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abrasive jetting acquisition annular blowout preventer antifoam agent
acid frac adjustable choke annular BOP aquifer
acid inhibitor afterflow annular space artificial lift
acid wash air drill annular velocity atmospheric corrosion
acidize air drilling annulus axial loading
acidizing altered zone antifoam azimuth


back flow bit record BOP bridge off
back wash bit trip BOP stack bridge plug
backflow blind box borehole bridge-off
backwash blind ram borehole gravity bubble flow
balance point blind shear ram bottomhole circulating temperature buildup test
balanced plug blind-shear ram bottomhole pressure bull plug
barefoot completion blow down bottomhole sampler bullhead
barite plug blow out bow-spring centralizer buoyancy
basket sub blow out preventer braided line burn over
beam blowdown break burn shoe
belt effect blowout breakthrough burn-over
BHCT blowout preventer bridge bypassed mud


cake casing string coal bed methane conventional reservoir
cake thickness cavings coal seam gas core
calcium chloride CBM coalbed methane core plug
caliper log cement plug coal-bed methane correlate
carbonate scale cement retainer coal-seam gas corrosion inhibitor
carrier fluid cement squeeze coiled tubing corrosion-resistant alloy (CRA)
carrying capacity cementing coiled tubing drilling critical matrix
cased hole centralizer coiled tubing string crooked hole
casing check shot survey combination string crossflow
casing centralizer check-shot survey come out of the hole crosswell tomography
casing completion choke line commingled completion crown valve
casing grade chrome tubing completion CSG
casing gun circulate out completion fluid CT
casing hanger circulation time concentric cut and thread fishing technique
casing joint clean out condensate liquids cut-and-thread fishing technique
casing point cleanout conductor pipe cuttings
casing roller close in connection gas cuttings lifting
casing scraper close-in contaminant cycle time
casing shoe


damage differential pressure downhole source drilling rig
damaged zone differential pressure sticking drawworks drilling riser
deep penetrating charge differential sticking drift drillstem
deep-penetrating charge directional drilling drill collar drillstring
defoamer directional survey drill in fluid drop ball
deployment system directional well drill string drop bar
depth control displacement drillable packer dropoff gun
depth correlation dog collar driller's depth drop-off gun
depth reference point dog leg drill-in fluid dry hole
deviated drilling dogleg drilling procedure dual completion
deviated hole downhole receiver drilling program dump bailer
deviation downhole safety valve (DSV) drilling rate dynamic filter press
deviation survey


early time transient data electromagnetic heating entrained gas excess cement
early-time transient data elevator entrance hole expendable gun
effective wellbore radius encapsulation erode external cutter
electric submersible pump endless tubing erosion


filter cake first arrival flowline frac job
filter cake thickness first break fluid compatibility test frac valve
filter medium fish foam breaker fracture
filtercake fishing formation damage fracture half-length
filtercake thickness fishing diagram formation evaluation while drilling fractured well analysis
filter-cake thickness fishing neck formation pressure fractured-well analysis
filtered brine float shoe frac fluid fracturing fluid
filtration tester flow assurance frac gel free point
fines migration flow line frac iron friction reducer


gas bearing gasdrive gooseneck gravity toolface
gas buster gauge hole gravel pack grease injection system
gas drive geostatistical methods gravel pack screen grease-injection system
gas lift geosteer gravel-pack screen guide shoe
gas show geosteering gravity drainage gun
gas-bearing goose neck


heavy pipe highside toolface horizontal drilling humping
high pressure squeeze high-side toolface Horner slope hydraulic bypass
high shot density gun holdup depth hot oiler hydraulic fracturing
high side toolface hole cleaning hot tapping hydrostatic bailer
high-pressure squeeze hook load HUD hydrostatic head
high-shot density gun


