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Variables and Numbers

Sor Sw 2D survey 3D survey
a 1D seismic data 2-way traveltime 4C seismic data
m 1-D seismic data 3C seismic data 4D seismic data
n 2D seismic data 3D seismic data 6FF40


a active margin analog arithmetic mean
API Recommended Practice 10B Recommended Practice for Testing Well Cements active sulfide anchor pin armor
abandonment costs activity of aqueous solutions angle of approach aromatic content test
abnormal events acyclic compound angle of incidence aromatic hydrocarbon
abnormal pressure adapter spool angle valve array
abrasion test additivity angular dispersion array induction
abrasive jetting adhesion tension anhydrite array laterolog
absolute age adjacent bed aniline point test array propagation resistivity
absolute filter adjustable choke anion array sonic
absolute open flow potential adjusted flow time anionic arrival
absolute pressure adsorbed gas anisotropic arrival time
absolute volume adsorption anisotropic formation artificial intelligence
absorption advective transport modeling anisotropy artificial lift
absorption band aeolian annubar as delivered BTU
absorption oil aeolotropy annular blowout preventer as-delivered BTU
abyssal aerated layer annular BOP ASME
accelerator aerobic annular flow ASP flooding
accelerator source aeromagnetic survey annular gas flow asphalt
accelerometer AFE annular velocity asphaltene onset concentration
accommodation afterflow annulus asphaltene onset pressure
accumulation AGC anode asphaltene precipitation
accumulator agglomeration anomalous asphaltenes
accuracy aggregate anomaly asphaltic mud additive
acetic acid aggregation anoxic assignment
acid air cut mud antialias filter asthenosphere
acid effect air drill anticlinal ASTM
acid frac air drilling anticline attapulgite
acid inhibitor air gun antifoam attenuate
acid job air shooting antifoam agent attenuation
acid stimulation air wave antisqueeze attenuation resistivity
acid tank air-cut mud antiwhirl bit attitude
acid wash Alford rotation AOF attribute
acidize alias filter AOFP audio measurement
acidizing aliasing aperture aulacogen
acoustic alidade API authigenic
acoustic basement aliphatic compound API 6D: Specification for Pipeline Valves authority for expenditure
acoustic coupler alkaline flooding API cement autochthon
acoustic emission alkaline-surfactant-polymer flooding API fluid loss test autochthonous
acoustic impedance alkalinity test API fluid-loss test autocorrelation
acoustic impedance section allochthon API gravity automatic gain control
acoustic log allochthonous API unit AV
acoustic mode alluvial apparent anisotropy AVA
acoustic positioning alluvium apparent dip AVAZ
acoustic transducer all-welded construction apparent matrix average reservoir pressure
acoustic traveltime alpha processing apparent velocity average velocity
acoustic velocity altered zone apparent viscosity AVO
acoustic velocity log aluminum activation log apparent wavelength AVOAZ
acoustic wave ambient temperature applied-potential method axial loading
acquisition amides appraisal axial surface
acrylamide acrylate polymer amplitude aquifer axis of rotational symmetry
acrylamide polymer amplitude anomaly Archie rock azimuth
acrylamide-acrylate polymer amplitude distortion area open to flow azimuthal
acrylamido methyl propane sulfonate polymer amplitude variation with offset areal displacement efficiency azimuthal density
acrylamido-methyl-propane sulfonate polymer amplitude variation with offset and azimuth areal sweep efficiency azimuthal laterolog
acrylate polymer AMPS argillaceous azimuthal resolution
activation log anaerobic


back flow Bayesian probability bleed off Boyle's Law Single Cell
back in BBL or bbl bleedoff line brachistochrone
back off Bc blended crude braided line
back pressure Bcf blender break
back pressure valve Bcf/D blind box break circulation
back propagation bead tracer blind ram break out
back stripping beam blind shear ram breakdown pressure
back up ring beam pump blind zone breaker
back wash bean blind-shear ram breakout
backflow bean choke block breakout tongs
background gas Bearden units of consistency block valve breakthrough
back-in Beaufort scale block-and-bleed bridge
backoff bed thickness blow down bridge off
backpressure bed wrap blow out bridge plug
back-pressure bel blow out preventer bridge-off
back-pressure valve bell nipple blow-by bridging agent
back-propagation belt effect blowdown bridging material
backscatter benchmark blowdown valve (BDV) bridle
backside beneficiate blowing the drip Briggs color cube
back-stripping beneficiation blowout brine
backup curve benthic blowout preventer bring in the well
back-up ring benthos BLPD British thermal unit
backward multiple-contact test bentonite BM broach
backwash bentonite equivalent BOD broadside array
bactericide bevel gear operated (BGO) valve body relief valve (BRV) bromide brine
bad hole BGG body wave bromocresol green
balance point BHA Boltzmann probability distribution Brookfield viscometer
balanced activity oil mud BHCT bomb brownfield
balanced array BHP bond log Brownian motion
balanced plug BHST Bond number brute stack
balanced-activity oil mud bias bonnet BS&W
ball catcher bias weld bonus consideration BTU
ball diverter bichromate salt Boolean simulation bubble count
ball dropper bid and study agreement booster bubble effect
ball launcher big hole charge BOP bubble flow
ball out big-hole charge BOP stack bubble point
ball sealers bilinear flow BOPD bubblepoint
ball valve billion cubic feet borehole compensation bubble-tight shutoff
ballout billion cubic feet per day borehole correction bucking coil
band bimetallic corrosion borehole gravity bucking current
band limited function bimetallism borehole gravity meter buffer
band pass bin borehole orientation buffered mud
band-limited function Bingham plastic model borehole seismic data buffered solution
band-pass bioaccumulation borehole televiewer buggy vibro
bank firing bioassay Born method bulk modulus
barefoot completion biochemical oxygen demand bottle test bulk relaxation
barite biocide bottom log interval bulk volume
barite plug bioconcentration bottomhole assembly bull plug
barrel equivalent biodegradation bottomhole choke bullet perforating
barrel pump biostratigraphic bottomhole circulating temperature bullhead
barrels of liquid per day biostratigraphy bottomhole gas separator bump the plug
barrels of oil per day Biot theory bottomhole heater bundle
barrels of water per day bird bottomhole pressure buoyancy
base exchange birefringence bottomhole sampler buoyancy method
base map bit bottomhole shut in burn over
base of weathering bit breaker bottomhole shut-in burn shoe
base oil bit nozzle bottomhole static temperature burn-over
base slurry bit record bottoms up butt weld
base station bit resistivity bottoms-up butterfly chart
baseline bit trip Bouguer anomaly butterfly valve
basement bitumen Bouguer correction button resistivity
basic wavelet bivariate analysis Bouma sequence BWOB
basin black list bound fluid BWOC
basket Blaine fineness bound water BWOW
basket flowmeter bland coring fluid boundary conditions BWPD
basket sub blank pipe bounded reservoir by weight of blend
batch mixer blanket gas bow tie by weight of cement
batch treatment blast joint box plots by weight of water
bathyal blast sleeve Boyle's Law bypass
Bayesian inference blasting cap Boyle's Law Double Cell bypass velocity


