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Variables and Numbers

a 2D seismic data 3D survey 4D seismic data
m 2D survey 4C seismic data 6FF40
n 3C seismic data


a acoustic positioning alkaline API water
API Specification 10A – Specification for Cements and Materials for Well Cementing acoustic transducer alkaline flooding apparent matrix
abandonment costs acoustic transparency alkalinity applied-potential method
abnormal pressure acquisition alluvial aquifer
abrasion test acrylate polymer alpha processing Archie equation
abrasive jetting activity of aqueous solutions amines Archie rock
absolute filter adapter spool amplitude variation with offset aromatic content test
absolute pressure adhesion tension anaerobic array
absorption adsorption aniline point test array sonic
absorption oil advective transport modeling anisotropic formation asphaltenes
accommodation aerated layer annular blowout preventer asphaltic mud additive
accuracy aerobic annular BOP attapulgite
acetic acid AFE antialias filter attenuation resistivity
acid AGC time constant anticlinal attribute
acid inhibitor aggradation anticline audio measurement
acid number aggradational antifoam authigenic
acid tank air drill antifoam agent authority for expenditure
acidity air drilling aperture average velocity
acidize air gun API AVO
acidizing air shooting API 6D: Specification for Pipeline Valves azimuth
acoustic Alford rotation API fluid loss test azimuthal
acoustic coupler alias filter API fluid-loss test azimuthal density
acoustic emission aliasing API gravity


back flow baseline blanket gas boundary conditions
back off basket blast joint bow-spring centralizer
back pressure batch mixer blast sleeve box
back pressure valve batch treatment blasting cap box plots
back propagation battery bleed off Boyle's Law Double Cell
back stripping battery site bleedoff line Boyle's Law Single Cell
back up Bayesian method blender braided line
backflow Bc blind box breakout cathead
backoff bead tracer blow down breakout tongs
backpressure bean choke blow out preventer bridge off
back-pressure Bearden units of consistency blow-by bridge-off
back-pressure valve bed wrap blowdown brine
back-propagation bell nipple blowing the drip British thermal unit
back-stripping beneficiate blowout broach
backward multiple-contact test beneficiation blowout preventer bromide brine
balance point Benioff zone BLPD brownfield
ball catcher bentonite body relief valve (BRV) BS&W
ball out bentonite equivalent bond log bubble count
ballout bevel gear operated (BGO) valve Bond number bubble effect
band BHA Boolean simulation bubble flow
band limited function BHP BOP bubble-tight shutoff
band pass bias weld BOPD buffer
band reject bicarb borehole compensation buffer solution
band-limited function bicarbonate borehole correction buggy vibro
band-pass bin borehole seismic data buildup test
band-reject bioaccumulation borehole televiewer bulk modulus
bank firing bioassay Born method bulk relaxation
barite bioconcentration bottle test bullhead
barrel equivalent Biot theory bottomhole assembly buoyancy
barrel pump birefringence bottomhole circulating temperature buoyancy method
barrels of liquid per day bit resistivity bottomhole pressure butt weld
barrels of oil per day bitumen bottomhole shut in buttress thread
barrels of water per day bivariate analysis bottomhole shut-in BWPD
base exchange Blaine fineness bottomhole static temperature bypass
base map bland coring fluid Bouma sequence bypass velocity


