analysis control line cycle time
chemical oxygen demand coal bed methane convolution cylinder operator


DEA unit depth wheel dilution drill solids
delta depth-derived dilution water drilled solids
delta t stretch desander directional drilling driller
deltaic desiccant dispersion drillstem test
delta-t stretch desilter distortion DST
densitometer detonator dosing pump dual-permeability reservoir
deployment system deviated drilling down stream dual-porosity reservoir
depositional system diesel oil mud downhole safety valve (DSV) dynamic positioning
depth derived diesel-oil mud downstream dynamic seal


electric submersible pump emergency shutdown valve (ESDV) expanding cement exploration play
electrode device entrained gas expert system


fast diffusion firing head fluid loss control material Fourier transform
fiber LCM flake LCM fluid-loss additive frac gun
fiber lost circulation material flake lost circulation material fluid-loss control frac manifold
fiber lost-circulation material flake lost-circulation material fluid-loss-control material fractal
fill cement floc foamed cement fractal analysis
final flow period flocculant formic acid fractal networks
final shut in period flow assurance four component seismic data fracturing manifold
final shut-in period fluid loss control four-component seismic data FT


gas lift mandrel gathering system Global Positioning System gravel pack gun
gas lift valve gauge pressure GPS gravel-pack gun
gas lock generation granular LCM greasing out
gas-lift mandrel geochemistry granular lost circulation material gripper blocks
gas-lift valve geostatistical modeling granular lost-circulation material gyp mud
gate valve gland bushing


header highstand systems tract hot oiling hydraulic pumping
heterogeneity HLB number HPU hydrogen probe
heterogeneous hopper hydraulic power pack hydrophile-lipophile balance number
high temperature completions horizontal drilling hydraulic power unit


impressed current anodes initial flow period injection pump invert emulsion
inhibit initial shut in period injector head iron sulfide
inhibition initial shut-in period intermittent gas lift ISO
inhibitor injection mandrel international nautical mile


jet hopper jet mixer Joule Thomson Joule-Thomson


key stop kill-weight fluid kilopascal kriging weights
kill weight fluid kill-weight mud


lag gas lead cement lifting frame logging unit
last-shot detection leak detection liner patch lost circulation material
LCM life of the well load cell lowstand systems tract


make up water matrix stimulation microemulsion mud hopper
make-up water maximum flooding surface migrate mud pit
mandrel measurements while drilling migration mud pulse telemetry
mass balance measurements-while-drilling mixed deposits mud tracer
material balance equation micelle mud cleaner MWD
material-balance equation microbial enhanced oil recovery


natural completion nipple down nitrogen cushion nonrising stem
natural frequency nipple-down NODAL* analysis NPDES
nautical mile


OBC open flow potential openhole test osmosis
ocean-bottom cable open-flow potential organophilic osmotic pressure
oil mud openhole packer O-ring overshot


Pf petroleum systems modeling potassium pressure sender
Pm pipeline potassium mud primary production
packing plate tectonics preflush primary recovery
paraffin play prehydrated bentonite prime mover
pascal plunger lift prehydration prospect
permanent well monitoring polished rod preservation pulling tool
petroleum system


QA quality assurance


radio silence redox resistivity rod pump
real time data reel rig down roller stem
real-time data reserve mud pit rig up rotary steerable system
recirculating mixer reserve-mud pit rising stem rotary table
recoverable gas lift gas reservoir road box rotational gas lift


sacrificial anode sized salt SSMA sucker rod
safety joint sliding sleeve SSMA copolymer sucker rod pump
scale inhibitor slim hole well starch suction pit
schedule slimhole well steady state sulfate reducing bacteria
seal slim-tube test steam sulfate-reducing bacteria
seal assembly slug steam chamber sulfonated polystyrene-maleic anhydride copolymer
secondary production slugging pill stem surface controlled subsurface safety valve (SCSSV)
seismograph Solar terrestrial rhythms stem indicator surface-controlled subsurface safety valve (SCSSV)
selective nipple solution gas drive strip gun surge
sequence source rock stripper rubber sweep pill
side scan sonar squeeze packer stripping swivel
side-scan sonar squeeze tool stuffing box systems tract
sinker bar SRB subsurface safety valve (SSSV)


tail buoy tensor methods topdrive traveling block
tail cement ternary diagram tortuosity tubing grade
tank battery tie back liner Trans-Alaska Pipeline System tubing hanger
TAPS tie-back liner transgressive surface tubing seal assembly
tectonics tie-back string trap tubing-retrievable safety valve (TRSV)
telemetry top drive


ultralow interfacial tension Universal Transverse Mercator grid (UTM) unsteady state upstream
units conversion factor


vapor recovery unit visible position indicator


wastewater cleanup water hammer wettability Winsor phase behavior
water block water-bottom roll whole mud dilution wireline retrievable safety valve (WRSV)
water bottom roll wedge gate whole-mud dilution wireline-retrievable safety valve (WRSV)
water clarification weight indicator window wormhole
water cushion wellhead wing valve


zinc bromide zinc chloride zipper manifold