C pump cementing plug coating flaw continuous reservoir
cable centipoise COD contour
cable head centralizer coding contour interval
cable-tool drilling centrifugal pump COFCAW contour map
cake centrifuge cogeneration contract depth
cake thickness CERCLA coherence control line
calcium carbonate cesium formate coherence filtering control valve
calcium carbonate plug chain tongs coherence map controlled time survey
calcium chloride chalk coherence vector map controller
calcium contamination channel coherent convection
calcium hydroxide channel wave coherent detection conventional mud
calcium mud channeling coiled tubing conventional reservoir
calcium sulfate character coiled tubing completion convergence
calcium test charged zone coiled tubing connector convergent
calibration Charpy test coiled tubing drilling converted wave
caliche check shot survey coiled tubing string conveyance
caliper log check valve coiled tubing unit convolution
camera check-shot survey cokriging convolve
cap chelating agent cold heavy oil production with sand copper carbonate
cap rock chemical barrel cold production core
cap the well chemical cutter collapse pressure core analysis
capacitance log chemical diversion collar core gamma log
capacitance meter chemical diverter collar locator core image
capacity factor (of a valve), Cv, Kv chemical flooding collar lock core plug
capillary number chemical injection collar log coreflooding
capillary pressure curve chemical marker injection collector coring fluid
capillary suction time test chemical neutron source collision corkscrew hole
capillary tube viscometer chemical oxygen demand colloid correcting pressure to a datum
capillary-suction-time test chemical potential colloidal correlate
caprock chemical wash colloidal solids correlation
caprock effect chemical-marker injection colloidal suspension correlation log
capsule gun Chenevert Method combi BOP correlogram
carbide lag test chert combination string corrosion
carbonate cherty come out of the hole corrosion control
carbonate ion chloride test commercial rate corrosion fatigue
carbonate scale chlorite commingled completion corrosion inhibitor
carbonate test choke commingled flow corrosion rate
carboxymethyl starch choke line common depth point corrosion-resistant alloy (CRA)
carboxymethylcellulose choke manifold common midpoint cosolvent
carrier fluid CHOPS common midpoint method cost oil
carry over Christmas tree common offset cosurfactant
carrying capacity chromate salt common receiver counterbalance weight
carryover chrome free common receiver gather counterbalance winch
cased hole chrome lignite common reflection point coupling
casing chrome lignosulfonate common source coupon
casing bowl chrome tubing common-offset CPMG
casing burst pressure chrome-free common-receiver cracking
casing centralizer chromic salt common-receiver gather craton
casing collar chronostratigraphic chart common-source creaming
casing collar locator (CCL) chronostratigraphy compaction crest
casing collar log churn flow compaction correction cresting
casing completion CI company man CRG
casing grade circle shooting company representative critical angle
casing gun circulate compartment critical damping
casing hanger circulation device compartmentalization critical flow rate
casing hardware circulation sub compatibility critical gas flow rate
casing head circulation system compatible scales critical matrix
casing inspection log circulation time compensated density log critical moment
casing patch circulation valve compensated neutron log critical rate
casing point classical reservoir modeling compensated-density log critical reflection
casing potential profile clastic intrusion competent crooked hole
casing pressure clastic sediment complete a well crop out
casing reciprocation clathrate completion cross dipole
casing roller clay completion fluid cross section
casing scraper clay bound water completion quality (CQ) crosscorrelate
casing shoe clay extender completion skin crosscorrelation
casing spool clay stabilizer composite frac tree crosscorrelation flowmeter
casing string clay swelling composite log crossflow
casing swage clay water interaction compositional fluid analysis crossline
casing thread clay-bound water compressibility crosslinker
casing valve clay-water interaction compression ratio crossover service tool
casinghead clean compressional wave crossplot
casing-inspection log clean out compression-set packer cross-sectional
casing-potential profile cleanout compressor crosswell electromagnetic tomography
cat line cleanup compressor plant crosswell reflection tomography
cataclasite clear brine Compton scattering crosswell seismic tomography
cataclastic clear water drilling computed tomography crosswell tomography
catagenesis clear-water drilling concentric crown block
cathode close in concentric fold crown valve
cathodic protection closed chamber testing conceptual model crushed zone
cation closed in well concession crust
cation exchange capacity closed mud system condensate crustal magnetic field
cation-exchange capacity closed-chamber testing condensate liquids crystallization temperature
cationic closed-in well condensate ratio CSG
catline close-in condensing drive CSS
catwalk closing unit conditional simulation CT
caustic extraction test closure conductance cubic packing
caustic potash closure pressure conductive invasion cultural noise
caustic soda cloud point conductive rock matrix model cumulative production
cave effect cloud point glycol conductivity curve
cavings cluster conductometric titration curve fitting
cavitation cluster analysis conductor pipe curve matching
CBM CMC conformable cushion
CDP CMC-Hi Vis conformity cut and thread fishing technique
CEC CMC-HVT conical projection cut oil
cellar CMC-Lo Vis coning cut point
cellulosic polymer CMC-LVT connate water cut-and-thread fishing technique
cement CMP connection gas Cutt point
cement accelerator CMS consistency cuttings
cement additive CO2 injection consistometer cuttings lifting
cement bond log coal consolidated CWA
cement dispersant coal bed methane consolidation cycle gas
cement evaluation log coal gasification constant composition expansion cycle skip
cement extender coal seam gas constant rate cycle time
cement head coalbed methane contact cyclic steam injection
cement plug coal-bed methane contact angle cycling plant
cement retainer coalesce contact time cyclothem
cement squeeze coalescence contaminant cylinder
cementation exponent coal-seam gas contamination gas cylinder operator
cementing coating contingency plan