cable head cement retarder coiled tubing controlled time survey
cable-tool drilling cement squeeze coiled tubing completion convection
cake cementation exponent coiled tubing connector convergence
cake thickness cementer coiled tubing drilling convergent
calcium carbonate plug cementing engineer coiled tubing unit convolution
calcium oxide centipoise collar locator core
calcium sulfate centralizer collector core analysis
calcium test centrifuge colloid core image
calibration channel colloidal correcting pressure to a datum
caliche channeling colloidal solids correlate
caliper log character colloidal suspension correlation
cap Charpy test combi BOP correlogram
capacitance log chelation commingled completion corrosion
capillary number chemical barrel common depth point corrosion control
capillary pressure curve chemical cutter common midpoint corrosion fatigue
carbonate ion chemical marker injection common midpoint method corrosion inhibitor
carbonate scale chemical neutron source common reflection point corrosion rate
carry over chemical potential communitization cosolvent
carryover chemical-marker injection company man cosurfactant
cased hole chert company representative coupling
casing cherty compartmentalization CPMG
casing bowl chloride test compatible scales creaming
casing collar choke compensated neutron log critical angle
casing collar locator (CCL) chrome tubing completion critical flow rate
casing completion chronostratigraphic chart completion fluid critical gas flow rate
casing grade circle shooting completion quality (CQ) critical rate
casing gun circulation system complex trace analysis critical reflection
casing hardware circulation valve complex-trace analysis crooked hole
casing inspection log classical reservoir modeling compositional fluid analysis crosscorrelate
casing patch clathrate compressibility crosscorrelation
casing roller clay compressor plant crossline
casing shoe clay extender computed tomography crossover service tool
casing shoe test clay stabilizer conceptual model crossplot porosity
casing string clay swelling condensate crosswell electromagnetic tomography
casing-inspection log clean condensate liquids crosswell reflection tomography
cat line clean out condensate ratio crosswell seismic tomography
catagenesis cleanout condensed section crosswell tomography
cathodic protection clear brine condensing drive crude oil
cation exchange capacity closed in well conditional simulation crushed zone
cation-exchange capacity closed mud system conductance crust
catline closed-in well conductive rock matrix model crustal magnetic field
caustic extraction test cluster analysis conductivity CSG
caustic potash CMP conductometric titration CT
caustic soda coal bed methane conductor pipe curve fitting
cavitation coal seam gas conformity cut
CBM coalbed methane consolidated cut and thread fishing technique
CDP coal-bed methane consolidation cut point
CEC coalesce contact angle cut-and-thread fishing technique
cellar coalescence contact time Cutt point
cement coal-seam gas contaminant cuttings
cement accelerator coating continuity equation cycle condensate
cement additive COFCAW continuous gas lift cycle gas
cement bond log coherence contour cyclic steam injection
cement dispersant coherence filtering contour map cycling plant
cement retainer coherent detection control line


damaged zone depth migration directivity drainhole
darcy depth of investigation dirty drift
dart depth reference discontinuity drill noise vertical seismic profile
datum depth-derived dispersant drill pipe
dB derrickman dispersion drill ship
DD desander displacement drill solids
decibel desiccant displacement efficiency drilled solids
deconvolution detectable limit disposal well driller's depth
deep penetrating charge detergency distillation extraction drilling detergent
deep tow deterministic methods distributed temperature log drilling fluid
deep-penetrating charge detonate distributed-temperature log drilling mud
deflector flowmeter detonating cord distribution drilling rig
deflocculant detonator divergence drill-noise vertical seismic profile
deflocculated mud deviated drilling diversion drillpipe
defoamer dew point diverter drillship
defoaming plates dewpoint diverter flowmeter drillstem test
degasser diagenesis Dix formula drip
degree API diameter of invasion dog leg droop
dehydrate diamond bit dogleg drop sub
dehydrator diatomite domain dropoff gun
delay rental dielectric propagation log dope drop-off gun
delta diesel-oil plug dosing pump dry bed dehydrator
delta rho differential pressure double refraction dry combustion
deltaic differential pressure sticking down lap dry gas
densimeter differential spectrum down stream dry hole
densitometer differential sticking downhole safety valve (DSV) dry rock
density current diffraction stack downlap dry-bed dehydrator
dephasing diffusion equation downstream DST
deployment system diffusion relaxation downward continuation dual completion
depositional energy diluent Draeger tube dual water
depth control dilution drag bag due diligence
depth controller dip tube drag-bag dummy valve
depth conversion dipole Dräger tube dynamic filter press
depth datum dipole field drain hole dynamic positioning
depth derived direct hydrocarbon typing drainage volume dynamite
depth matched directional drilling drained test dynamometer card
depth matching directional well


