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Variables and Numbers

m 2D seismic data 2D survey


abrasive jetting aerated layer annular space asphaltene onset concentration
absolute filter AFE annulus asphaltenes
accelerator Alford rotation antithetic fault attapulgite
acetic acid alidade API aulacogen
acid wash alkaline flooding areal displacement efficiency authority for expenditure
activity of aqueous solutions alkaline-surfactant-polymer flooding areal sweep efficiency axial loading
adjacent bed alluvial artificial lift azimuth
adjustable choke alpha processing ASP flooding azimuthal
adjusted flow time


back off baseline blasting cap bound water
back up basket blended crude bow-spring centralizer
back wash basket flowmeter blind box break out
backoff basket sub blind shear ram breakdown pressure
backwash bead tracer blind-shear ram breaker
balanced activity oil mud beam block breakout
balanced-activity oil mud bean blow out breakthrough
ball catcher Beaufort scale Boolean simulation bridge
ball dropper bed borehole correction bridle
ball launcher BHA borehole gravity brine
ball out bias borehole gravity meter buffer
ballout bias weld bottomhole assembly bullet perforating
band Bingham plastic model bottomhole injection pressure (bhip) bundle
band pass bit nozzle Bouguer correction buoyancy
band-pass blast joint bound fluid butt weld
barefoot completion


calcium bromide cement squeeze clevis conical projection
calibration centrifuge CO2 injection connection
carbonate scale chain tongs COFCAW contour interval
casing charged zone cogeneration controlled time survey
casing burst pressure Charpy test coiled tubing drilling controller
casing collar chelating agent coiled tubing unit core
casing collar locator (CCL) chemical cutter cold production coreflooding
casing collar log chemical diversion collar corrosion control
casing coupling chemical diverter collar lock corrosion coupon
casing joint chemical flooding combination string coupling
casing patch chemical injection commercial rate coupon
casing point chemical potential company man critical matrix
casing string choke company representative crosscorrelation flowmeter
casing swage choke manifold complex trace analysis crosswell seismic tomography
casing thread CI complex-trace analysis crushed zone
cement bond log circulation system conceptual model CSS
cement evaluation log clastic intrusion condensate cycle gas
cement head cleanup condensing drive cyclic steam injection


damage differential pressure dog collar driller's depth
datum level differential pressure sticking dog house drilling foreman
deflector flowmeter differential sticking dog leg drilling procedure
deflocculated mud diffraction stack doghouse drilling program
delta t stretch diffusion equation dogleg drilling rig
delta-t stretch disharmonic dope drillpipe
density measurement displacement dosing pump drillstem test
depleted zone displacement front downhole safety valve (DSV) dry combustion
derrick floor disposal well drift dry forward combustion
derrickman diversion drill collar dry hole
detonate diverter drill pipe DST
detonator diverter flowmeter driller dynamic miscibility
diamond bit diverting agent


eddy current measurement electric gas lift valves enhanced oil recovery exit velocity
eddy-current measurement electric gas-lift valves environmental corrections expansion joint
effective shot density embrittlement EOR expert system
eigenvector empirical excess cement external upset
elastic anisotropy emulsion


fall off test first-contact miscibility flow meter formation water
falloff test fish flow model frac crew
feldspar fishing flow profile frac fluid
field weld fishing diagram flowmeter fracture
filter cake quality fishing tool flue gas fracture acidizing
filtercake quality five spot fluid density log fracture permeability
filter-cake quality five-spot fluid-density log fracture porosity
final flow rate flag joint flush joint fracturing fluid
final flowing pressure flange foam flooding fracturing pressure
fingering float joint formation damage free fluid
fire flooding flood front formation fracture pressure free water
fireflooding flooding pattern


gamma-gamma log geophone offset goose neck gravity anomaly
gas formation volume factor geopressured gooseneck grease injection system
gas injection gin pole gradiomanometer grease-injection system
gas lift glass jar test gravel pack gripper blocks


hammer union heavy pipe hot tapping hydraulic power pack
hardbanding high-pressure air injection hot waterflooding hydrogen embrittlement
hardground high-pressure, high-temperature HPHT hydrolysis
harmonic history matching huff and puff hydrostatic pressure
header box horizontal drilling humic acid


image well injection pressure injection-well testing interference testing
in situ combustion injection pulsed neutron log injectite interval method
induced particle plugging injection pump injectivity test inverted five spot
infill drilling injection test injector head inverted five-spot
injection gas injection water in-situ combustion iron stabilizer
injection line injection well intelligent well ISO
injection mandrel injection well testing intensifier isochron
injection pattern injection/pulsed neutron log


J factor jet jet pump jug
J slot jet cutter jet velocity jug hustler
jacking frame jet hopper joint junk
jackup jet mixer Joule Thomson junk basket
jackup rig jet nozzle Joule-Thomson junk pusher
jar jet perforating J-slot junk sub
jar test