damage depth-derived dipole drape
damaged zone derivative logs direct emulsifier draw down
damping derrick direct hydrocarbon typing drawdown
darcy derrick floor direct indicating viscometer drawdown test
dart derrickman direct-indicating viscometer drawworks
data rate desander directional driller drift
datum desiccant directional drilling drill bit
datum correction desilter directional permeability drill collar
datum level desulfurize directional survey drill in fluid
day rate detectable limit directional variograms drill noise vertical seismic profile
daylight tour detector directivity drill ship
dB detergency dirty drill solids
DD determinism disbonding drillable packer
DEA unit deterministic deconvolution disconformity drilled solids
dead oil deterministic methods discontinuity driller
Dean-Stark extraction detonate disharmonic driller's depth
decibel detonating cord dispersant drill-in fluid
decollement detonator dispersed bubble flow drilling break
deconvolution detrital dispersion drilling contractor
deep induction detritus displacement drilling crew
deep penetrating charge development displacement efficiency drilling detergent
deep seismic sounding deviated drilling disposal well drilling fluid
deep tow deviated hole dissolved solids drilling foreman
deep-penetrating charge deviation distillation extraction drilling mud
deepwater play deviation survey distortion drilling procedure
deep-water play dew point distributed temperature log drilling program
deflector flowmeter dewatering distributed-temperature log drilling rig
deflocculant dewpoint distribution drilling-fluid engineer
deflocculate dextral diurnal variation drill-noise vertical seismic profile
deflocculated mud diagenesis divergence drillpipe conveyed
deflocculation diagenetic diversion drillship
defoamer diameter of invasion diverter drillstem test
degasser diameter of investigation diverter flowmeter drip
dehydrate diamond bit diverting agent drip accumulator
dehydrator diapir division order droop
delay rental diatom Dix formula drop ball
deliverability test diatomaceous DMO drop bar
delta diatomite dog collar drop sub
delta rho dichromate salt dog house dropoff gun
delta t dielectric constant dog leg drop-off gun
delta t stretch dielectric permittivity doghouse dropout
deltaic dielectric propagation log dogleg dry bed
delta-t stretch dielectric resistivity dolomite dry bed dehydrator
densimeter diesel oil mud dolomitization dry combustion
densitometer diesel-oil mud dolostone dry forward combustion
density difference map domain dry gas
density contrast differential compaction domainal fabric dry hole
density current differential pressure domainal structure dry-bed dehydrator
density measurement differential pressure sticking dope DSS
density profile differential spectrum dosing pump DST
departure curve differential sticking double block-and-bleed DST pressure chart
dephasing differential temperature log double refraction dual completion
depleted zone differential weathering correction down dip dual induction
depletion differential-temperature log down lap dual permeability reservoir
deployment system difficult to disperse down stroke dual porosity reservoir
deposit difficult to disperse in salt downdip dual water
depositional energy diffraction downhole gauge dual-permeability reservoir
depositional environment diffraction stack downhole receiver dual-porosity reservoir
depositional system diffusion downhole safety valve (DSV) due diligence
depth control diffusion equation downhole sensors dummy valve
depth controller diffusion relaxation downlap dump bailer
depth conversion dike downstream pipeline duplex pump
depth datum dilatancy downstroke dye penetrant inspection
depth derived dilatancy theory downward continuation dyke
depth map dilatation Draeger tube dynamic correction
depth mark dilatational wave drag bag dynamic filter press
depth matched diluent drag bit dynamic filtration
depth matching dilution drag-bag dynamic fluid level
depth migration dilution water Dräger tube dynamic miscibility
depth of invasion dim spot drain hole dynamic positioning
depth of investigation dip drainage dynamic seal
depth point dip correction drainage area dynamic-aging test
depth reference dip fault drainage volume dynamite
depth section dip moveout drained test dynamometer
depth wheel dip tube drainhole dynamometer card


early time transient data electric submersible pump end point estimated ultimate recovery
early-time transient data electrical anisotropy endfire array estuarine
earthquake electrical conductivity endless tubing estuary
easy to disperse electrical coupon endpoint eta (η)
easy to disperse in salt electrical double layer enhanced diffusion eustasy
eccentralizer electrical impedance probe enhanced oil recovery eustatic
eccentric electrical log entrained gas eustatic sea level
eccentricity electrical resistance probe entrance hole evaporation pit
ECD electrical resistivity environmental corrections evaporite
EDA electrical stability test eolian evaporitic
eddy current electrical survey EOR evening tour
eddy current measurement electrode device Eötvös number event
eddy-current measurement electrode resistivity EPA excavation effect
EDTA electrodynamic brake epithermal neutron porosity measurement excess cement
eel electrohygrometer epm exit velocity
effective medium theory electrokinetic potential epsilon (ε) expanding cement
effective permeability electromagnetic caliper equalizing loop expanding gate valve
effective porosity electromagnetic heating equalizing valve expansion joint
effective shot density electromagnetic method equation of state expectation
effective velocity electromagnetic propagation equipotential method expendable gun
effective water saturation electromagnetic propagation measurement equivalent circulating density expendable plug
effective wellbore radius electromagnetic thickness equivalent conductance expert system
eigenvector elemental capture spectroscopy equivalent sack exploration
elastic elevation correction equivalent water resistivity exploration play
elastic anisotropy elevator equivalent weight exploratory
elastic constants embedded wavelet ERD explosive seismic data
elastic deformation embrittlement erode extended reach drilling
elastic impedance emergency shutdown valve (ESDV) erosion extended-reach drilling
elastic moduli empirical erosion corrosion extensive dilatancy anisotropy
elastic wave emulsifier erosion-corrosion external cutter
elasticity emulsion error external disturbance field
electric gas lift valves emulsion mud ES test external pulling tool
electric gas-lift valves en echelon escape line external upset
electric probe encapsulation ESP