early time transient data electrohygrometer EOR erosion-corrosion
early-time transient data electrokinetic potential Eötvös number ES test
earthquake electromagnetic caliper Epanechnikov kernel eta (η)
eddy current measurement electromagnetic heating epithermal neutron porosity measurement eustasy
eddy-current measurement electromagnetic method epm eustatic
eel electromagnetic propagation measurement epsilon (ε) evaporation pit
effective laminar flow electromagnetic thickness equalizing loop evaporite
effective medium theory embrittlement equalizing valve evaporitic
effective porosity empirical equation of state excavation effect
effective water saturation emulsifier equipotential method excess cement
effective wellbore radius emulsion equivalent conductance exit velocity
eigenvector emulsion mud equivalent water resistivity expectation
elastic anisotropy en echelon equivalent weight explosive seismic data
electric probe endless tubing ERD extended reach drilling
electrical impedance probe enhanced diffusion erode extended-reach drilling
electrical log enhanced oil recovery erosion external disturbance field
electrical stability test entrained gas erosion corrosion external pulling tool
electrode device environmental corrections


facies fish flowing well four-dimensional seismic data
facies modeling fishing flowline Fourier analysis
fall off test fishing diagram flowmeter Fourier transform
falloff test fishing neck flue gas Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
fan shooting fishing tool fluid compressibility FPSO
farmee five spot fluid loss frac crew
fast formation five-spot fluid pound frac fluid
fault fixed source method fluid-loss additive frac gradient
FD fixed-source method fluoboric acid frac iron
felsic f-k domain fluoroscopy frac manifold
field weld f-k plot flush joint frac valve
film forming amine flange flux leakage fracture gradient
film-forming amine flange up fly ash fracture networks
filter flash point foam breaker fracturing fluid
filter cake flexural mode foam diversion fracturing manifold
filter cake thickness FLNG foam generator free induction decay
filtercake float joint fold free water
filtercake thickness floc footprint free water knockout
filter-cake thickness flooding surface formaldehyde free-induction decay
filters flow after flow formation free-water knockout
filtrate flow after flow tests formation damage frequency
filtration flow assurance formation evaluation frequency domain
filtration tester flow back formation factor Fresnel zone
final flow period flow cross formation pressure friction reducer
final flowing pressure flow line formic acid FT
final shut in period flow meter forward modeling FTIR
final shut-in period flow period forward multiple-contact test full waveform
fines migration flow regime four component seismic data Full-azimuth towed-streamer acquisition
finite wellbore solution flow-after-flow tests four dimensional seismic data funnel viscosity
finite-wellbore solution flowback four-component seismic data FWKO


galvanic anodes gas separator generation granite
gamma (γ) gas shale geochemical log gravel pack log
Garrett Gas Train gas well geochemistry gravel-pack log
gas buster gas/liquid ratio (GLR) geomagnetic secular variation gravity override
gas chimney gas-holdup log geometric gravity-stable displacement
gas condensate gas-lift mandrel geophone gray list
gas cut mud gas-prone geophone offset grease injection system
gas deviation factor gaswell liquids geopressure gradient grease-injection system
gas holdup log gate valve geostatistical methods greedy algorithm
gas hydrate gather geostatistics grey list
gas in solution gathering system GGT ground roll
gas injection gauge ring Gibbs' phenomenon group velocity
gas interference gauge tank glass jar test guide shoe
gas lift Gaussian techniques glauconite gumbo
gas lift mandrel gel Global Positioning System gun
gas lock gel strength GLR gunk plug
gas processing plant gels GPS gunk squeeze
gas prone


H2S HF horizontal drilling hydrocarbon
haematite HHP horizontal tree hydrocyclone
hammer union high explosive hot lime hydrocycloning
hardbanding high pressure squeeze hot tapping hydrofluoric acid
harmonic high temperature completions HPHT hydrogen blistering
harmonic distortion high-pressure squeeze HSE hydrogen embrittlement
header high-pressure, high-temperature Humble formula hydrogen probe
heater highstand systems tract humidity hydrogen sulfide
held by production history matching hybrid scale hydrometer
hematite holdup log hydrate hydrophone
Herschel Bulkley fluid homogeneity hydration hydrostatic bailer
Herschel-Bulkley fluid homogeneous hydraulic centralizer hydrostatic head
hertz hook hydraulic fracture monitoring hydrostatic pressure
hesitation squeeze hook load hydraulic head hydrothermal
heterogeneity hookwall packer hydraulic horsepower hygrometer
heterogeneous hopper