K coefficient kelly spinner kh Kirchhoff migration
kelly down keyseat Kirchhoff equation


last reading lifting frame liner patch load oil
leak off light pipe liquefied natural gas lock-up
leakoff line drive liquid-junction potential logging tool
levelwind liner lithosphere lubricator


m mechanical sticking minimum miscibility enrichment mousehole
make a connection membrane potential miscible displacement mud aging cell
make up metal gain MMC mud balance
makeup gas meter calibration MME mud cell
managed pressure drilling micellar polymer flooding mobile offshore drilling unit mud hopper
marker joint micellar-polymer flooding mobility buffer mud in
Marsh funnel microannulus mobility control mud in sample
matrix stimulation microbial enhanced oil recovery mobility ratio mud scale
MD mill MODU mud-aging cell
measured depth mill out Moho mud-in sample
measurements while drilling milling Mohorovicic discontinuity multi-capacitance flowmeter
measurements-while-drilling minifrac Monte Carlo risk analysis multiple-contact miscibility
mechanical jar minimum miscibility concentration motorman MWD
mechanical specific energy


NACE natural fracture net oil production nitrogen lifting
naphthenic hydrocarbon net gas production nitrogen injection


off pattern well oil-mud emulsifier operator orogenic
off-pattern well OOC organic deposit orogeny
offset openhole completion organophilic overshot
oilfield battery operating gas-lift valve (OGLV)


P&A permeameter plug and abandon pressure falloff
packer petal basket flowmeter polished joint pressure transient well tests
packer flowmeter phase velocity log polished rod pressure-composition diagram
packing gland phase-velocity log polyacrylamide pressure-transient well tests
pad photoelectric effect polymer flooding primary cementing
paraffin inhibitor pinch-out polysaccharide principal axis
parasequence set pipe dope pour point production log
partitioning pipe heavy power fluid injection rate profile modification
perforating charge pipe light power-fluid injection rate pseudostatic spontaneous potential
perforating depth control log pipe ram preflush pump submergence
perforating depth-control log pitch-and-lead premium thread pumping well
perforation plate out preservation pusher
permanent well monitoring plate tectonics preserved core pyrolysis
permeability thickness


QA quality assurance quartz


rabbit recoverable gas lift gas reservoir simulation rig
radial differential temperature log recovery factor resolution rig floor
radial differential-temperature log reducing agent retort method rising-bubble apparatus
radioactive tracer reel back tension retrievable bridge plug roll a tank
radioactive tracer log reel back-tension reverse circulation roller cone bit
radioactive-tracer log regression reverse combustion roller-cone bit
random noise regressive reversing out rotational gas lift
rate of shear release joint rheological round trip
rathole repeat section rheology running squeeze


safety joint settling tank snubbing jack steam flood
SAGD shale soak phase steam management
salt plug shale baseline Solar terrestrial rhythms steam oil ratio
saltwater mud shaly spacing unit steam soak
sand out shaped charge spin flowmeter steam trap
sandout shear ram spinner flowmeter steam-assisted gravity drainage
sandstone petrography shear rate spinning chain steamflood
saturation equation sheen test squeeze steam-oil ratio
saver sub shifting tool squeeze job step rate test
scale shoe joint squeeze packer Stoneley wave
scale inhibitor shoe track squeeze pressure stress corrosion cracking
scale removal shoulder bed squeeze tool stress-corrosion cracking
scallop gun sidetrack stab stripping
SCC sigma stage separation structural steering
scratcher slickline stand styrene
screening slide standoff sulfide stress cracking
sealbore packer slim-tube test starch surface pressure
secondary production slip stationarity surfactant flooding
secondary recovery slip joint stationary slips surfactant-alternating gas
seismic slips stationary snubbers surrounding bed
seismic stratigraphy slowness time coherence steady state behavior swaging tool
seismite slowness-time coherence steady-state behavior sweep efficiency
sequence stratigraphy sludge steam synthetic fault
sequestering agent snub steam chamber synthetic seismogram
settling pit snubbing


tally tie-back packer total organic carbon true-amplitude recovery
tapered string tight hole tracer tubing broach
TAR timed slug analysis tracer ejector measurement tubing hanger
tectonics timed-slug analysis tracer loss measurement tubing job
TEOR TOC tracer measurement tubing joint
tertiary recovery toe to heel air injection tracer-ejector measurement tubing thread
Texas deck tool joint tracer-loss measurement tubular jar
THAI tool string transgressive surface tubulars
theoretical toolpusher transient-pressure response two dimensional seismic data
thermal recovery top drive travel joint two dimensional survey
thixotropic topdrive travelling slips two-dimensional seismic data
thixotropy torque flowmeter travelling snubbers two-dimensional survey
thread protector tortuosity true amplitude recovery type curves
tie back packer


ultra-long spaced electrical log upgrader


VAPEX vee door vertical displacement efficiency vibrator
vapor extraction vee-door vertical sweep efficiency viscous fingering
vaporizing drive velocity shot measurement VG meter volumetric displacement efficiency
variable-density log velocity-shot measurement V-G meter volumetric sweep efficiency


WAG wash out water-base drilling fluid well-interference testing
wait on cement washout water-base mud wet combustion
walk above vertical seismic profile wastewater cleanup waterflood wettability change
walk above VSP water alternating gas waterflood kick wireline cutter
walk-above vertical seismic profile water base drilling fluid waterflooding WOC
walk-above VSP water base mud wavefront work string
walkaway vertical seismic profile water flood weevil workover
walkaway VSP water mud weight indicator workover string
wall sticking water production well flow rate worm
Walther's law water-alternating gas well interference testing


X-ray fluorescence (XRF)


Z/A effect