facies fingering flow structure four component seismic data
facies modeling fire flooding flow unit four dimensional seismic data
fairway fireflooding flow-after-flow tests four-component seismic data
fall off test firing head flow-concentrating four-dimensional seismic data
falloff test first arrival flower structure Fourier analysis
fan shooting first break flowing well Fourier transform
Fann viscometer first reading flowline Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
farmee first-contact miscibility flowline manifold FPSO
farmout fish flowmeter frac balls
fast diffusion fish eye flue gas frac crew
fast formation fishing fluid compatibility test frac fluid
fast formation arrival fishing bell fluid compressibility frac gel
fast Fourier transform fishing diagram fluid contact frac gradient
fast neutron reaction fishing neck fluid density log frac gun
fast-formation arrival fishing tool fluid flow frac iron
fast-neutron reaction fitted variogram fluid interface log frac job
fatty acid fitting fluid invasion frac manifold
fault fixed choke fluid loss frac pump
Faye correction fixed source method fluid loss control frac stack
FD fixed-cutter bit fluid loss control material frac tree
felsic fixed-source method fluid pound frac valve
fence diagram f-k domain fluid tester fractal
Fermat's principle f-k plot fluid-density log fracture
ferrous sulfide flag fluid-friction reducer fracture acidizing
FFT flag joint fluid-interface log fracture conductivity
fiber LCM flake LCM fluid-loss additive fracture gradient
fiber lost circulation material flake lost circulation material fluid-loss control fracture networks
fiber lost-circulation material flake lost-circulation material fluid-loss-control material fracture permeability
field flange fluoboric acid fracture porosity
field tape flapper valve fluoroscopy fractured well analysis
field weld flare flush joint fractured-well analysis
fill cement flare gas flushed zone fracturing fluid
fill sub flash point flushed zone water saturation fracturing mandrel
film forming amine flat gels flushed-zone water saturation fracturing manifold
film-forming amine flattened section fluvial fracturing pressure
filter flexural mode flux leakage fracturing sleeve
filter cake FLNG fly ash free air correction
filter cake quality float collar foam breaker free fluid
filter cake thickness float joint foam diversion free gas
filter cell float shoe foam flooding free point
filter loss flocculant foam generator free point indicator
filter medium flocculate foaming agent free water
filter press flocculation foamy oil free water knockout
filtercake flooding pattern fold free-air correction
filtercake quality flooding surface footprint free-point indicator
filter-cake quality flow after flow foreign content free-water knockout
filtercake thickness flow after flow tests formaldehyde frequency
filter-cake thickness flow assurance formate frequency domain
filtered brine flow check formation fresh core
filters flow coefficient, Cv formation damage fresh water
filtrate flow concentrating formation evaluation Fresnel zone
filtrate slump flow coupling formation evaluation while drilling friction effect
filtrate tracer flow cross formation factor friction reducer
filtrate volume flow efficiency formation fluid froth flow
filtration flow line formation fracture pressure FT
filtration test cell flow loop formation pressure FTIR
filtration tester flow meter formation water full waveform
final flowing pressure flow model formic acid Full-azimuth towed-streamer acquisition
fine flow period forward modeling fullbore
fines flow profile forward multiple-contact test fullbore spinner
fines migration flow regime forward problem funnel viscosity
fingerboard flow simulation fossil FWKO


Gal gas-holdup log geopressured graveyard tour
galena gas-lift mandrel geostatic pressure gravimeter
galvanic anodes gas-lift valve geostatistical methods gravimetry
gamma (γ) gas-oil contact geostatistical modeling gravity
gamma ray densitometer gas-prone geostatistics gravity anomaly
gamma ray interactions gas-solubility factor geosteer gravity drainage
gamma ray log gas-water contact geosteering gravity override
Garrett Gas Train gas-well deliverability geothermal gradient gravity segregation
gas anchor gaswell gas Geronimo line gravity survey
gas bearing gaswell liquids GGT gravity toolface
gas buster gate valve ghost gravity units
gas cap gather GIIP gravity-stable displacement
gas cap drive gathering system gilsonite gray list
gas chimney gauge ring gin pole grease injection system
gas condensate gauge tank glacial grease-injection system
gas coning Gaussian collocated cosimulation gland bushing greasing out
gas cut mud Gaussian techniques glass jar test greedy algorithm
gas deviation factor gelation glauconite green gas
gas drive gelled mud Global Positioning System green list
gas formation volume factor gelled up mud globe valve greenfield
gas holdup log gelled-up mud GLR grey list
gas hydrate gels glycol absorber grid
gas in solution generation glycol dehydrator gridding
gas injection geochemical log glyph gridding algorithm
gas interference geochemistry GOC gripper blocks
gas lift geochronology goose neck gross production
gas lift mandrel geologic map gooseneck ground roll
gas lift valve geologic time scale GOR group velocity
gas lock geologist government take growth fault
gas oil contact geomagnetic polarity reversal GPS guar gum
gas processing plant geomagnetic polarity time scale GPTS guard electrode
gas prone geomagnetic secular variation GR guard log
gas separator geomechanics graben guide shoe
gas show geometric gradiomanometer guided wave
gas solubility factor geometrical factor grain density gumbo
gas volume fraction (GVF) geophone granite gun
gas water contact geophone array grapple gun barrel
gas well deliverability geophone cable gravel pack gun clearance
gas/liquid ratio (GLR) geophone offset gravel pack gun gun zero
gas/oil ratio (GOR) geophone pattern gravel pack log gunk
gas-bearing geophysicist gravel pack screen gunk squeeze
gas-cap drive geophysics gravel-pack gun GWC
gas-cut mud geopressure gravel-pack log gyp mud
gasdrive geopressure gradient gravel-pack screen gypsum