ICD inflow control device interfacial tension IP
ideal gas inflow performance relationship interference testing IPR
igneous inhibited acid intermittent gas lift iron sulfide
impedance inhibitive mud internal pulling tool ISO
impeller injection mandrel international nautical mile isochore
impressed current anodes injection pressure interpolation isochron
impulse activation injection test interval method isochronal test
in line injection well testing interwell tomography isomerized olefin
in situ combustion injection-well testing inverse problem isopach
induced polarization injectivity test inversion isostasy
induction injector head invert emulsion isostatic
induction electrical survey in-line inverted five spot isotropy
inert sulfide in-situ combustion inverted five-spot iterative forward modeling
inertial resistance instrument hanger IO iterative methods
inflatable packer intelligent well


J slot jar test jet hopper J-slot
jacking frame jet jet mixer jug hustler


K coefficient kick Kirchhoff equation knockout
KB kill pump Kirchhoff migration knot
kelly kill weight fluid k-means cluster analysis kriging
kelly bushing kill-weight fluid knock out kurtosis
kelly spinner kill-weight mud


lag lifting frame liquid level low solids mud
laminar flow lignin liquid saturation method low yield clay
laminated sand lignite liquid-junction potential low-colloid oil mud
LAO lignosulfonate lithostratigraphic inversion low-pressure, low-temperature filtration test
Laplace equation limited entry live cement low-salinity waterflooding
laser diffraction line source solution LNG low-solids mud
layer cake geometry linear alphaolefin LNGC lowstand systems tract
layer-cake geometry liner patch load cell low-yield clay
layered reservoir testing line-source solution local content LPG
lbm/bbl lipophilic local magnetic interference LS
leak detection liquefied natural gas local probe lubricant
leaky mode liquefied natural gas carrier lock lubricator
lean gas liquefied petroleum gas lock mandrel lyophilic
lean oil liquid additive log lyophilic colloid
lease liquid desiccant longitudinal plot lyophobic
leonardite liquid hydrocarbons low colloid oil mud lyophobic colloid
licensing round


m measurement range minimum miscibility enrichment mud filtrate
Mf measuring tank minimum restriction mud hopper
magnetic field mechanical specific energy miscible displacement mud pit
magnetic flux leakage membrane potential mist mud program
magnetic resonance memory gauge mist extractor mud pulse telemetry
magnetic-flux leakage meniscus mist flow mud return line
magnetics mercury displacement method mixed deposits mud scale
magnetotelluric method meter mixed metal hydroxide mud-aging cell
main magnetic field meter factor mixed-metal hydroxide mudcake
make up meter slippage MMC mudrock
makeup cathead methane hydrate MME Multiazimuth towed-streamer acquisition
makeup tongs methyl orange alkalinity MMH multicomponent seismic data
managed pressure drilling methylene blue test mobility buffer multipass method
manifold micellar polymer flooding modified isochronal test multiphase flow
map micellar-polymer flooding modulus of compression multiphase fluid
marine flooding surface micelle moment multiphase holdup log
Marsh funnel microemulsion Monte Carlo risk analysis multiphase meter
Marsh funnel viscosity microgel Monte Carlo simulation multiphase pump
mass balance microresistivity moon pool multiple completion
mast microseismic monitoring moveout multiple isotope log
mast unit migrate moving-source method multiple isotope spectroscopy
material balance migration MRS multiple rate tests
material balance equation Milankovitch cycles MSDS multiple regression
Material Safety Data Sheet mill MT multiple salinity
material-balance equation mill out mud aging cell multiple-isotope log
maximum flooding surface milligrams per kilogram mud anchor multiple-isotope spectroscopy
maximum treating pressure milling mud balance multiple-rate tests
Maxwell's equations mineral mud cell multishot survey
MBT test minifrac mud cleaner mute
measurement after drilling minimum miscibility concentration mud cup


