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multiphase meter

1. n. [Production Testing]

A device that can register individual fluid flow rates of oil and gas when more than one fluid is flowing through a pipeline. A multiphase meter provides accurate readings even when different flow regimes are present in the multiphase flow. When using single-phase meters, the fluid mixture (oil and gas) coming from the wellbore must pass through a fluid-separation stage (separator) prior metering. Otherwise, the readings of the single-phase meters will be inaccurate. Separators are not necessary for multiphase metering, and the meters can support different proportions of gas and oil. Multiphase meters provide the advantage of continuous well monitoring, which is not possible using single-phase meters. Additionally, multiphase meters cost less, weigh less and require less space. Multiphase meters are more common in deepwater operations, where well-intervention operations are often prohibitively expensive.

See: flow regimemultiphase fluid flowoil and gas separator

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