H2S hierarchical cluster analysis horizontal drilling hydraulic head
hade high explosive horizontal resistivity hydraulic horsepower
halite high pressure squeeze horizontal separator hydraulic power pack
hardbanding high shot density gun horizontal severance hydraulic power unit
hardfacing high side toolface horizontal transverse isotropy hydraulic pumping
hardground high temperature completions horizontal tree hydraulic release tool
hardness ion high-gravity solids Horner slope hydraulic set
harmonic high-pressure air injection horst hydraulic-set
harmonic distortion high-pressure squeeze hostile environment hydrocarbon
HBP high-pressure, high-temperature hot oiler hydrocarbon indicator
HE starch high-pressure, high-temperature filtration test hot oiling hydrochloric acid
head high-pressure, high-temperature viscometer hot tapping hydrocyclone
head wave high-shot density gun hot waterflooding hydrocycloning
header highside toolface Hough transform hydrofluoric acid
header box high-side toolface HP starch hydrofluoric hydrochloric acid
heading high-specific-gravity solids HPHT hydrofluoric-hydrochloric acid
heater highstand systems tract HPHT filtration test hydrogen blistering
heater treater history matching HPHT viscometer hydrogen embrittlement
heavy metal HLB number HPU hydrogen index
heavy oil hodogram HSE hydrogen induced failures
heavy pipe holdup HTI hydrogen probe
heavyweight drillpipe holdup depth HUD hydrogen sulfide
HEC holdup image huff and puff hydrolysis
hectorite holdup log Humble formula hydrometer
held by production holdup map humidity hydrophile-lipophile balance number
Herschel Bulkley fluid holdup meter humidity meter hydrophone
Herschel-Bulkley fluid hole cleaning humping hydrostatic bailer
hertz homogeneity HWDP hydrostatic head
hesitation squeeze homogeneous hybrid scale hydrostatic pressure
heterogeneity homogeneous formation hydrate hydrothermal
heterogeneous hook hydration hydrothermal alteration
heterogeneous formation hook load hydraulic bypass hydroxyethyl starch
HF hookwall packer hydraulic centralizer hydroxyethylcellulose
HGS hopper hydraulic disconnect hydroxypropyl starch
HHP horizon hydraulic fracture monitoring hygrometer
hiatal horizon slice hydraulic fracturing hygroscopic


ICD induction injectivity test inversion
ICV induction electrical survey injector head invert emulsion
ID inert sulfide in-line invert emulsion oil mud
ideal gas inertial resistance inner seat ring invert-emulsion oil mud
IEOM infill drilling insert IO
igneous infinite acting radial flow inside blowout preventer ion exchange
IIP infinite acting reservoir inside-out air seat test IP
ilmenite infinite-acting reservoir in-situ IPA
IM inflatable packer in-situ combustion IPR
image inflow control device in-situ fluid analysis iron carbonate
image well inflow control valve in-situ viscosity evaluation iron oxide
imbibition inflow performance relationship instrumented pig iron stabilizer
impedance inhibit intelligent well iron sulfide
impeller inhibited acid interfacial tension iron-oxidizing bacteria
impermeable inhibition interference testing irreducible water
impermeable barrier inhibitive mud intermediate casing ISO
impressed current anodes inhibitor intermediate casing string isochore
improved oil recovery initial flow period intermittent gas lift isochron map
impulse activation initial reservoir pressure internal flash isochronal test
impulsive seismic data initial shut in period internal pulling tool isolated porosity
in line initial shut-in period international nautical mile isomerized olefin
in situ injection gas interpolation isopach
in situ combustion injection line interstitial gas isopropanol
in situ fluid analysis injection mandrel interstitial water isopropyl alcohol
in situ viscosity evaluation injection pattern interval method isostasy
incident angle injection pressure interval time isostatic
inclination injection pulsed neutron log interval transit time isostatic correction
incompetent injection pump interval velocity isotropic
indicator injection water interwell tomography isotropic formation
indicator methods injection well invaded zone isotropic permeability
indicator models injection well testing invasion isotropy
induced gamma ray spectroscopy injection/pulsed neutron log inverse iterative forward modeling
induced particle plugging injection-well testing inverse filter iterative methods
induced polarization injectite inverse problem


J factor jet jet pump jug hustler
J slot jet cutter jet velocity junk
jackup jet hopper joint junk basket
jackup rig jet mixer Joule Thomson junk pusher
jar jet nozzle Joule-Thomson junk sub
jar test jet perforating J-slot


K coefficient key stop kill weight fluid Kirchhoff migration
karst keyseat kill-weight fluid k-means cluster analysis
KB kh kill-weight mud knot
kelly kick kilogram per cubic meter Koch curve
kelly bushing kick off kilopascal kriging
kelly hose kickoff kinetic effect kriging weights
kelly spinner kill Kirchhoff equation kurtosis
kerogen kill line


lacustrine lease liquefied petroleum gas long spacing sonic log
lag least time path liquid blocking longitudinal plot
lag gas least-time path liquid desiccant longitudinal relaxation
Lamé constant leonardite liquid hydrocarbons long-path multiple
laminar flow lessor royalty liquid saturation method long-spacing sonic log
laminated sand levelwind liquid-junction potential lost circulation
landing nipple LGS listric fault lost circulation material
LAO licensing round lithification lost returns
Laplace equation life of the well lithofacies lost-circulation material
laser diffraction lifting frame lithologic contact LOT
last reading lifting sub lithosphere Love wave
last-shot detection light crude oil lithostatic pressure low colloid oil mud
late time transient data lignin lithostratigraphic inversion low gravity solids
lateral lignite littoral low solids mud
late-time transient data lignosulfonate live cement low specific gravity solids
latex lime mud live oil low velocity layer
layer limestone compatible scale LNG low yield clay
layer cake geometry limestone porosity unit LNGC low-colloid oil mud
layer stripping limestone-compatible scale load oil low-gravity solids
layer-cake geometry limited entry local content low-pressure, low-temperature filtration test
layered reservoir testing line drive local holdup low-salinity waterflooding
lb/bbl line source solution local probe low-solids mud
lbm/bbl lineament lock low-specific-gravity solids
LCM linear alphaolefin lock mandrel lowstand systems tract
lead acetate test linear flow lock-up low-velocity layer
lead cement liner log low-yield clay
leak detection liner hanger logarithmic mean LS
leak off liner patch logging run lubricant
leakoff line-source solution logging tool lubricator
leakoff test lip seal logging unit lubricator valve
leaky mode lipophilic logging while drilling LWD
lean gas liquefied natural gas logging-while-drilling lyophilic
lean gas condensate liquefied natural gas carrier long path multiple lyophobic
lean oil