ICD infinite acting reservoir inhibited acid instrument hanger
ICV infinite-acting reservoir inhibitor intermittent gas lift
inclination inflatable packer injection well testing interwell tomography
induced particle plugging inflow control device injection-well testing invasion
infinite acting radial flow inflow control valve injector head


jacking frame Joule Thomson junk junk pusher
jet perforating Joule-Thomson junk basket junk sub


keyseat kill kill-weight fluid kill-weight mud
kick kill weight fluid


leak off liner log LOT
leakoff line-source solution logging while drilling lubricant
leakoff test live cement logging-while-drilling lubricator
light pipe load oil lost circulation lubricator valve
line source solution lock-up lost returns LWD


magnetic toolface measurements-while-drilling minimum restriction mud program
make hole mechanical skin mist drilling mud return line
managed pressure drilling mechanical sticking mist flow mud weight
marine drilling riser middle time transient data mixed metal hydroxide mudcake
master valve middle-time transient data mixed-metal hydroxide mud-in sample
matrix stimulation mill MMH multiphase meter
MD mill out mud density multiple completion
measured depth mill shoe mud in multishot survey
measurements while drilling milling mud in sample MWD


naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) neutral point nitrogen lifting non-Darcy flow


offset vertical seismic profile oil formation volume factor openhole completion overflush
offset VSP open hole openhole test oxygen scavenger
offset well openhole overbalance


P&A perforating fluid plug and abandon primary recovery
pack off perforating gun polymer plug produced fluid
packer perforation phasing POOH produced water
packer fluid phase redistribution pore pressure production packer
packoff PHPA potassium ion production string
paraffin inhibitor PHPA mud precipitate production tubing
penetration rate pickle preflush production wing
perforate pickling fluid pressure buildup analysis productivity index (PI)
perforate overbalanced pill pressure drawdown proppant
perforate underbalanced pipe heavy pressure gradient pseudosteady state
perforated interval pipe light pressure hunt pull out of the hole
perforated liner pipe stretch pressure integrity test pulling tool
perforating acid PIT primary production


rabbit RCD reserve pit rig
radial refraction ream reservoir drive mechanisms rigless operation
radius of curvature reciprocate reservoir pressure roller stem
ram blowout preventer recorder carrier reservoir-drive mechanisms ROP
rate dependent skin effect recycled gas retarder rotary drilling
rate of penetration reeled tubing retrievable bridge plug rotating control device
rate-dependent skin effect refracturing retrievable gun round trip
raw crude oil release joint reverse circulation running tool
raw natural gas remedial cementing reversing out


safety head settling pit sized salt squeeze packer
safety joint settling tank skin squeeze tool
sag shear ram skin effect staged fracturing
salt proximity survey shear seal BOP slickline stationary snubbers
salt proximity vertical seismic profile shear strength slide steam flood
salt proximity VSP shear-seal BOP slim hole well steamflood
salt-proximity vertical seismic profile sheave slimhole well steerable motor
salt-proximity VSP shifting tool slip joint stem
saltwater flow shoe slug stimulation
sand bailer shoot a well slugging pill stimulation byproduct
sand cleanout short trip smectite clay storm packer
sand control shut in bottomhole pressure snub strap
sand lifting shut-in bottomhole pressure snubbing stripping
sand line shut-in pressure snubbing force structural steering
sand production SIBHP sodium silicate stuck
sandface SIBP solution gas subsurface safety valve (SSSV)
scale side pocket mandrel solution gas drive sulfonated asphalt
scratcher side-pocket mandrel solution gasdrive survey
secondary cementing sidetrack sonic log swab
secondary recovery silicate mud SP swab valve
seismic acquisition simultaneous operation (SIMOP) spontaneous potential sweet spot
selective nipple sinker bar spot swellable packer
selective running tool SIP spotting synthetic seismograms
setting tool sized calcium carbonate spotting fluid


tag top drive treatment fluid tubing thread
tally topdrive trip out tubular jar
tapered string tortuosity trip pill turnkey
temperature survey transient-pressure testing true vertical depth TVD
three phase flow travel joint tube wave two phase flow
three-phase flow traveling block tubing joint two-phase flow
through-tubing travelling snubbers tubing testing tool type curves
tight hole treating iron


underbalance underground blowout unload U-tube effect
underbalanced underream upstream


velocity string vertical resolution vertical seismic profile VSP
vertical lift vertical response viscous fingering


wait on cement waterdrive wellbore wellhead
wall cake weight wellbore damage wildcat
wall sticking weight indicator wellbore diagram wiper trip
wash out well control wellbore fill up wire clamp
washout well placement wellbore fill-up wireline cutter
washover pipe well plan wellbore orientation wireline grab
washover shoe well shoot wellbore storage effects wireline log
water block well stimulation wellbore-storage effects workover fluid
water drive


zero offset vertical seismic profile zero-offset vertical seismic profile