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hydraulic fracture monitoring

1. n. [Shale Gas, Well Completions]

A technique to track the propagation of a hydraulic fracture as it advances through a formation. Microseisms are detected, located, and displayed in time for scientists and engineers to approximate the location and propagation of the hydraulic fracture. Software provides modeling, survey design, microseismic detection and location, uncertainty analysis, data integration, and visualization for interpretation. Computer imagery is used to monitor the activity in 3D space relative to the location of the fracturing treatment. The monitored activities are animated to show progressive fracture growth and the subsurface response to pumping variations. When displayed in real time, the microseismic activity allows one to make changes to the stimulation design to ensure optimal reservoir contact. Also known as microseismic monitoring, this technique delivers information about the effectiveness of the stimulation of a reservoir that can be used to enhance reservoir development in shale gas completions.

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