m measurements-while-drilling minimum miscibility pressure mud balance
Mf measuring tank minimum restriction mud cell
Ma mechanical diversion minimum time path mud cleaner
mafic mechanical jar minimum-time path mud cup
magma mechanical skin minute mark mud density
magnetic field mechanical specific energy mis tie mud engineer
magnetic flux leakage mechanical sticking miscible displacement mud filtrate
magnetic particle inspection (MPI) median mist drilling mud hopper
magnetic resonance medium induction mist extractor mud house
magnetic reversal sequence membrane potential mist flow mud in
magnetic toolface memory gauge mis-tie mud in sample
magnetic total field meniscus mixed deposits mud motor
magnetic-flux leakage mercury displacement method mixed metal hydroxide mud out
magnetics metagenesis mixed-metal hydroxide mud out sample
magnetotelluric method metal gain MMC mud oven
main magnetic field metal loss MME mud pit
make a connection metamorphic MMH mud program
make up meter MMS mud pulse telemetry
make up water meter difference MMscf mud report
makeup gas meter slippage mobile offshore drilling unit mud retort
makeup tongs methane hydrate mobility mud return line
make-up water methyl orange mobility buffer mud scale
managed pressure drilling methyl orange alkalinity mobility control mud still
manifold methylene blue test mobility ratio mud tracer
mantle methylglucoside drilling fluid model mud up
map mica modified isochronal test mud weight
marginal well micellar polymer flooding MODU mud-aging cell
marine micellar-polymer flooding modulus of compression mudcake
marine flooding surface micelle modulus of elasticity mudding off
marker bed microannulus modulus of rigidity mudding up
marker joint microbial enhanced oil recovery Moho mud-in sample
marsh microcylindrical log Mohorovicic discontinuity mud-out sample
Marsh funnel microemulsion moldic porosity mudrock
Marsh funnel viscosity microgel moment Multiazimuth towed-streamer acquisition
mass balance microlaterolog monopole multi-capacitance flowmeter
mast microlog Monte Carlo risk analysis multicomponent seismic data
mast unit microporosity Monte Carlo simulation multifinger caliper
master valve microresistivity montmorillonite multipass method
material balance microseismic monitoring monument multiphase
material balance equation microspherical log moon pool multiphase fluid
Material Safety Data Sheet midoceanic ridge morning tour multiphase holdup log
material-balance equation midpoint mosquito bill multiphase meter
matrix acidizing midrange motorman multiphase pump
matrix stimulation migrate mousehole multiple completion
maturation migration moveable hydrocarbons multiple isotope log
maturity Milankovitch cycles moved hydrocarbons multiple rate tests
maximum flooding surface mill moveout multiple reflection
maximum recorded temperature mill out moving-source method multiple regression
maximum treating pressure mill shoe MPD multiple salinity
maximum working pressure (MWP) milligrams per kilogram mpy multiple service contract
Maxwell's equations milligrams per liter MRS multiple-contact miscibility
MBT test milling Mscf/d multiple-isotope log
MD million standard cubic feet MSDS multiple-rate tests
mean mils per year penetration MSE multishot survey
measure point mineral MT mute
measured depth mineral interest mud mutual solvent
measurement after drilling Minerals Management Service mud acid MWD
measurement error minifrac mud additive My
measurement range minimum miscibility concentration mud aging cell MYBP
measurements while drilling minimum miscibility enrichment


n neat cement nipple down nonideal gas
NACE needle valve nipple up non-Newtonian fluid
naphthene base crude oil neritic nipple-down nonparticipating royalty
naphthene-base crude oil nest nitrified fluid nonparticipating royalty interest
naphthenic hydrocarbon nested fractal structures nitrogen cushion nonrising stem
Narrow-azimuth seismic data net gas production nitrogen injection normal
native clay net oil production nitrogen kickoff normal fault
native solids mud net revenue interest nitrogen lift normal incidence
native state core neural networks nitrogen lifting normal mode
native-solids mud neutral point nitrogen unit normal moveout
natural completion neutralization NMO normal moveout correction
natural fracture neutralize NMR normal pressure
natural frequency neutralizing solution no go landing nipple normality
natural gamma ray spectroscopy neutron activation log NODAL* analysis normal-moveout correction
natural gas neutron capture no-go landing nipple NPDES
natural gas liquids neutron generator noise NRM
natural gasoline neutron interactions noise log nuclear fluid densimeter
natural remanent magnetism neutron log nominal filter nuclear magnetic resonance
naturally flowing well neutron porosity nonconductive drilling fluid nuclear magnetic resonance measurement
naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) neutron-activation log nonconformity numerical methods
nautical mile Newtonian fluid non-Darcy flow numerical model
near surface correction NGL nondestructive examination (NDE) numerical reservoir simulation
near-surface correction nipple