n natural gasoline nipple-down nominal filter
NACE naturally flowing well nipple-up nondipole field
Narrow-azimuth seismic data nautical mile nitrified fluid nonideal gas
native clay neutralizing solution nitrogen kickoff non-Newtonian fluid
native solids mud neutron activation log nitrogen lift normal mode
native-solids mud neutron-activation log nitrogen lifting normal pressure
natural frequency Newtonian fluid nitrogen unit normality
natural gamma ray spectroscopy NGL NMR nuclear magnetic resonance
natural gas nipple down noise nuclear magnetic resonance measurement
natural gas liquids nipple up noise log numerical methods


OBR oil in water emulsion onlap organophilic lignite
observer oil kitchen open flow potential O-ring
Occam's inversion oil mining open-flow potential osmosis
OCMA oil mud opening bomb OSPAR
offset oil prone operating agreement ovality limit
offset vertical seismic profile oil well operating gas-lift valve (OGLV) OWR
offset VSP oil/brine ratio operator oxide closure model
offset well oil/water ratio optical probe oxide-closure model
oil and gas lease oil-emulsion mud organophilic oxygen activation
oil and gas separator oil-in-water emulsion organophilic clay oxygen scavenger
oil emulsion mud oil-prone


P&A petroleum polar compound pressure storage tank
Pf petroleum systems modeling polarity pressure transient analysis
Pm petrophysical model polarity standard pressure transient well test
packer pH polyacrylamide pressure-composition diagram
packer fluid pH test polyacrylate pressure-squared plot
packing gland phase polyalphaolefin pressure-transient analysis
paddle blender phase redistribution polymer flooding pressurized mud balance
paddle mixer phase shift resistivity polyolefin primary recovery method
pair production phase velocity polysaccharide primary term
PAO phase velocity log pooling prime mover
paraffin control phase-shift resistivity poppet valve primer cord
paraffin scraper phase-velocity log pore pressure processing
paraffin scratcher photon log porosimeter production
parametric Pickett plot porosity exponent production log
parasequence pickle porosity unit profile testing
parasequence set pickling fluid porous plate technique progradation
PARCOM pig portland cement clinker progressive gels
particle size distribution pill potassium propagation constant
particle-size distribution pilot mill potassium ion propagation resistivity measurement
partitioning pilot test potential field propagation time
parts per million pin pounds per barrel prospect
party pinch-out pour point pseudopressure plot
PEF pipeline capacity power law fluid pseudostatic spontaneous potential
peg leg multiple pipeline gas power-law fluid pulling tool
peg-leg multiple pitch-and-lead ppb pulse echo
pendant-drop tensiometer plant ppm pulsed neutron holdup log
peptized clay plastic fluid precipitate pulsed-neutron holdup log
perforated interval plate tectonics preferential right to operate pulse-echo
perforated liner play back preferential right to purchase pump cavitation
perforating acid playback prehydrate pumping schedule
perforating gun plug and abandon prehydrated bentonite pumping time
perforation plug flow pressure pumping well
periodogram plug valve pressure capability pumping well tests
permanent well monitoring plunger lift pressure depletion PVT
permeability Poisson's ratio pressure gauge pyrolysis
permeable polar pressure squared plot pyrrhotite


Q quantile map quat amine quick look
Q wave quartile quaternary amine quicklook
QA quartz quebracho quitclaim
quadrant density quat quick lime Q-wave
quality assurance