OBC oil on cuttings one-way time OSHA
OBR oil pool OOC osmosis
Occam's inversion oil prone open flow potential osmotic pressure
ocean-bottom cable oil sand open hole OSPAR
OCMA oil swelling open-flow potential outcrop
off pattern well oil water contact openhole ovality limit
off-pattern well oil well openhole completion over travel
offset oil wet openhole gravel pack overbalance
offset vertical seismic profile oil/brine ratio openhole packer overburden
offset VSP oil/water ratio openhole test overflush
offset well oil-base mud opening bomb overpressure
Ohm's law oil-emulsion mud operating gas-lift valve (OGLV) overriding royalty
oil and gas lease oilfield operator overriding royalty interest
oil and gas separator oilfield battery optical index overshot
oil bank oil-in-water emulsion optical probe overthrust
oil base mud oil-mud emulsifier organic acid overtravel
oil content oil-prone organic deposit OWC
oil emulsion mud oil-water contact organophilic OWR
oil field oil-wet organophilic clay oxide closure model
oil formation volume factor oligomer orifice valve oxide-closure model
oil in water emulsion one dimensional seismic data orogenic oxygen activation
oil mining one way time orogeny oxygen scavenger
oil mud one-dimensional seismic data


p wave permeability thickness polyacrylate pressure-transient analysis
P&A permeable polyalkalene glycol pressure-transient well tests
PAC permeameter polyalphaolefin pressurized mud balance
pack off permittivity polyanionic cellulose primary cementing
packer perpendicular offset polyanionic lignin primary migration
packer flowmeter perpendicular resistivity polycrystalline diamond compact bit primary porosity
packer fluid petal basket flowmeter polyelectrolyte primary production
packing petrographic polyglycerol primary recovery
packing gland petrography polymer primary recovery method
packoff petroleum polymer flooding primary reflection
pad petroleum system polymer plug prime mover
paddle blender petroleum systems modeling polyolefin primer cord
paddle mixer petrophysical model polyphosphates principal axis
PAG petrophysical rock type polysaccharide principal component analysis
paid up lease pH POOH probability
paid-up lease phantom pooling probe
pair production phase poppet valve processing
paleontology phase redistribution pore produced fluid
paludal phase shift pore gas produced water
palynology phase shift resistivity pore pressure producing formation
PAO phase velocity pore pressure gradient production
paraffin phase velocity log pore pressure transmission production bonus
paraffin base crude oil phase-shift resistivity pore throat production casing
paraffin control phase-velocity log pore-pressure gradient production log
paraffin inhibitor phenolphthalein pore-pressure transmission production packer
paraffin scraper phosphate salt porosimeter production penalty
paraffin scratcher photon log porosity production period
paraffin-base crude oil PHPA porosity exponent production service contract
paraffinic hydrocarbon PHPA mud porosity unit production sharing contract
paraformaldehyde PI porous production string
parallel fold pick porous plate technique production tree
parallel resistivity Pickett plot portland cement production tubing
parameter pickle portland cement clinker production wing
parametric pickling fluid positive displacement motor productivity index (PI)
parasequence pickup positive displacement pump productivity test
parasequence boundary pick-up positive-displacement pump profile
parasequence set pig post profile modification
PARCOM pigging potassium profile testing
partial completion pill potassium ion profiling
partial penetration pilot test potassium mud profit oil
participating interest pilot-operated regulator potential field progradation
particle plugging apparatus pinch-out pounds per barrel progressive cavity pumping system
particle size distribution pinion shaft pour point progressive gels
particle-plugging apparatus pipe dope power law fluid propagation constant
particle-plugging test pipe heavy power-law fluid propagation resistivity
particle-size distribution pipe rack pozzolan propagation resistivity measurement
partitioning pipe ram pozzolanic propagation time
parts per million pipeline capacity PPA proppant
party piston effect ppb propylene glycol normal propyl ether
party chief PIT ppg prorated well
party manager pitch-and-lead ppm proration unit
pascal Pitot tube PPT prospect
pass plane table precipitate proximity log
passive margin plane wave precision pseudogeometrical factor
pay plankton preferential right to operate pseudoplastic
payout plastic deformation preferential right to purchase pseudopressure plot
PDC bit plastic viscosity preflush pseudostatic spontaneous potential
PDM plate tectonics pregelatinized starch pseudosteady state
peak plateau prehydrate pull out of the hole
peak shaving platform prehydrated bentonite pull up
PEF play prehydration pulling tool
peg leg multiple PLT premium thread pull-up
peg-leg multiple plug and abandon preservation pulse echo
pendant-drop tensiometer plug flow preservative pulsed neutron holdup log
peptized clay plug valve preserved core pulsed neutron spectroscopy log
peptizing agent plugging material pressure pulsed neutron spectroscopy measurement
perforate plunge pressure buildup pulsed-neutron holdup log
perforate overbalanced plunger lift pressure buildup analysis pulse-echo
perforate underbalanced plunger overtravel pressure depletion pump cavitation
perforated interval PNP pressure drawdown pump manifold
perforated liner POD pressure gauge pump submergence
perforating acid point bar pressure gradient pump volumetric efficiency
perforating charge point of departure pressure hunt pumping schedule
perforating depth control log poise pressure integrity test pumping well
perforating depth-control log Poisson distribution pressure sender pumping well tests
perforating fluid Poisson's ratio pressure squared plot push down
perforating gun polar pressure storage tank push-down
perforation polar compound pressure transient analysis pusher
perforation density polarity pressure transient test PV
perforation penetration polarity standard pressure transient well test PVT
perforation phasing polarization horn pressure transient well tests P-wave
permafrost polarization time pressure-composition diagram pyrolysis
permanent datum polished joint pressure-drawdown analysis pyrophosphate
permanent well monitoring polyacrylamide pressure-squared plot pyrrhotite


Q quat amine quick look quitclaim
Q wave quaternary amine quicklook Q-wave
quantile map quebracho