Rwa reflectivity reservoir quality (RQ) Rich-azimuth towed-streamer acquisition
racking back pipe refraction reservoir simulation rig
radial refraction regression coefficient residence time rig down
radial response relative dielectric constant residual oil saturation rig up
radio silence relative dielectric permittivity resistivity right of first refusal
radioactive tracer log relative filtrate volume resistivity index rigless operation
radioactive-tracer log relative humidity resolution ringworm corrosion
radius of investigation relative permeability retarder rock
ram blowout preventer relaxed filtrate oil mud retention time rod elevators
ram preventer relaxed-filtrate oil mud retort method root mean square velocity
random noise relief valve retort solids root-mean-square velocity
rathole remedial cementing retort test rotary bushing
raw natural gas remote sensing retrievable bridge plug rotary steerable system
ray tracing remotely operated vehicle retrogradation rotary table
ream repeatability retrograde condensation rotational gas lift
recorded data replacement velocity returns roughneck
red mud reproducibility reverse combustion round thread
reel back tension reserve pit RH round trip
reel back-tension reservoir characterization RH rugosity
reeled tubing reservoir characterization model rheological running squeeze
reflection reservoir description rheology running tool
reflection coefficient reservoir heterogeneities rich gas rupture disk
reflection tomography reservoir pressure


S wave sequence slowness time coherence statistics
safety head sequence boundary slowness-time coherence steady state
safety joint sequence stratigraphy slug steady state behavior
safety spacer sequestering agent slug flow steady-state behavior
safety valve setting tool slurry steam
salt dome settling pit slurry density steam management
salt proximity survey settling tank slurry service steam oil ratio
saltwater flow shadow zone snub steam trap
sand shaker snubbing steam-oil ratio
sand bailer shale snubbing force step profile
sand cleanout shale shaker snubbing jack step rate test
sand control shaly sodium acid pyrophosphate stick and slip
sand lifting shaped charge sodium hydroxide stochastic analysis
sand production shear seal BOP sodium polyacrylate stochastic methods
sand test shear strength sodium silicate Stoneley permeability
sandstone shear stress solid desiccant Stoneley wave
sandstone compatible scale shear wave solution gas drive STP
sandstone petrography shear-seal BOP solution gasdrive strainer
sandstone porosity unit shifted spectrum sonic streamer
sandstone-compatible scale shifting tool sonic measurement streamer feathering
SAPP shoe sonolog stress induced anisotropy
SARA analysis shoe joint SOR stress-induced anisotropy
saturation equation shoe track source stripping
saturation exponent shoot a well source pattern stroke
saturation unit short trip SPA strokes per minute
SBR shot depth space frequency domain structural shale
scale shot detection space out structural steering
scale inhibitor show space-frequency domain stylolite
scale inhibitor squeeze shrimp test spacer fluid sub
scale removal shut in bottomhole pressure specific permeability subduction
scale-inhibitor squeeze shut-in bottomhole pressure spectral subsalt
scintillation detector SIBHP spectral density analysis subsea well
Scotch yoke SIBP spectrum sulfide scavenger
scraper trap side pocket mandrel spherical divergence sulfide test
scrub side-pocket mandrel spherical flow summation of fluids method
scrubber Sierpinski gasket spherical focusing superficial velocity
seabed geophone sieve analysis spherical harmonic superposition
seal receptacle sigma spinning-drop tensiometer superposition in time
seawater mud signal to noise ratio spot suppression
secondary cementing signal-to-noise ratio spot sample surface casing
secondary porosity index signature spotting surface pipe
secondary production silica spread surface tension
secondary recovery silicate mineral spurt loss surfactant flooding
secondary-porosity index silicate mud square log surge
sedimentary silver nitrate squeeze surge reliever
seismic single pass method squeeze cementing surge tank
seismic acquisition single shot survey squeeze job survey
seismic modeling single tank composite sample squeeze manifold swab
seismic processing Single-azimuth towed-streamer acquisition squeeze packer swage
seismic reflection tomography single-pass method squeeze pressure swamp
seismic refraction method single-shot survey squeeze tool S-wave
seismic stratigraphy single-tank composite sample stability meter sweet crude
seismic wave skewness stabilization sweet gas
seismic while drilling vertical seismic profile skid stack sweet spot
seismic-while-drilling vertical seismic profile skin depth stage separation SWR
seismite slant stack stand synthetic base fluid
seismograph slickline stand pipe synthetic base mud
seismology slide standard batch synthetic seismogram
selective firing slim hole well standard temperature and pressure synthetic/brine ratio
selective perforating slimhole well standpipe synthetic/water ratio
selective running tool slim-tube test starch synthetic-base fluid
semblance slip lock static filtration synthetic-base mud
semisubmersible sloughing shale static fluid level systematic error
separator slow formation static pressure systems tract
separator backpressure slowing-down length static spontaneous potential


tag thermal diffusion length time migration transverse relaxation
tail buoy thermal simulation time slice treating iron
tail pipe thief timed slug analysis trough
Taitel Dukler thinner time-domain electromagnetic method trunnion
Taitel-Dukler thixotropic timed-slug analysis tube wave
tangential wave thixotropy time-lapse tubing conveyed perforating
tank thorium time-lapse seismic data tubing displacement
tank table three component seismic data TM tubing end locator (TEL)
tanker three dimensional survey toe to heel air injection tubing thread
Taylor bubbles three phase separator tomography tubing-conveyed perforating
TCP three-component seismic data tongs tubing-end locator
TDEM three-dimensional survey top drive tuning effect
TE three-phase separator topdrive turbidite
tectonics threshold velocity torque flowmeter turbidity current
telemetry through flowline (TFL) tortuosity turnkey
telluric current through-conduit total hardness test twist off
telluric current method through-flowline (TFL) total porosity twist-off
telluric-current method through-tubing total solids two dimensional seismic data
TEM tick mark tracer ejector measurement two dimensional survey
ten minute gel strength tie back liner tracer loss measurement two pass method
ten second gel strength tie-back liner tracer measurement two phase separator
ten-minute gel strength tie-back string tracer-ejector measurement two-dimensional seismic data
ten-second gel strength tight hole tracer-loss measurement two-dimensional survey
tensile strength tight oil transient electromagnetic method two-pass method
ternary diagram time domain transition zone two-phase separator
tertiary recovery time domain electromagnetic method transmission tomography type curve analysis
test separator time lapse transverse electric mode type curves
theoretical time lapse seismic data transverse magnetic mode type-curve analysis


Udden-Wentworth scale uncertainty principle uniaxial compressive strength unweighted mud
ultralow interfacial tension unconfined compressive strength units conversion factor upgrader
ultrasonic caliper unconformity Universal Transverse Mercator grid (UTM) upstream
ultrasonic inspection unconventional resource unloading valve upward continuation
ultrasonic measurement undershooting unsteady state uranium
uncertainty undrained test


vapor pressure velocity correction velocity-shot measurement viscosity
vapor recovery unit velocity correction factor vertical resolution viscosity and gel-strength test
vaporizing drive velocity shot measurement vertical response viscous force
variable-density log velocity string vibrator vitrinite reflectance
varve velocity survey vibratory seismic data volumetric cross section
velocity analysis velocity-correction factor vinyl polymer volumetric efficiency


Wadati-Benioff zone water hammer waveform wettability
wait on cement water loss wavelength wettability change
walkaway vertical seismic profile water mud wavelet Wide-azimuth towed-streamer acquisition
walkaway VSP water production weight indicator wildcat
wall cake water saturation weighted mud window
wall sticking water wet well interference testing wing valve
Walsh-Hadamard transform water, oil and solids test well log Winsor phase behavior
Walther's law water-base drilling fluid well plan wiper trip
washout water-base mud well potential wireline formation test
water base drilling fluid water-bottom roll wellbore diagram wireline formation tester
water base mud waterdrive well-interference testing wireline log
water bottom roll waterflood Wentworth scale wireline retrievable safety valve (WRSV)
water cut waterflooding wet clay porosity wireline-retrievable safety valve (WRSV)
water drive water-flow log wet combustion WOC
water flood water-wet wet gas work station
water flow log wave wet-clay porosity workover
water gun


X signal XC polymer X-ray diffraction X-signal
xanthan gum X-radiography X-ray fluorescence (XRF)




Z/A effect zero-offset data zipper manifold Zoeppritz equations
zero offset data