R signal redox reservoir modeling rig floor
Rh reduced water slurry reservoir pressure rig up
Rv reduced-water slurry reservoir quality (RQ) right angle set
Rwa reducing agent reservoir simulation right of first refusal
racking back pipe reef reservoir-drive mechanisms right-angle set
radial array reefal residence time rigless operation
radial differential temperature log reel residual oil ring resistivity
radial differential-temperature log reeled tubing residual oil saturation ringworm corrosion
radial faulting reflection resin rising stem
radial processing reflection coefficient resistive invasion rising-bubble apparatus
radial refraction reflection tomography resistivity RM
radial resolution reflectivity resistivity index road box
radial response reflector resistivity log rock
radio silence refraction resolution rock mechanics
radioactive tracer refractive index resolution matched rock properties
radioactive tracer log refractor response matched rock types
radioactive-tracer log refracturing restored state core Rockwell hardness number
radiographic inspection regression retarder rod elevators
radius of curvature regression coefficient retention time rod pump
radius of investigation regressive retort rod unit
ram blowout preventer regulatory body retort method roller cone bit
ram preventer relative age retort solids roller stem
random noise relative dielectric constant retort test roller-cone bit
random walk method relative dielectric permittivity retrievable bridge plug rolling aging test
random-walk method relative filtrate volume retrievable gun rolling-aging test
rarefaction relative humidity retrievable packer root mean square velocity
rate dependent skin effect relative permeability retrogradation root-mean-square velocity
rate of shear relaxation time retrograde condensation ROP
rate-dependent skin effect relaxed filtrate oil mud returns ROS
rathole relaxed-filtrate oil mud reverse circulating valve rotary bushing
ray release joint reverse circulation rotary drilling
ray path relief valve reverse combustion rotary hose
ray tracing relinquishment reverse fault rotary steerable system
Rayleigh wave remaining oil saturation reverse-circulating valve rotary table
raypath remote sensing reversing out rotating control device
RCD remotely operated vehicle RH roughneck
RCRA repeat section RH round thread
real time data repeatability rheologic round trip
real-time data replacement velocity rheological roustabout
ream reproducibility rheological property routine core analysis
receiver reserve mud pit rheology ROV
reciprocate reserve pit rheology modifier royalty
recirculating mixer reserve-mud pit rhombohedral packing royalty interest
record reservoir rich gas RP
recorded data reservoir characterization rich gas condensate R-signal
recorder reservoir characterization model rich oil rugosity
recorder carrier reservoir communication Rich-azimuth towed-streamer acquisition run
recovery reservoir description Ricker wavelet running squeeze
recovery factor reservoir drive mechanisms rig running tool
recovery forecast reservoir height rig down rupture disk
red mud reservoir heterogeneities


S wave shaker snubbing force steamflood
s.g. shale snubbing jack steam-oil ratio
sabkha shale baseline soak phase stearate
sack shale shaker soap stem
sacrificial anode shaly sodium acid pyrophosphate stem indicator
safety clamp shaped charge sodium bicarbonate step profile
safety head shear sodium chromate stick and slip
safety joint shear modulus sodium dichromate stimulation
safety spacer shear pin sodium hydroxide stimulation byproduct
safety valve shear ram sodium phosphate stimulation fluid
sag shear rate sodium polyacrylate stochastic analysis
SAGD shear seal BOP sodium silicate stochastic methods
salt shear stock soft water stochastic modeling
salt dome shear strength Solar terrestrial rhythms stock tank barrel
salt plug shear strength measurement test solid desiccant stock-tank oil initially in place
salt proximity survey shear stress solubility stock-tank original oil in place
salt proximity vertical seismic profile shear wave solution gas STOIIP
salt proximity VSP shearometer solution gas drive Stoneley permeability
salt-proximity vertical seismic profile shear-seal BOP solution gasdrive Stoneley wave
salt-proximity VSP shear-strength measurement test sonde error STOOIP
saltwater flow sheave sonic stopple
saltwater mud sheen test sonic log storm choke
sample rate shifted spectrum sonic measurement storm packer
sampling interval shifting tool sonolog STP
sand shoe SOR strain
sand bailer shoe joint sorting strainer
sand cleanout shoe track sound stratified flow
sand consolidation shoot a level sour stratigraphic analysis
sand control shoot a well sour corrosion stratigraphic trap
sand lifting short trip source stratigraphy
sand line short-path multiple source pattern streamer
sand production shot depth source point streamer feathering
sand test shot detection source rock strength retrogression
sand trap shot point sourcepoint stress corrosion cracking
sandface shotpoint Soxhlet extractor stress induced anisotropy
sandstone shoulder bed SP stress-corrosion cracking
sandstone compatible scale show SPA stress-induced anisotropy
sandstone petrography shrimp test space frequency domain strike fault
sandstone porosity unit shut in royalty space out strike-slip fault
sandstone-compatible scale shut-in pressure space-frequency domain strip gun
SAPP shut-in royalty spacer stripping
SARA analysis shutoff valve spacer fluid stripping ram
saturated solution SH-wave spacing stroke
saturation side pocket mandrel spacing unit structural
saturation equation side scan sonar specific gravity structural analysis
saturation exponent side-pocket mandrel specific permeability structural steering
saturation unit siderite spectral structural trap
saver sub side-scan sonar spectral density analysis structure map
SBR sideswipe spectrum stuck
scale sidetrack spherical divergence stuck pipe
scale inhibitor sidewall core spherical flow stuffing box
scale inhibitor squeeze sieve analysis spherical focusing stylolite
scale removal sigma spherical harmonic styrene
scale-inhibitor squeeze signal spherical separator sub
scallop gun signature spherical wave subduction
scattergram signature deconvolution spill point submersible drilling rig
scavenger silicate spin flowmeter subsalt
SCC silicate anion spine and ribs plot subsea isolation valve
scintillation detector silicate mineral spinner flowmeter subsidence
Scotch yoke silicate mud spinner reversal subsurface safety valve (SSSV)
scout silicic acid spinning chain subsurface surface controlled safety valve (SSCSV)
scraper silver nitrate spinning-drop tensiometer subsurface surface-controlled safety valve (SSCSV)
scraper trap similar fold spiral borehole sucker rod
scratcher simple multiple spline sucker rod pump
screen simulated annealing spontaneous potential suction pit
screen out simultaneous operation (SIMOP) spooler sulfate reducing bacteria
screening single pass method spot sulfate-reducing bacteria
screenout single shot survey spot sample sulfide
scrub Single-azimuth towed-streamer acquisition spotting sulfide scavenger
scrubber single-pass method spotting fluid sulfide stress cracking
scrubber oil single-shot survey spread sulfide test
seabed geophone sinistral spreading loss sulfonated asphalt
seal sinker bar spud